The Not Optimal Campaign Of Binders, Big Bird and Non-Issues

Obama in 2008 was eerily prophetic about his re-election campaign in 2012.


“You make big elections about small things.”

Small things like “binders” as the way to revive their manufactured war on women and hiding behind Big Bird. Both the President and Vice President have displayed their moral and intellectual bankruptcy during the debates. The people are fed up and it shows.

Then to add insult to injury, as President Obama himself stated the following regarding the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, of which he lied about even in the 2nd Presidential debate,

“Here’s what I’ll say. If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal. We’re going to fix it. All of it,” Obama replied. (Source – The Hill)

Not Optimal. 

I’ll tell you what also is not optimal, Mr. Obama: Your last 4 years as President.


The entire Obama campaign has become a collection of small things.   I’ve said from this beginning, this President loves his shiny objects to distract with and the villains he holds up for you to fear. Well, Fluke that. Joe Wilson called it early on — this man is a liar.

The man is an empty suit in an empty chair. Faster, November… Faster.

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  • GarandFan

    It’s hard to talk up your accomplishments, when you’ve got nothing to talk about.

    • And what they do talk about shows them to be intellectual nit wits. The shallowest end of the brain pool. i just cant believe the dummies buy into this crap.

  • The more they beat on this binder issue makes me want to know how they select candidates for job interviews. Are they just walking out onto the street and asking folks if they want a job? From the caliber of the people under this administration I fear that is their modus operudi. (sp?)

    • No, it’s a good ol’ boy network all the way down, with certain limitations.

      Chief one – Anyone they hire mustn’t be a possible threat to their careers.

      So you’re seeing second-rate politicians hiring third and fourth-rate friends and acquaintances. ‘Friends’ of a friend, high-dollar campaign contributors, folks like that. They’re not looking for capable and competent, they’re paying back favors and building new ones.

      You gotta have priorities, after all, and if keeping your sorry butt in office regardless of what you’ve gotten done isn’t a priority, I don’t know what is.

      • jim_m

        A succinct description of the corruption rampant in the current administration.

    • LiberalNightmare

      Binder-gate demonstrates the underlying cynicism of the democratic party.

      In order to turn binders into their meme du jour, the democrats have to fundamentally ignore that Romney was actually describing how he had in his bushiness days, gone out of his way to hire women at his company (a good thing right?) then actually lie to the people they claim to be helping.

      Of course, none of that works without the willing help of the people that make up the democratic base.

  • LiberalNightmare

    Small president – small campaign

    • Carl

      Small issues – small minds.

      • jim_m

        Sounds like Carl is agreeing with LN. Who knew?

        • LiberalNightmare

          Its not his fault, he probably misunderstood.

          • Carl

            I understand which blog devoting an entire article to this petty bullshit. Yes, indeed.

  • ackwired

    This has become pretty typical of the duopoly campaigns. Binders, Big Bird, Obama’s lapel pin, God given abilities. When the duopoly puts up two stinking candidates, the only thing left to talk about is how the opposition smells a little bit worse.

    • jim_m

      Have you been hanging around Chico? You’re starting to sound like him with teh Oligarchy.

      • ackwired

        Thank you.

        • I don’t think he meant it as a compliment…

          • Carl

            I’d take it as a compliment.

          • Yeah. No doubt you would…

    • Carl

      Yes, remember the flag pin kerfluffle form 2008? lol… Now that was some BIG ISSUE stuff.

      Or the “terrorist fist bump” promoted by Fox News?

      How about the crazy McCain workers who carved Obama into her forehead.

      Yes, we should look to right wing America for signs of maturity in elections — just too bad we won’t find any.

      • At that point he was showing what he was. It cost nothing to put a flag pin on, as an emblem of solidarity, a way to say “I’m an American too, and proud of it.” But he was ‘above’ that, and figured there’d be plenty of people supporting him if he rejected that crass symbol of patriotic feeling.


        Well, we’ve seen him over the last 4 years. Flag pin or no, at this point we’ve got a good idea of what he does or doesn’t feel as far as patriotism goes.

      • retired.military

        “How about the crazy McCain workers who carved Obama into her forehead”

        Actually that was an Obama bot.

        • Brucehenry


        • Carl

          Oh, Really? – Ha!

