Obama: Lie To Your Employees About Layoffs, We’ll Cover The Ensuing Lawsuits

Of course I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the net effect of guidance the Obama administration to companies with federal contracts (especially defense contractors) that will be hit with automatic cuts due to sequestration.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The White House on Friday told government contractors worried about fiscal cliff spending cuts to hold off on warning employees about possible layoffs.

The government said it would cover legal costs if contractors are forced to slash their payrolls because of the looming $109 billion in automatic cuts next year and are alleged to have violated the WARN Act.

The federal WARN Act requires businesses with more than 100 employees to notify workers at least 60 days in advance of a mass layoff or plant closing. Some states require more notice.

“Any resulting employee compensation costs for WARN Act liability as determined by a court, as well as attorneys’ fees and other litigation costs (irrespective of litigation outcome) would qualify as allowable costs and be covered by the contracting agency, if otherwise reasonable and allocable,” the Office of Management and Budget said in its guidance.

As we pointed out previously at Wizbang, with Virginia a key battleground state where the impacts of sequestration are certain to be devastating, it’s no surprise that President Obama doesn’t want big defense contracting companies notifying their employees of upcoming layoffs right before the election.

Note to cash-rich Super PAC’s looking for a great pre-election mail campaign. Create a massive layoff notice mailer targeting Northern Virginia at the end of October. Just because the White House is strong-arming companies not to spill the beans doesn’t mean that someone else can’t do a public service for households in Farifax, Loudoun, and Prince William counties were the state will be won or lost…

Update: As they note at RedState, companies are only covered if they lie to employees and break the law, per Obama’s guidance. As a commenter notes, “Anything/verbal assurance The Government can give, It can take away. Any company that falls for this will rue the day they fell for it.”

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  • 914

    I get the feeling that if Obama get’s four more years, the only one with a job in 2016 will be him.

    • Brian_R_Allen

      …. if Barry Buraq Hussein Samuel Doe Idi Amin Robert Mugabe Obama Soetoro get’s four more years, the only one with a job in 2016 will be him ….

      And in 2027, too. And 2054.

      • Carl

        And where’s his Birth Certificate!!!! lol… birther racists, gotta love em.

        • jim_m

          If I had to bet I would say that the last 20 or more birther references on this blog came from you and only you. Seems like you are the only birther here Carl.

          • You failed to mention his latest use of the thoroughly overdrawn race card.

          • Carl

            Oh, did the birthers all run into hiding – hiding their little racist mugs so Americans cant’ see them anymore?

            Hardly, they are still here – the same clowns who believe that Obama was born in Kenya – never attended Columbia – etc. They’re still here, they’re just keeping their racist mouths shut for now.

          • jim_m

            Only leftists like you ever thought that the birthers were more than a tiny fringe group. Last I saw there were more troothers in the dem party than there ever were birthers in the GOP.

            As for racists they are almost the exclusive property of the left these days.

          • You forgot to note that the original birther was Hillary!!!

          • Carl

            Headline news – bombshells – there were BOMBSHELLS revealing that Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery and was photoshopped.

            Hell, Donald Trump had 15 minutes of political fame based on this one racist issue.

            I’m not surprised some of you are denying this. Right wing racism is alive and well in the United States, and 47% of Americans are noticing.

          • jim_m

            So 47% of Americans who pay no taxes should run this country?

            You believe that the country should be run by a parasitic class that has no interest in the sound governance of the nation but is interested only in what they can extract from the productive part of society?

            Your claim is on its face racist because you presume that the reason that people want everyone to pay taxes is that the poor and the incompetent are by definition racial minorities. The fact is that poverty cuts across racial lines and only the left assumes that the poor and unemployed are minority.

          • Carl

            Oh yeah, all those parasitic veterans, retired people, disabled Americans – you know the 47% of Americans that Romney and his troop of hateful slobs vilify.

            I believe ALL Americans should have a say in governance, not just the rich white Republicans.

          • jim_m

            Yes, everyone has a say, but only those who pay taxes actually have any vested interest in the quality of the government that results. The rest only care about how much money they get from it.

            PS: My parents are retired. They still pay income taxes. Social security does not mean that you pay no taxes, dumbass.

          • Jwb10001

            Please Jim you’re givinng dumb asses a bad name

        • Jwb10001

          More race card playing Carl? Seriously is there anything in your world that isn’t about race? You know that makes you the racist right?

          • “Seriously is there anything in your world that isn’t about race?”

            Kind of have to wonder, don’t you?

  • Makes you wonder… if Obama loses and the Senate loses the majority, will they attempt to fubar things as much as possible in the remaining time?

    • Hank_M

      Good question. But really, what could they possibly do to screw things up more?

