Obama DID Answer Ladka on Libya: Privately, It’s State Department

Even with Barack Obama’s feigned righteous indignation last night on diplomats, security and Libya, he still managed to deflect blame for his failure as Commander in Chief onto his subordinates at the State Department and, ultimately, his nemesis-kept-close, Hillary Clinton. You didn’t hear it because, well, it was in a private conversation after the broadcast debate. Erik Wemple’s pointed bit on the Obama-Ladka exchange on Libya is quite enlightening for reasons that apparently (and oddly, I might add) escape both Wemple and Mr. Ladka (whose employer in Mineola is getting more nationally visible plugs today and last night than Joe Biden’s scalp.)

Wemple criticizes Obama in a blog post at the Washington Post (H/T Drudge) for not answering Ladka’s question: “Who was it that denied enhanced security and why?”
But Obama most certainly does – after the debate in a personal minute with Ladka. And it escapes both Ladka and Wemple. Likely even Obama.

As to Ladka’s question about who turned down the Benghazi security requests and why, Obama reportedly told him that “releasing the individual names of anyone in the State Department would really put them at risk,” Ladka says. [Emphasis mine.]

Obama’s retail politics left an impression on Ladka:”I appreciate his private answer more than his public answer,” he says.

What escapes them is that Obama just laid the blame not in the White House, but at the State Department. He did answer Mr. Ladka. Cowardly and weak, but he answered. Obama just said that the State Department denied the security and tried to seem above it all trying to not “put them at risk,” when the only risk he’s truly managing is his own. As usual. He could have left the “State Department” specificity out. But he didn’t.
Once again, Obama claims the figurative burden of responsibility, as he did in the debate last night, yet deflects and defers any actual accountability. And so goes the “crap rolls downhill” leadership style of the gutless.
That means it’s back, in Obama’s mind, to Hillary Clinton and that 3AM phone she’s so fond of.
But Clinton held a press conference to distance herself form the White House while trying to look in charge and commanding. And what did she do?  She laid the buck at the ever vague “security professionals” who ultimately make all of the “specific decisions” on issues that actually require accountability.

“I take responsibility,” she told CNN. “I’m in charge of the State Department’s 60,000-plus people all over the world (at) 275 posts. The president and the vice president wouldn’t be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. They’re the ones who weigh all of the threats and the risks and the needs.”

You know, all those non-specific and unaccountable “ones who weigh all of the threats and the risks and the needs,” they’re the ones who made all of the important decisions. POTUS and SecState? Pffft. “Not us,” they seem to say. All while proclaiming “responsibility.”
Meanwhile, instead of hammering Obama for not answering the question, Romney gave a walk-back rationale of how Obama might actually be able to wiggle free from the steel trap he set with all of the references to that stupid movie trailer as the false cause. Really, Mitt?
But the point is, Obama deflects to State and Hillary (without naming names, of course), to which Hillary had already deflected further down the flag pole to “security professionals.”If either one of them actually took ownership of anything and truly “nobody’s more concerned about their (diplomats’) safety and security than I am,” as professed so sternly last night, then that concern would have included ownership of security and personal involvement in the same, not passing on face-to-face Daily Briefings and (not or) deflecting to some ethereal other “security professional” person or persons down the flag pole that can never be named because that “would really put them at risk.”
How convenient.
Just sayin’. Ladka and Wemple miss the fact that Obama finally answered the question. Probably dishonestly, certainly cowardly.
Such is the game of public proclamations of “responsibility” without any sense of  accountability. Responsibility is a hollow word these days. Only accountability carries the weight of actual consequences.
So just to get this straight, President Obama has claimed responsibility for the Libyan security debacle in his feigned righteous indignation in last night’s debate. And Secretary of State Clinton had already laid claim to the same responsibility days earlier. As far as accountability, well apparently we’re just going to short the whole thing out and go straight for al-Qaeda?
Folks, accountability – the consequences of penalty assumed with true responsibility – will be exacted November 6th.
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  • retired.military

    Date line Nov 7,2012. When asked what he thought was the reason he lost the election President Obama replied “It’s all Bush’s fault”

    • Conservachef

      Probably something like “Going in, we didn’t realize the enormity of the numerous problems we inherited from the previous administration. Those vast and widespread problems, along with constant obstruction from those in the other party, prevented us from delivering the recovery we promised. Plus, Racism!

