An Open Letter To Candy Crowley and the Rest of the Media

Before I get to my comments for Mrs. Crowley, let us not lose in the kerfuffle what actually happened last night.

The President of the United States stood before the American people and lied about a terrorist attack on 9/11.

There seems to be some confusion in the media as to the ‘narrative’ of the debate. The story, my friends in the media IS NOT about what Mrs. Crowley did or did not do. The story is NOT about what the Romney campaign needs to do next. The story is not about you in the media or the campaign.

The story -that you all are collectively ignoring- is that the President of the United States lied to the American people about a terrorist attack. And it’s not open to interpretation. He said he called it a terrorist attack and he did not. (It’s not even ambiguous, you can read the full speech here.)

Which brings me to Mrs. Crowley.

Mrs. Crowley, you owe Governor Romney not one but two apologies. First you skipped him on a rebuttal and when he called you on it you told him he was wrong. As a debate moderator, there is no higher responsibility than getting that right.

Second, by fact checking him on the fly -incorrectly- you may have actually changed the outcome of this race. It is scarey to think that in an important election like this, your bonehead play could be the difference.

I expected you to issue an apology after the debate and frankly, you did the only thing worse than not apologizing at all. You admitted Romney was right but you then blamed him for your screw up.

So it is Mr. Romney’s fault because he ‘chose the wrong word.’ You are the one choosing the wrong words Mrs. Crowley. The words you need to say are “I’m sorry, I screwed up.”

We don’t have the numbers yet but somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 million people saw you fact check Romney incorrectly… Far far fewer saw your non-apology apology.

You can not undue the damage you have done to Mr. Romney, and -more importantly- to the American people.

The least you can do is apologize.

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  • On Benghazi, Candy Crowley deserves the Susan Rice/Bill Clinton Award—”given the information available, there was no attack on that women” # spinning

  • Wild_Willie

    I have always said that Obama has to run against Romney but Romney has to run against Obama and the MSM. I have listened to many debates but this is the first time I heard the moderator ‘correct’ and response for the incumbant. She disgraced herself and added many bricks to the wall the conservatives have against the MSM. ww

  • Ms Crowley should record a suitable clarification and apology, approved by Mitt, and it should be played just prior to and at the end of the 3rd debate.

  • It ain’t over ’til the fat lady stings.

  • GarandFan

    Crowley doesn’t have time to apologize, she’ll be too busy voting for Obama.

    • Bill_M

      Probably several times!

  • jim_m

    “I thought at many times during the evening Mitt Romney appeared to be
    debating Candy Crowley and not really debating Barack Obama.” —Robert Gibbs, obama senior campaign adviser.

    That kind of says it all when even the obama camp admits that she was out of line.

  • 914

    Two weeks of Obama lying, followed by two weeks of (Moderators, Dems, the MSM) Same thing, lying. I’ve said it before and will again. Conservative’s need to stop participating in a bias partisan debate setting.

    Why don’t we organize a debate with a conservative moderator and unscripted questions and let the chips fall where they may? This hack leftist crap is way out of control and endangering our liberty’s.

    • ackwired

      If you really want a non-partisan, non-biased debate setting, you are going to have to include those candidates who have qualified to be on the ballot in all 50 states.

      • 914

        Don’t you mean all 57 states
        ? lol

      • Jwb10001

        Yes that cluster fark would clearly be clarifing…

        • ackwired

          I’m sorry that democracy is difficult. Easy is what has brought us to the present crisis.

    • retired.military

      Not really Ackwired.

      Have a timer on the mikes. As soon as a candidate opens their mouth the timer starts. At 2 min the mike gets cut off. The other candidate than gets 2 min to respond. The mikes stay off when you are not talking.

      As for the questions.
      One candidate asks a question. The other responds for 2 minutes. The one who asked the question than gets a 2 min response.
      THen the 2nd candidate asks the question. The first responds and then the 2nd responds.

      • Rdmurphy42

        Or … Just keep a running bank of “extra” minutes a candidate can use: they automatically get their two minutes, and can spend more time … But it comes out of the clock bank and if they use it up on a filibuster they don’t have it to spend on a later answer while their opponent will.

  • Jack Zimms

    People remember the two weeks of Obama and MSM blaming the video for the attack. Crowley damaged the MSM credibility more than anything else. Their attempts even valid ones to bail out Obama are falling flat. After all, no one
    can trust the MSM anymore.

    • Jwb10001

      Romney can run an ad or 10 showing all the deception and then this stupid picking at nits and ask the voters to decide who’s being deceptive and who’s telling the truth. Libya is a loser for Obama no way to spin it as anything else.

  • In the vain of the way the liberal media phrases their biased questions, I have one for Candy Crowley: “Given that when you interviewed David Axelrod you made the same statements*, (that most of the honest media and the American public already know), was your admonishment of Governor Romney last night on this issue, an act of stupidity, or did you have an agenda?

    *Via Ace:

  • Jack Zimms

    Also this keeps Obama’s Libya screw up in the news.

  • Pork Chop

    Candy Crowley? Is that who moderated last night? And all this time I thought I was watching Danny Devito in a wig. Huh.

    • deltamary

      I had never heard of her until that night. Who picks the moderators? This is a man’s job anyway – Women get those harmones all rawled up – Look out- they do crazy things –

  • Cynthia Sato

    Candy, just apologize, you will keep your integrity, without an apology it appears you are just trying to hide hoping they will forget-we won’t

  • Jay

    Wow. Obama wins a debate and his entire conversation becomes about the moderator. That must have been a hard victory to swallow.

    • jim_m

      CNN Post Debate Poll: Romney Wins
      54-40 on Economy,
      49-46 on Health Care,
      51-44 on Taxes,
      59-36 on Deficit,
      49-46 on Leadership,

      If that’s what it looks like when obama wins a debate I’d hate to see him lose.

      (OK, no I wouldn’t)

      • Love to see him have a few more victories like that…

      • Jay

        CNN? Are you kidding me? They refused to admit he won the debate handily by a 7 point margin. Get some better facts there Jim.

        • jim_m

          No. CNN declared that obama won the debate but then when they looked at the break down on the issues they saw that people thought Romney was better.

          I honestly think that this is a case where the expectation set for obama was such that if he showed up and looked engaged he would win over all, but on the content of the answers to the questions people preferred what Romney had to say.

          I think that is a reasonable interpretation of the results.

    • 914

      Obama wins? The more he “wins” the slower the GDP grows..? What’s up with that ?

      • Jay

        Ask your Republican Obstructionists in DC.

        • Rdmurphy42

          How many budget bills have passed the democrat controlled senate again? And budget bills can’t be filibustered …

          • Jay

            Here we go again with a narrow look at reality and ignorance of Republican obstruction such as the Grand Bargain that the Republicans didn’t want…

  • I have an idea… moderators either unbiased or 2 from each party. Period.

  • Steph

    She should come on prior to the third debate, with her Obama shirt visible- to issue her apology. She should be fired