      • Oh, I could think of a few things. Let’s see…

        Pass legislation to immediately implement carbon reduction initiatives that would mandate shutting down most – if not all – coal-fired power plants. Shut down all nuclear power plants, for ‘safety’ reasons. If a plant can’t prove that it’s 100% resistant to a Richter 10 earthquake AND a 100 ft tsunami, it won’t be allowed to start up again. (And not being in either an earthquake zone or a near a coast will NOT exempt the facility from the requirements. After all, you never know when mayhem will strike… so to speak.)

        Stop all oil and gas exploration and exploitation in the US until guarantees of safety equivalent to the nuclear power plant regulations are met. Same with pipelines transporting oil and gas – if they can’t be proven to be safe in extreme events, they must be shut down. (How you’d design a pipeline that’s safe in a Richter 10 earthquake with massive earth upheavals, I’ve got no idea. But since the purpose is to stop the use, it doesn’t matter.) This includes gas lines to individual houses, BTW.

        Ration what little gas and diesel would be available (after shutting down oil here in the US) and do the odd-even license plate thing, or simply put in an extra $5 tax per gallon. Transportation creates carbon – while high oil prices would encourage locavore eating.

        Implement a 25% tax on electricity crossing state lines. Fine businesses and companies that use too much electricity, with the ‘too much’ being a rather arbitrary level proportional to the amount of contributions to Democrats.

        While we’re on power – mandate that individual residences will be limited to 1 30 amp power circuit per dwelling. Many third-world nations get by on less power than that, so we’re just wasting it will all our lights and TVs and XBoxes and computers and refrigerators. The circuit would have a government-sealed fuse, and blowing the fuse would be an automatic $1000 fine per offense. Not a circuit breaker, mind you – those can be reset – but a fuse. Blow it, and you’re out of luck until it can be replaced. Implement a 3-week delay on that procedure, BTW. You WILL learn to live within government limits, or else.

        Get the FDA to suspend all sales of OTC dietary supplements that have any sort of therapeutic claims (everything from OTC vitamins to that stupid yogurt that’s supposed to promote pro biotic health.) Implement a 60% tax on all medical professionals in private practice. The corner pharmacy is rife with all sorts of claims that must be checked out – from bandages that promote healing to painkillers that alleviate discomfort to diet aids promising weight loss to antibiotic creams that reduce the chance of infection. Require that all claims like that be verified – but until then, all must be pulled from the shelf.

        Let’s see… Because of our national obesity problem, implement food rationing and mandated government approval of all family menus. Daily you must email what you’re planning to serve to the Super Healthy Improvement Team, at [email protected], for evaluation, and you cannot start preparing food until your menu’s been reviewed and returned. (Yes, there’s an expected backlog. Two days. And don’t pre-date your menus, either.)

        That’s a few suggestions. I’m sure you can come up with more.


        • jim_m

          Who says that obama thinks he would need the Senate for any of those? I could see him trying to enforce every single one via a presidential order and having some agency filled with useful idiots (the DOJ, EPA etc) declaring some asinine regulation to implement it.

          • The Senate could provide a fig-leaf’s worth of cover – and for some reason I see Reid (and Pelosi in the House) as being the sorts of people who would gladly do it to ‘punish’ the opposition.

            Mean, petty, vindictive and spiteful? Yep. I think that pretty well fits them…

        • GreatWhiteRat

          They wouldn’t get any of those through the House before the new Congress is sworn in.
          Granted, Obama could issue a ton of executive orders implementing many, if not most, of those vindictive acts. In that case, the first thing you do is go to court and find a friendly judge for an injunction. It’s what the leftists do anytime they’re trying to hamstring the military or kill commerce. Find some environmental angle or something – it doesn’t have to be valid – and run with it. Give them a taste of their own medicine.
          Then, when President Romney is sworn in, he can undo all these executive orders and the suits can quietly be dropped.

          • I agree. But how much time and money would be wasted in the injunctions? Call the shutting down of power plants a national emergency which must be done immediately, and a whole lot of folks would suffer.

            The ‘ruling elite’ in Washington seem to think there’s an infinite supply of both time and money. I think they’re about to find out otherwise…

    • Carl

      If you’re still wondering who is going to win the Presidential election you have serious denial problems.

      • Only poll that matters is on Nov. 2nd for Democrats according to Michelle, and Nov. 6th for everyone else.

        We will see.

        • Carl

          We have seen. Romney loses in a landslide. The GOP makes no headway in the Senate and loses a handful of seats in the House.

          Dreams of racist Americans shattered everywhere.

          • Jwb10001

            You know where you can shove your race card right?

