FactCheck.org: Obama’s False Jobs Creation Claims

President Obama has lately been touting the amazing claim that he’s created 5.2 million new jobs as President. His fantastic claim is featured in a new TV. But FactCheck.org says, not so fast. Those claims are “inflated,” to say the least.

FactCheck notes that the 5.2 million claim is accurate, such as it is. But what makes it “inflated” is that the jobs number refers only to jobs created after 2010 and does not include the 4.3 million that were lost earlier in Obama’s term.

Further, according to FactCheck, Obama’s number counts only private-sector jobs and does not include the “continuing losses” of jobs in the government sector as state and local jurisdictions find their budgets so over spent that pink slips have resulted.

FactCheck goes on to note that far from an actual gain of 5.2 million, once earlier losses are removed, Obama has in fact only realized some 967,000 jobs which includes a credit of 453,000 private-sector jobs which will be added through the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) benchmarking process.

FactCheck also slaps Obama for his website claim that Mitt Romney said he thought the end of the war in Iraq was “tragic.” Romney did not actually say this at all. What Romney actually said was that the pace of Obama’s troop withdrawal was tragic. He never said ending a war was tragic.

Here is what Romney actually said:

The precipitous withdrawal is unfortunate. It’s more than unfortunate. I think it’s tragic. It puts at risk many of the victories that were hard-won by the men and women who have served there. I hope the risk is not realized. I hope instead that the Iraqis are able to pick up the baton, and despite the fact that we will have walked away on a too-rapid basis.

Even The New York Times has this fact correct.

These aren’t the only outright lies Obama has been repeating ad nauseum both on the campaign trail and in his TV ads. Obama continues, for instance, to claim that Mitt Romney has proposed a “$5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy.” This is, of course, an outright fantasy as Patrick Brennan reported earlier this month.

That isn’t all. Obama has issued a passel-full of lies about Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform proposals, as well.

For more, John Nolte has also explored Obama’s constant campaign trail lies about Mitt Romney.

It seems it’s been one lie after another for team Obama since the beginning.

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  • ackwired

    Flash…Politicians do lie!

    • herddog505


      We were told that Barry, the Lightworker, the Annointed One, he who would cause the seas to recede and the planet to heal, was a different kind of politician.

      Some of us knew better at the time…

      • ackwired

        LOL…We do get told that about some of them. I think that any of them that climb high enough in their profession to run for president are very good liars.

        • herddog505

          Stop making excuses. “Everybody does it” doesn’t wash.

          • ackwired

            No excuses. I didn’t say it was right. It is just a fact that the art of politics is shading the facts in such a way that what is said appeals to the largest possible audience. By the time a politician rises high enough to run for president, he is a pretty good liar. The exception might be 3rd party candidates. Did you watch the 3rd party debates? If you did you could not help but notice how much more honest and straightforward they were than Obama and Romney. You can see it here:http://freeandequal.org/updates/did-you-miss-the-debate-watch-it-here/

          • herddog505

            Oh, I see. Politicians are all liars, except the ones who aren’t.

      • He IS a different kind of politician – “Worse than usual!”

        There’s not many out there who would willingly crash the system they depend on.

  • Hank_M

    The biggest lie I saw recently was when Obama’s 2007 speech to a mostly black audience at Hampton University on June 5, 2007 was uncovered.

    In that speech Obama told them that Fed Govt didn’t care about the residents of New Orleans after Katrina. Not when compared to how the Feds reacted after 911 and Hurricane Andrew in Fla. He talked about how the Stafford Act, requiring communities to contribute $1 for every $10 the Feds provide in relief, was waived for NY and Fla but not waived for N.O.

    He said this, knowing that 2 weeks earlier the Feds had indeed waived the requirement for N.O. and further, he was one of just 14 senators who voted against the legislation which included the waiver.

    He knew the waiver had passed, he had voted against it himself. And then he outright lied to the Hampton U audience.

    • jim_m

      obama gave that speech and blamed racism. The fact is that if obama has succeeded in anything it has been in increasing racial division in this nation

      The 2012 election is shaping up to be more polarized along racial lines than any presidential contest since 1988

      It seems that the resident is reaping the whirlwind of an administration built on accusing all opposition of being racists.

  • cirby

    Don’t forget the “Obama shrank the government” claim, where they try to give him credit for all of those local and state government cuts (that the Democrats fought), while not mentioning that the Federal government got bigger.

  • GarandFan

    Not surprising. This whole administration has been built on lies.

  • Carl

    Over half the job losses cited in the calculation above occurred during the first 4 months of Obama’s term.

    It’s a specious argument to attribute those job loses to Obama in this calculation.

    • Vagabond661

      How about the 8% unemployment for 3 and a half years? can we attribute that to Obama?

