Surprise! Andrea Mitchell Humiliated by John Sununu – Again

You would think as often as Andrea Mitchell get humiliated by Sununu she would either quit inviting him on, improve her game or not challenge him so much.

But at some level I respect it for it. She could just refuse to let him on the show and save herself the embarrassment but she takes it on the chin time after time. … Unless of course she thinks she is winning these battles in which case she’s just mental.

Part of me feels sorry for her.  You know she would never argue with an Obama surrogate that way and the poor thing doesn’t see (would probably deny) that she was no longer an interviewer and now just a Democrat combatant. But either way, she keeps giving us easy content so I’ll take it.

What’s your take… you don’t figure she thinks she’s winning these bouts do you?

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  • jim_m

    I love how the left keeps insisting that we must find a way somehow to “Pay for” the Bush tax cuts. What was once a tax cut has now been the tax policy of the United States for over a decade. We aren’t cutting taxes anew, we are continuing existing policy.

    And that doesn’t even start with the false notion that tax cuts need to be paid for as if the government were spending money by not collecting taxes.

  • jim_m

    Plus… I think Mitchell wanted to accuse Sununu of racism for calling obama “lazy”. I am sure that Chrissy Matthews would have heard some dog whistle blowing had he been there. But Sununu was right to not back down and he gave a clear explanation based in factual evidence for his conclusion.

    • That_Paul

      His reply to her “Take that back” is why I posted it. Freaking Priceless.

      She plays the indignation card and he smacks her with it.

      • Jwb10001

        Can’t she find any democrats to come on her show and defend their arguments, does she not know this makes her look terrible.

        • jim_m

          does she not know this makes her look terrible.

          I think the face lift did that.

  • The_Queen_of_France

    She looks like she wants to spit. What a….well..

  • GarandFan

    Sorry for Mitchell? Yeah, when hell freezes over. She’s not a “reporter”, she’s a ‘whore for Obama’.

  • Andrea Mitchell (NBC News Washington) is a masochist. Why else would she continue to have John Sunnu give her the going over that she gets every time he is on her show. She enjoys getting beat down every time she opens her fly trap.

  • 914

    She take’s a lickin’ and keep’s on licking. What a hypnobot!!

    • Jwb10001

      Oh my god you just painted a mental image that might keep me up nights for a month.

  • herddog505

    Man, Sununu came out swinging against Barry AND MiniTru! Delectable red meat.
    In contrast, AndreaMitchellNBCNews sounded like a woman defending her boyfriend.
    One of the sweetest moments was when Sununu pointed out that Heritage and AEI are as non-partisan and the Tax Policy Center is. This underscores a common trick MiniTru likes to use: they paint a liberal group / think-tank as “non-partisan” and push their bilge as authoritative on that basis. In the case of the “study” that Mitchell kept yapping about, one of the authors is a former Obama employee. Hardly “non-partisan”.

    I also enjoyed Sununu shutting Mitchell down when she kept yapping about specifics (another common MiniTru tactic): that’s not how one starts negotiations with Congress, that’s not how it’s been done successfully in the past, Mitt Romney is an experienced and capable negotiator who understands that.

    I do think that he missed an opportunity to EXPLICITLY compare Bush Classic’s personal negotiations with the Congress with Barry’s hands-off, lazy, let-Pelosi-and-Reid-do-it-all approach.

    Still, a very entertaining clip.

  • Hank_M

    What a pompous elitist ass Mitchell is.

    But then, I’m sure the 6 people who watch her show disagree.

  • Maestro

    Meh. You think someone who has dinner w/ Alan Greenspan every night is intellectually intimidated by John Sununu???

    • No.

      But we do think it makes it sting all the more when her intellectual inferior makes her look like an ass on TV.