O’Keefe Does It Again.


For any journalist who would like to dismiss this report from Project Veritas as a fluke or isolated incident, James O’Keefe has a simple message: “Put your reputation on the line.”

I can hardly wait for the next one.. or two or however many he has this time around.  Stay tuned.

New York Woman Wins Right To Die Lawsuit, Then Changes Mind
The View From Topside
  • jim_m

    J Christian Adams comments:

    A final note about Stephanie Caballero. This paid Obama staffer is a radical’s radical. She was active in the Students for a Democratic Society in Houston. The most shocking thing about that is that the SDS still exists. The second most shocking thing is that someone from this leftover Marxist organization would be a paid staffer with the DNC. I’ll bet that didn’t happen on Bill Clinton and Don Fowler’s watch. Caballero also does photography work for the openly socialist Workers World magazine. This is the propaganda arm of the Workers World Party.

    Now we have yet another reason to explain why some Democrats so aggressively oppose election integrity efforts and accuse election integrity watchdogs of phony “voter suppression.” They don’t want anyone, it seems, to know what they are really up to.

    So the lefties here can stop pretending that the dems and the obama campaign and admin are not communist. They can also stop pretending that the left wants fair and honest elections. The left only wants to win and will use any means to do so even if it means the complete destruction of our democracy.

  • jim_m
  • herddog505

    But… but… but… He’s not a REAL journalist! The video is doctored! He lied to them! He’s a paid GOP shill! RAAAAACISM! [splutter]

    • TomInCali

      The video is doctored!

      Yes, it is. You can see obvious cuts. And his previous videos have also been shown to have been selectively edited. Do you think he’s turned over a new leaf?

      He lied to them! He’s a paid GOP shill!

      Both of these are uncontested facts. What’s your point? He didn’t lie to them? He doesn’t use these videos to solicit money?

      It’s odd that you think putting “but…but…but…” in front of obvious truths somehow turns them into spurious allegations.

      • herddog505

        Man, have I got you people pegged or what!

        • TomInCali

          Yes, you got me! Given the choice between truth or lies, I’ll opt for the truth. My jig is up!

      • Seems to me the only actual requirement to be a reporter is to report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – in a way as clear, complete, unvarnished, un-nuanced, and unspun as is possible.

        And to be a journalist is to be willing to lie, evade, conceal and twist the narrative to get your story across. The story is what’s important, and you have to make sure the RIGHT feelings are engendered by the story. (Kind of like Bush’s ANG record. Report him as AWOL, regardless of what his points record actually said, and don’t bother talking to anyone who actually knew how to interpret his pay and points and what the accepted practices for Reservists and ANG attendance was. THOSE things aren’t germain to the story you’re trying to put out, which was that Bush was AWOL.)

        So you’re right. O’Keefe isn’t a journalist.

        He’s a reporter. And this is reporting. He’s following a story, and reporting what he finds.

        But then, I’m pretty cynical about the media any more. Report what happened, then let me decide how I want to feel about it. That’s what O’Keefe is doing.

        • TomInCali

          Seems to me the only actual requirement to be a reporter is to report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – in a way as clear, complete, unvarnished, un-nuanced, and unspun as is possible.

          This entire “report” is based on the “reporter” lying, and trying (and failing) to get the subject to say what the reporter’s pre-conceived agenda wants them to say. I fail to see how this becomes “unvarnished, un-nuanced, and unspun” truth to you.

          • Here’s what I want the person interviewed to say.

            “It’s illegal. You can’t do that. Now you’ve told me what you’re planning, I can’t let you have this absentee ballot, because then I’d be an accessory to vote fraud.”

            Didn’t quite get that, did we?

            Progress, friend. It takes time to expose and clean up all the corruption, and making the vote honest is a good start.

          • TomInCali

            Ah, so campaign workers should be denying registration forms to people who are legitimately eligible to vote in their state. Forms that are freely available on the state web site. Interesting take.

          • Think of it another way. You go to a gun shop. You tell the clerk that you’re going to use the pistol you buy to (a) rob a store, and (b) kill the clerk at the store you rob. But… when your background check is run, you pass.

            Legally, you can buy that pistol free and clear. You apparently have broken no laws.

            Does the clerk have ANY responsibility in this transaction, at that point, to deny the sale?

            Interesting conundrum, isn’t it? On the one hand, you’ve told the clerk what you’re intending. You might be joking. You might not. If you AREN’T, then the clerk will be an accessory to a felony and to murder.

            On the other hand – there’s nothing legally stopping you from buying the pistol. You’ve jumped through the appropriate hoops, paid the background check fee.