      • Jwb10001

        Nope but think of the fun will have blaming Obama for everything once Romney becomes president. Unemployment doesn’t rebound fast enough, all Obama’s fault, terrorist attack 3 1/2 years from now, Obama’s fault. It will be a riot pushing this bull crap back down their throats.

    • Jwb10001

      How about the lowest workforce participation rate in 30 years, can we hang that one Obama, 23 Million unemployed that one belong to Obama? Oh I know how about reduced average middle class income (down $4000 average) that one belong to Obama? Cheey pick your metrics all you want for every one you find there are 4 that are terrible.

      • jim_m

        You left out the highest poverty rate in nearly half a century.

    • 914

      you moron

  • jim_m

    It takes 120k to 150k jobs created every month to keep up with the growing population entering the workforce. Based on 120k per month just keeping unemployment flat for 3 years 9 months would mean the generation of 5.4 million jobs. obama is claiming this generation of jobs to break even as is great feat of job creation. Most Presidents like to proclaim how many more jobs they created above the break even. He crows over numbers that fail to reach even that level.

    So take the fact that huge job losses were experienced at the beginning of his term and that he has failed to deliver break even job growth it is easy to understand why his admin keeps dumping people from the labor pool to keep the unemployment rates looking half way decent.

    It is somehow not surprising that an epic failure to create jobs is billed as his greatest achievement. Maybe he should stick to saying that the highest number of people on food stamps is a great success.

  • 914

    Obama is a false prophet! His claims are yesterdays beer farts!! lol

  • TomInCali

    Obama continues, for instance, to claim that Mitt Romney has proposed a “$5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy.”

    Apparently bloggers lie too. I’m not aware of Obama ever claiming Romney has $5 trillion in cuts for the wealthy. His plan does involve $5 trillion in cuts, but that’s for everyone across the board.

    • Four more years of Obama, and the ‘Wealthy’ will be the folks who have jobs at all…

    • 914

      He told a fibiya , now we pay..

  • Paul Hooson

    Depressingly, both camps are inflating their job creation ambitions. Some of the jobs lost during the dark days of the great economic mess of the Bush Administration days have been reversed, but not quite as many as the Obama Campaign claims. And as for Romney, he claims that he will add 12 million more jobs by having more trade with South America, when both NAFTA and CAFTA have failed to do just that, and in fact moved many Ford manufacturing jobs as well as other jobs to Mexico for example. And adding some oil production or energy jobs won’t get the country to 12 million jobs either. Additionally, 70% of Romney advisors were part of the Bush Administration, that got us into this economic mess that helped to elect Obama in the first place. If the same people who advised the Bush Administration brought us to the worst economic mess since the 1930’s, then it takes a great leap of faith to conjecture that the same group suddenly know how to advise Mr. Romney how to get out of it. Further, the Romney Administration is obsessed with cutting the deficit right now, when concentrating on economic growth would help to generate more taxes and lower demand for public services that would cut the deficit. He’s got things backwards here. Cutting public services during an economic downturn won’t help the economy. It will hurt the economy. My grocery store for example benefited from increased Food Stamp(SNAP) spending last year, which helped me to pay my bills as well. But, such programs are often administered through the local county anyway. And Romney’s plans to cut Student Aid or grants, such as the Pell program will only force up unemployment if many in school can’t continue their education and look for work instead. Mr. Obama at least increased funding here, which put less stress on the job market. Education ranks as a way to lower overall unemployment right now.
    Unfortunately voters for either candidate will be sadly disappointed in the next four years when far less than half of any 12 million new jobs will be created by either as president. At best, about 4-5 million new jobs is a more likely figure. But, the U.S. is doing better as an economy than Europe under the current administration, which does give some credit to Obama. Additionally, the stock market is far higher than when Obama was elected. And home prices and sales are rebounding. The fact of the matter is that Mitt Romney for one is better off than he was four years ago because of this administration’s economic policies, where his blind trust stocks are worth far more money and his real estate holdings have appreciated from previous depressed market levels.
    There has at least been some steady and measurable progress on some economic fronts, although the economy is far from what this administration had hoped to achieve by now. And, I have serious doubts that Romney’s plans can even match these numbers, as weak as they are, and could actually worsen things in this fragile economy. Romney’s plans such as substituting a lot of trade with China with a lot of trade with South America don’t hold much hope of progress here. Many people in South America are simply too poor to be the big purchasers of American goods that Romney hopes for. They are more likely to benefit from more American jobs leaving the country than buying our products in great numbers. It doesn’t Einstein here to see some simple flaws in this approach to economics.

  • 914

    He’s created longer lasting funemployment jobs then anyone in history! lol

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