  • GarandFan

    “releasing the individual names of anyone in the State Department would really put them at risk,”

    Why and how? Just another BULLSHIT answer from the Bullshitter-in-Chief.

    • jim_m

      Put them at risk of being thrown under the bus.

  • manderso

    “Who was it that denied enhanced security and why”. That’s easy, the Republicans who cut security for embassy’s last year in the house by 331 million. Of course they year before they only cut it by 128 million. Simple. Have a nice day.

    • Olsoljer

      Maybe the State Department should quit spending money to buy Volts and installing charging stations, maybe they can explain why Marines are guarding Our French and Swiss embassy (always being attacked dontcha know) instead of an embassy in a hostile country, maybe if Hillary would spend more time on HER job, instead of looking for ways to disarm the American public through the UN………..oh wait! That would involve rational decisions, fiscal responsibility, and prioritizing essential needs. My bad.

    • 914

      Its called a ‘FIAT’ idjit! Barry had no problem stealing a trillion from medicare by Fiat! Priority’s lol..

    • PBunyan

      Except that the Repubilcans haven’t cut a damn thing because the federal goverment hasn’t passed a budget in over 3 1/2 years, dumbass. That’s why we’re $6 trillion deeper in debt than we were when the Obama regime began to rule over us.

      • Jwb10001

        No, you see when republicans control 1 house of congress and can’t pass anything they are responsible for everything… geez don’t you understand how our government works….

  • Carl

    Keep repeating the lie that Mitt didnt lie…. cause that whole lying thing is working for you so well so far.

    The transcript shows what Obama said. You can’t lie throught that — you can’t claim the MSM is covering anything up.

    Mitt “I hate 47% of America” Romney lied. And he got caught at it.

    • 914

      How much does Barry pay you to be such an idiot? Whatever it is you deserve a big bonus!!

      • Carl

        Hey thanks 914, coming from you that means a lot. I really look up to you as the paragon of intelligence and civility.

        • 914

          Don’t be hatin’ what you are obviously not bright enough to understand!! lolo

          • Carl

            Awe.. not hating., just in awe…

    • jim_m

      If you are going to put it in quotes I suggest hat you show us where he actually said that he hates 47% of Americans.

      You can’t. You’re just being dishonest.

      • Carl

        Romney’s 47% remarks are world famous.

        And actually, Jim “I tend to get a lot shit wrong” M, the quotes do not suggest attribution.

        But thanks for trying. You can lie almost as well as Mitt!

        • jim_m

          I call you on your lying fake quote from Romney and your response is that I am lying? Too rich!

          Romney never said that he hated 47% of America. HE said that it was unfair that so many people were let out from their obligation to contribute to society. Even obama and Biden said 4 years ago that more people should have “skin in the game”. Now the left is all about how many people they can make completely dependent on government handouts.

          • Carl

            It’s not a fake quote, Jim “No really, I can double down on lying” M…

        • retired.military

          WHere is the 47% wrong? 47% of people dont pay taxes in the US. Almost every Presidential candidate in the past 40 or so years got about 47-53% of the vote.

          • Jwb10001

            Be careful one of our nit picking jack asses will point out that 47% of working Americans don’t pay INCOME TAXES or they they will call you a lying racist. While on the other hand they will say Romney HATES 47% of Americans and put it quotes… I know you can’t make this shit up.

    • Jwb10001

      I can’t wait to see the video of Romney saying he “HATES 47% of Americans” please post it post haste.