Undecideds Not Budged By Smirking Joe Biden’s Debate Performance

Joe Biden did not help team Obama tonight, folks.

I am seeing a few conservatives wringing their hands that Paul Ryan “missed opportunities.” Maybe so, but since he was interrupted a full 83 times (yes it has been counted) it’s no wonder that he didn’t get all his valid points in.

With smirking Joe Biden and jolting Martha Raddatz both teaming up to interrupt every single reply Ryan tried to give, it is certain that his points got lost in some instances.

In fact, Joe was such a jerk that it is sure he only appealed to the radical, left-wing base that Obama has been slowly losing this month. Apparently Joe’s job was to shore up the base and not bother with undecideds. This is a bad sign for team Obama. If he is still trying to appeal to the base with only weeks to go before Election Day… well, let’s just say it’s a bad, bad sign.

But the final assessment of the VP debate will be that Ryan won on points. He seemed knowledgeable, even tempered, and nice. Biden will be loved by his base for being an asshole with his smirking, arm waving, interrupting, sputtering, scoffing, and laughing (Al Gore in 2000, anyone?) but independents, moderates and undecided voters will wonder why Biden was such an asshole.

All in all, Ryan did fine and didn’t hurt himself and Biden did NOT help team Obama with undecideds.

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  • I thought he did great.. gave em what they wanted… I’ll be voting Barack Obama 2012 and I am really glad we have ‘ol Joe’ as veep rather than the elusive, young and inexperienced Mr Ryan as the potential President of the country.

    • ersatzear

      Comrade Chas strikes again. You just love old commies like Joe. pro-partial birth abortion and pro welfare checks! Do you have your obamaphone?

    • LiberalNightmare

      What was the unemployment rate in scranton again?

    • Jwb10001

      And there you have it, these guys can act like complete jerks and some poeple will still think they are right for the most important job on the planet. Do you think Joe Biden acted like a statesman last night or did he act like a 2ond class clown from the traveling circus? Nevermind I know your answer.

      • Mr Kimber

        And you are right. You know how some leftist can say ” I am voting for Romney” and next thing is all kinds of villiny coming out on twitter. This in normal for these peckers that is why they think Bidin’s behavior is normal .
        Jwb these people honored Obermann for C*****sake.

    • Plinytherecent

      I think the codgers down at the Old Marxists Home were all probably cheering ‘Go Joe – tell that young whippersnapper how it is!’.

    • Olsoljer

      As opposed to the massive amount of experience the “won” had when you voted last time? Can you go somewhere else and be a assclown?

  • azntrojan

    WELL I was on the fence between OBAMA and ROMNEY but BIDEN just sealed it for me. I’m voting for ROMNEY. Good job you soulless, smirking liar.

    • Carl

      lol… by definition, undecided voters are stupid. Not surprising someone who’s stupid would vote for Romney.

      • azntrojan

        I love how Carl just showed us why Obama voters are so stupid. He just made up the definition of undecided voters. Typical ignorant Obama supporters. WOW Carl. You’re a moron.

        • Carl

          Undecided? They don’t know who to vote for? Theyre morons. I’m not saying they should be voting one way or the other, but if they are undecided they are idiots. Plain and simple.

          • jim_m

            They don’t know who to vote for . Perhaps that is because unlike you they are making up their minds as opposed to having their minds made up for them. I am sure that you find it very easy to just take the dictates of your betters. It’s obvious you don’t think for yourself.

          • Carl

            You said it. They don’t know who to vote for – right. They’re idiots.

          • Jay Kim

            Maybe they aren’t 100% convinced one way or the other. MAYBE, they’re still comparing both side… whatever the reason is, you sound ignorant. You remind me of these other Obama supporters. Always judging and having their mind made up before even really listening to all the issues. plain and simple, you’re the idiot.

  • cookiebob

    I am so glad I never fell for the Democrats line… at most I’ve been Independent and I don’t like everything Republicans do… but at least they respect other people’s opinions and don’t say a difference of opinion is a lie.
    Ryan is nice… I was voting for Romney going in… but I feel dirty and disgraced that Joe Biden is the Vice President of my country. Yuck!

  • Biden showed absolutely NO RESPECT for his oponent…and was DOWNRIGHT RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, interupting Ryan, laughing, smirking, etc. I lost any respect I had for this person that I had.

  • Vagabond661

    That was as close to bullying that I have ever seen in a political debate. Who does Biden think he is? Kayne West?

  • GarandFan

    Barry and Joey appear to have forgotten that their “base” alone will not get them re-elected.

  • 914

    As was shown last night. Biden and Obama think the economy is a laughing matter. They wont be laughing on election night.

    Also kind of weird that both Barry and Joe look like the Joker when they put on that big ass grin.

  • Jwb10001

    Biden flat out lied about his votes to authorize on Afg and Iraq, FLAT OUT LIED, he voted in favor of both and said last night he didn’t. This is not the kind of lie that the left throws around when they disagree with you this is a real, honest (I mean dishonest) lie. If he would lie about something so easily debunked what else is he lying about, actually to keep the list to a managable size what is he telling the truth about?

  • Jack Zimms

    83 was the number of times Biden interrupted and many of those were for more than a word or two. I believe I saw the number for the moderator interrupting Ryan at around 32. Therefore, in 40 minutes of speaking Ryan was interrupted about 120 times. About the only time the moderator interrupted Biden was when he was digging himself into a hole. In addition, the moderator gave Biden the last word on everything but the closing statement. Every time Ryan tried to get in the last word, the moderator would interrupt him and change subjects.

  • Jack Zimms

    Overall IMO the debate was a wash as in the debate itself. However,
    I think it will end up hurting ObamaBiden overall efforts.

  • TomInCali

    Undecideds Not Budged

    Do you have any data to support that assertion? Here’s what I found:

    Fifty percent of uncommitted voters who tuned into Thursday night’s
    vice presidential debate in Danville, Ky., said they see Vice President
    Joe Biden as the winner over Mitt Romney’s GOP running mate Rep. Paul
    Ryan, R-Wis., according to an instant poll taken by CBS News.

    Of the 431 polled immediately following the debate, 31 percent deemed Ryan
    the winner, and 19 percent said they felt it was a tie.

    • retired.military

      You would believe a CBS poll?
      Where are the metrics other than I saw a +8 democrat in voter registration. Only 431 folks were polled as well. Not exactly a great sample.

  • Carl

    It’s hard not to smirk when you’re sitting next to a Republican asshole telling lies.

  • azntrojan

    PEOPLE, All your comments prove that we want OBAMA OUT!!! SO, PLEASE please go vote for Romney and get Obama out. That is the ONLY way we are going to see some real changes in this country.

  • RestlessLegs

    I coached college speech/debate for 8 years. Biden’s tactics are never encouraged in a civil debate format. While the interruptions and facial reactions may fire up your supporters, it almost always drives away everyone else. Now, if Biden had been debating someone that most people dislike (a KKK member, for example), then most people would have approved of the interruptions. However, that tactic does not work in this setting. It just comes across as boorish and condescending.

  • retired.military

    My firm belief is that anyone undecided right now is someone who voted for Obama in 2008 and is desperately searching for a reason to vote for him again so they cant blame themselves for the mess we are in.