          No, it wasn’t. It was 2 weeks before the 2008 election and a racist McCain supporter tried to start a race war in Pittsburgh.

          Everyone knows McCain operative were behind it all — and to this day people like Retired Military still lie about the incident, even thought he truth is out there and easily found.

          According to journalism website Talking Points Memo, McCain’s Pennsylvania campaign communications director told reporters about several aspects of the story before the facts were known or established. John Verrilli, news director for Pittsburgh television station KDKA-TV, told TPM that the McCain spokesman “gave one of (Verrilli’s) reporters a detailed version of the attack that included a claim that the alleged attacker said, ‘You’re with the McCain campaign? I’m going to teach you a lesson.'” Verrilli also said that the spokesperson had claimed the “B” on Todd’s face stood for “Barack”.[9] On October 24, a McCain spokesman denied that those quotes had come from the campaign, claiming that “they came from the police and were attributed to the McCain camp because of sloppy reporting.” Keith Olbermann noted that same night, “… that doesn’t explain why two television stations both quoted the McCain campaign … KDKA Pittsburgh specifically followed the McCain quotes with … ‘Police, however, have not confirmed that.’ … the reporter from the other station, WPXI … says he got those quotes first, 4:08 p.m. yesterday from McCain’s Pennsylvania communications director.”[10]

          Conservatives figure they can lie to other conservatives because, in general, they are too dumb to go out and find the truth on their own.

          It’s why Romney is doing as well as he has — he relies on stupid voters who don’t know or care about the truth.

          • retired.military

            My mistake. I was incorrect. I was thinking of something else when I read your post.

            see I am not afraid to admit I was wrong.

            Also how about responding to my bet?

            Also as I have said repeatedly I am not voting for Romney. I am voting for ABO. Romney just happens to be filling that slot this year.

  • Carl

    Faster? Are you really that anxious to lose the election/

    Remember, those Muslims form Kenya are devious… but you guys knew Obama was a Muslim for years now.

    Yeah — little things like that. Little things like lying about the President of the United States not being a US citizen. Glad the right has demonstrated how to be childish and immature — just surprised that you’re now suggesting it was wrong.

    You guys should have grown up 4 years ago – maybe then criticisms like this post would sound so base and immature.

    • Vagabond661

      Said the pot to the kettle…

    • retired.military

      Who said anything about losing.

      If you are so sure you are going to win why are you so afraid to take my bet?

      Oh and you forgot


  • Paul Hooson

    Both of these 3rd rate guys sure make me wish that someone would repeal that constitutional amendment that forbids allowing someone like Bill Clinton who knows what he’s doing to be president for life. The Obama Campaign is wasted these all-important make-or-break final days of the campaign to talk about Big Bird rather than substantial policy goals or achievements, while Willard “Mitt” Romney is claiming to add 12 million more jobs by somehow substituting so many job exports to China with job exports to South America instead(I guess you have to look carefully at Romney’s words here, he never claimed that the 12 million jobs he hoped to add would be in this country!). Further, you have to wonder about a guy who will lose his home state of Michigan, as well as Massachusetts, where he was a one term governor, and then decided not to run again, and lost the endorsement of the main Salt Lake City newspaper to Obama. If Romney can’t even win the endorsement of a room full of Mormon journalists or his 2 home states, what does that say about the people who know him best? People look at the Obama record and walk away disappointed. And people who know Romney best won’t vote for him. What does that tell you about the choice here? You decide the worst of the two?

  • Been dealing with the same on the local level where I am. Have a state representative up for re-election and her opponents can’t seem to muster up any arguments against her based on her record, so they’ve resorted to trying to smear her on small, petty issues. It’s utterly pathetic.

  • Libya… not optimal
    Economy…… not optimal
    Past 4 years…. Not optimal!
    Why settle for not optimal?
    VOTE ROMNEY/RYAN very optimal!

  • herddog505

    I suggest that small, petty issues work to some (perhaps even a large) extent because, frankly, many of our people of uninformed lackwits. As I wrote about Big Bird and Benghazi a few weeks ago, people KNOW who Big Bird is (and they like him). Many people – including members of Congress, apparently – don’t know who Chris Stevens was. People KNOW that Uncle Sugar has plenty of money to pass out to pay for their mortgages, health care, gas, etc. Many don’t know who Ahmahdinnahjacket is.