Known Thug Alec Baldwin Claims U.S. ‘Will Never Be Great Again’ Under Romney

Alec Baldwin is warning the country. “America will never be great again under a Romney administration,” the volatile actor sonorously intoned in a recent, rambling Huffington Post screed.

If Mitt Romney is elected, Baldwin tells us, only “rich people” will find the country great. “Everyone else will be asked to dial down their [sic] expectations of what it means to be an American, again,” he warns.

It is clear that Mr. Baldwin isn’t paying attention to his fellow Americans because as a nation we are already lowering our expectations for the future. We are doing so right now, under Barack Obama.

Let’s see how Americans feel under Obama’s regime:

It looks to me, Mr. 30 Rock, like the country has already downgraded its expectations of the future and have done so under the very man you want re-elected!

But, Baldwin is dismissive of Obama’s destruction. Baldwin has decided that Obama isn’t “any more of a socialist than his predecessors.”

We can take Baldwin’s warning seriously, of course, because, why, he’s a serious man. After all, he is a man well-known for verbally abusing his own daughter, physically attacking fans and photographers, and being thrown off planes for refusing to observe FAA safety procedures.>

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  • 914

    Well, its been 4 fantabulous years under the jack boots of oppression Alec… I claim Baldwin got some bad coke!

    Liberalism is a dangerous malady!!

  • GarandFan

    Baldwin actually thinks he has a place in politics. Must be a normal function of being a liberal millionaire.

  • jim_m

    Apparently Baldwin believes that in order to be great America must be a socialist dictatorship. True that under Romney this will not happen and under obama it becomes a near certainty.

  • 914

    “U.S. ‘Will Never Be Great Again’ Under Romney”

    Translation: I will feel even guiltier for being a rich greedy white liberal when Obama loses and my investments increase 300% overnight!!

  • LiberalNightmare

    Alec Baldwin, Madonna, Whoopi, Rosie ODonnel,

    With great minds like these, is it any wonder that democratic self identification is lower than it has been in years?

  • TomInCali

    But a scant 16 percent see a better future for their kids in Obama’s America

    That “in Obama’s America” part is your editorializing. The source you cite says nothing of the sort.

    • 914

      Go suck some more Obama limp pricks

  • retired.military

    Will Never Be Great Again’ Under Romney”

    But it will be a damn site better off than under Obama.

  • WHO? IS Alec Baldwin, oh yea now I remember, kinda sorta? How quickly we all forget the unimportant people. Obummer will soon be a fading bad memory, but still will have . . . . . .I forget. Oh well, it’s unimportant, wouldn’t matter anyway.

    • MunDane68

      He is the narrator of Thomas the Tank Engine, along with George Carlin.

  • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

    Well, Alec got you to write 258 words about him.

  • Why do people like him that worked his whole life want to live under the misery of Stalinism, where no one is special and everyone is a terrified beaten down slave? How are these idiots sooo unaware of the Constitution, their rights and the state of affairs. It must be the superior drugs they are sedated on by their handlers, the NWO.

  • UOG

    Warner, you did miss something about the seriousness of the man, Alec Baldwin. He’s a man of his word. Don’t you remember when he lived up to his promise/threat and moved to France after Bush-43 was elected? Or was it Hong Kong? Or was it was just his bowels?

    Oh, never mind.

  • Bernhardt

    Thank God ,the questionable thespian , Baldwin never made good on his “threat” to leave the USA for Canada . We need him here about as much as you need Obama round 2.

  • Jay

    Let’s see how Americans feel under Obama’s regime


    Let’s see how conservatives feel under Obama’s regime