            Personally, I’d say “Yes”, that he’s got a responsibility to deny the sale. Whether to notify the police of what you’re planning is another matter – but I think the clerk would be within his rights to refuse to sell you the pistol.

            Now, if you were buying your pistol from a fence at a crack house, I don’t think they’d give a shit what you did with it. And, as you said – if the form’s available off the state web site, why would you go to a ‘fence’ to get another one?

  • GarandFan

    Shhhhhh! Any true liberal will tell you that ‘voter fraud doesn’t happen!’.

    Of course the idea is, like any other crime, TO DO IT AND NOT BE CAUGHT!

    • jim_m

      The typical leftist response is that it isn’t illegal if they can’t convict you.

    • TomInCali

      Any true liberal will tell you that ‘voter fraud doesn’t happen!’.

      Republicans will tell you that, too, when they’re being honest.

      (Colorado) Last year, Gessler estimated that 11,805 noncitizens were on the rolls.

      But the number kept getting smaller.

      After his office sent letters to 3,903 registered voters questioning
      their status, the number of noncitizens now stands at 141, based on
      checks using a federal immigration database. Of those 141, Gessler said
      35 have voted in the past. The 141 are .004 percent of the state’s
      nearly 3.5 million voters.

      Florida’s search began after the state’s Division of Elections said
      that as many as 180,000 registered voters weren’t citizens. …Florida eventually narrowed its list of suspected noncitizens to
      2,600 and found that 207 of them weren’t citizens… The state has more than 11.4 million registered voters, so the 207 amounts to .001 percent of the voter roll.

      In North Carolina, the nonpartisan state elections board last year
      sent letters to 637 suspected noncitizens after checking driver’s
      license data. Of those, 223 responded showing proof they were citizens,
      and 79 acknowledged they weren’t citizens and were removed from the
      rolls along with another 331 who didn’t respond to repeated letters,
      said Veronica Degraffenreid, an elections liaison for the board.

      She said the board did not find evidence of widespread fraud, noting
      there were only 12 instances in which a noncitizen had voted. North
      Carolina has 6.4 million voters. [.0002 percent]

      “What we’re finding is there is strong indication that the voter rolls in North Carolina are sound,” Degraffenreid said.

      • GarandFan

        Like I said, any liberal will tell you voter fraud DOES NOT HAPPEN.

        You just proved it does. And once again, those numbers, although small, ARE THE ONES WHO GOT CAUGHT.

        • Brian_R_Allen

          And let’s never forget that as is every other aspect of bureaucracy and the Fascist Media – America’s elections machinery – every cog, wheel, spring and lever — and every voter roll — is lock, stock and barrel owned, operated and controlled by activist “Democrats.”

          Who also conduct 99% of the electoral, elections and voter-fraud “investigations.”

        • You’re really funny. You do realize you just made my argument FOR me, right? “The ones who got caught’?
          Lord, you made me laugh.

  • 914

    Obama can, will and has cheated to get in office and will to stay. I suspect the Martial plan will go into effect when his race riots start..

  • TomInCali

    What’s so interesting about this video? It’s a few Obama campaigners just laughing and saying things like “I don’t know, that’s not my expertise”. When the “reporters” insist that they’re voting twice, all they’re met with is incredulity (“OMG! Really? Haha!”) and factual information about how to vote in their local district. No one encourages or supports that action. The first girl even says “I would just do Florida”, and discourages the “reporter” from voting in Texas also.

    And the bit about voter registration forms being “valuable” is hilarious. Anyone who thinks that has never been to a high school, college, or post office in an election year.

    Edit: BTW, those “valuable” forms are available online. Yes, I suppose printer ink is valuable.

    • 914

      The tongue in cheek ‘I won’t say anything’ is hilarious too.. Nothing like being complicit in a felony.

    • Jwb10001

      They are supposed to say, voting twice or voting in a state you don’t live in is wrong and you shouldn’t do it. Is that asking too much of people that work for the President’s reelection team? Given this president I guess it it.

      • jim_m

        No. They are supposed to say that it is illegal, not just wrong. Their attitude promotes fraud. They are shown giving out absentee ballot forms to someone they know will use them to commit fraud. They are not only essentially supporting the fraud the are enabling it by direct action and are complicit in the fraud.

        • TomInCali

          The “reporter” said she lives locally, will vote locally, and requested a form to do so. The worker gave her the form, which is also freely available on the state’s web site. That the “reporter” said she was thinking of voting in another state also is not a reason to deny her the form she is legitimately entitled to. And the first worker did tell her to vote only in Florida.