          • retired.military

            Spongebob Carl

            Care to make a bet.
            If Romney wins, Republcans win Senate and keep House than your sorry racist ass never posts here again..
            If you win the bet than I never post here again.
            I tried to make this bet with you in one of your previous iterations be it Spongebob or Grumpy or whoever you were using then. You never had the guts to take the bet then. Did you grow a pair of balls since then?

  • Digg34

    Romney is going to such a headache cleaning house.

  • JWH

    The real solution is simple in concept, if devilish in execution:

    1) White House staffers should sit down with congressional staffers (both R and D) and nail out a compromise over the next two weeks.

    2) Boehner, Pelosi, McConell and Reid sell the compromise to their respective caucuses.

    3) President Obama calls a special session of Congress — before election day — to vote on the compromise.

    • Carl

      Why bother doing this before the election? The GOP will vote down any compromise — just use it as another excuse to get at Obama by screwing everyday Americans.

      Haven’t you noticed? At least 47% of Americans have..

      • JWH


        Did you bother reading the entire process? I noted that first, it is “devilish in execution,” meaning it is unlikely to work. And the entirety of step 2.

        I don’t expect any kind of compromise to happen; right now, people on both sides of the aisle have the incentive to get re-elected, not do something that might actually benefit the country.

      • jim_m

        If it were truly a compromise then both sides would agree to it. The problem with obama is that he never learned what compromise is or how to create one.

        His answer on compromise with obamacare was, “I won.” and he rammed obamacare through without anyone understanding the bill and without a single vote from any republican and even with no GOP support needed still blamed the GOP for all the delays in getting it passed. Funny how when you don’t need help and don’t seek compromise that you plan sucks so much that it takes forever to get your own party to get in line behind it.

        • Carl

          lol… that’s funny – suggesting that the GOP will compromise.

          That’s hilarious. 47% of Americans know better.

          • jim_m

            I seem to recall that No Child Left Behind was Teddy Kennedy’s pet project. Bush supported its passage despite GOP resistance and in the end he got targeted by the left that was unhappy with the law.

            It is not the GOP that has refused to compromise. The fact that obamacare got zero votes form the GOP is an emblem of that fact. Even the moderates like Snowe refused to vote for it.

          • Jwb10001

            There have only been a few bi partisan issues since 2006 the first is every budget Obama put forward, no one democrat or republican voted for any of them, the other was Obama care when democrats voted with republicans against it. Looks like president no red states no blue states, hope and change is an absolute failure in regard to his promise to change DC. But I’m sure you can figure out a way to make that all about his race.

          • retired.military

            Why hasnt Reid brought stuff (like a budget) up for a vote in the Semate?

          • Sky__Captain

            In all 57 states, no less.

          • retired.military

            Which is why 53% will vote for Romney.

    • retired.military


      Reid and Pelosi have no desire to bargain in good faith. I wouldnt trust either of them farther than I could throw both of them. Nothing will get done before the election. WHEN Obama loses he is going to play spoiler and not do anything but pardon his scumbag friends and thumb his nose at the American people for the next 2 months (same as he has been doing the last 4 years). He will do as much damage as he can and they will have to scrape his fingernails off the WH desk and throw his golf bag out the back door with the trash.

  • GarandFan

    Hmmm…so a Democratic Administration is telling employers to violate what was probably a Democratic-inspired labor law.

    Not surprising. This Administration has set a new standard for violating laws.

  • I’m shocked Chico hasn’t shown up to claim its completely proper to do this yet …

  • Carl

    Everyone knows that the “fiscal cliff” provisions will never happen anyway – it’s just another wet dream of the deranged right that thousands and thousands of Americans will lose their jobs because of this.

    The Tea Party loonies are rubbing their hands together with glee at the thought of more Americans becoming unemployed.

    I wish the Tea Party would move into Alabama, take over the state government, and declare themselves a separate nation.

    • jim_m

      Actually, it is Nancy Pelosi that is gleeful about increasing unemployment. After all, it was Pelosi that claimed that unemployment insurance payments were the single most stimulatory thing we could do for the economy.

      Heck, and the obama admin claims that the highest number of food stamp recipients in history is a sign of the success of their admin. Who wants poverty in the US? The left does. Why else are they so hateful toward the rich?

      If the left is so concerned about the poor then why do we have the highest poverty rate in 45 years?

      • The left love the poor.

        They love them so much, they want as many as possible…

        The right hate the poor.

        So they try to eliminate them through making sure they can get jobs.

        Oh, the horror…

        • Carl

          That’s why the poor and lower middle class overwhelming vote Democratic.

          That’s the reason the GOP is engaged in the largest voter disenfranchisement in U.S. history – directly targeting the poor and working poor, blacks and hispanics.

          but let’s pretend to not notice that either…

          • jim_m

            Are you speaking of voter ID? Did you know that you need a photo ID to get in to see Eric Holder at the DOJ?

            Did you know that voter ID actually has been shown to increase voter turnout? And to increase minority turnout? http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123327839569631609.html

            Perhaps you could get a clue and learn something about reality. The only purpose to oppose voter ID is to promote voter fraud, which actually disproportionately disenfranchises minorities since the majority of voter fraud occurs in urban districts where more minorities live.

            Once again we see that the left claims to support minorities but they act in a way to directly harm minority rights.

          • 914

            You surely are giving spongebob racepants a run for his racist crown Carl!

          • Jwb10001

            How exactly does asking for proper id for voting disenfranchise anyone? Please explain in detail how this evil plan actually works not some oh everyone knows bull shit or some racists this or that non sense. Please clearly and in reasonable terms explain why asking a voter to insure they are who they say they are keeps anyone from voting. And while you’re at it tell me how someone voting illegally isn’t vote nulification.

          • SCSIwuzzy

            You won’t get an answer to that one.

          • Jwb10001

            Sure I will I will eventually be called a racist because I don’t want black people to vote or some other well thought out meaningful remark. I know I’m wasting my time but hey I lost my job in April thanks to dear leader and our political overlords so I’ve got time on my hands.

          • 914

            Well gee whiz Wally! Not enough time to get a plastic photo ID IN 35 DAYS? They have had 4 years of access with Obama phones to self identify. If they haven’t an ID by now, they are either too damn stupid and ignorant to figure out how to vote anyways.

        • GreatWhiteRat

          So Carl thinks that a person is less capable of getting a
          photo ID because of the color of their skin. That actually IS racist.

          • But typical, sadly.

            It’s really starting to look like the left badly needs a class it can look down on, so it can feel virtuous about ‘helping’ them… and if that so-called help ensures they stay in poverty, so much the better because it just means they need more help.

            To suggest that they might actually be capable and competent to live without that help if they needed to is the most heinous sort of discrimination.

            And that class isn’t exclusively (or primarily) composed of folks with extra melanin, either…

      • retired.military

        THe left loves the poor so much Obama thinks that they have to be taught how to dress, show up to work on time, how to shop and dress and how to act in the office. Romney’s 47% remark which has 2 minutes missing from the tape pales in comparision to Obama’s remarks about the poor.

        “They may need help with basic skills, how to shop, how to show up for work on
        time, how to wear the right clothes, how to act appropriately in an office. We
        have to help them get there’…”

        Barrack Obama 2007.

  • Meiji_man

    The Romney campaign should announce at the debate tomorrow that under the new administration, any company found in non-compliance of existing employment laws will be prosecuted regardless of political connections to any administration.

    • 914

      Romney should also announce the establishment of a special commission to investigate the 100’s of Mexican murders committed by Barry Holder Inc.

      Debate over!

  • Hank_M

    I see Carl has been busy avoiding the subject matter, He’s used the birther argument, voter id, the fiscal cliff, the race card and insults.


    There is no defense for what Obama is doing here. And if it were Bush, it would be a scandal. But it’s Obama and his supporters are left with no recourse but to abandon
    any pretense of honesty, consistency and ethics and instead show that they too are political whores.

    I’ve mentioned before that I wondered how low Obama would have to go for the MSM to finally say enough is enough. It appears there is no such threshold for some of his supporters, Carl being a prime example.

  • Owen007

    If Obama wins in November, he’ll then sell them out. Course, if he loses, he’ll still sell them out.

  • LiberalNightmare

    Lie to a few people here, disenfranchise a few soldier ballots there, pretty soon youve got yourself a reelection.

  • retired.military

    For those who dont understand what will happen if this issue isnt resolved let me lay out a reasonable scenario.

    Contractors get laid off on short notice. They start drawing unemployment. Some of them (quite a few) will find other jobs as there are always in demand jobs for highly skilled folks. Meanwhile congress dicks around for 2–4 weeks and finally comes up with something. Contracts get money again and the contractors get hired back again. RIght? Wrong. The companies have lost money and will make up for it someway probably via labor. The work force will return for the most part but those that could find other jobs did. That knowledge base is gone. Delays in programs due to loss of expertise. Cost overruns and more money wasted.

    Obama is fine with that either way.

    If you wonder how folks can find jobs when they are out of work for only 2 weeks here is a clue. Contractors are ALWAYS on the look out for new jobs. Both in govt industry and out. Contracts can end quickly. And the workers pretty much know if their contract is on the chopping block or not.
    Also it seems that spongbob Carl is back in the full racist swing. I bet that he will get banned prior to the election at this rate.