Another Dunham Parody – oh the LULZ!

Clinton Dept. of State Backing the Anti-Semitism Party in Ukraine?
Out Of Ideas!
  • Brilliant! This has to go nationally viral.

  • Carl

    Typical conservative airhead. Yawn.

    • jim_m

      Watch her other videos. She’s not a conservative.

      But I suppose when you consider “conservative” to cover anyone who does not believe in a totalitarian, socialist state that is unaswerable and unaccountable to the public there are a lot of people who seem conservative to you.

      Oh, and BTW, that was a parody of how the left appears to everyone else (obviously not just how they appear to conservatives because she isn’t and all the conservatives here got the joke). We aren’t laughing with you, Carl. We’re laughing at you.

      • Carl

        It must echo nicely when you laugh — having your head up your hateful ass, and all.

        She’s clearly an airhead. I wish her well.

        • Jwb10001

          God you’re dense.

  • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

    That Dunham ad was nauseating. Decline and fall.

  • Wild_Willie

    She crystalizes the mindset of the democrat’s view of women. Sex issues only. Just like with minorities, the left does not believe minorities can compete with whites. Funny how they call others racists and sexist’s but their actual policies are both. ww

  • AndrewX

    Hey, I could not video edit my way out of a paper bag, but I had a brainstorm and it totally worked. I opened up a youtube of Hitler’s ‘Downfall’ rant (the real one), turned down the volume, and then opened another tab with Ms. Dunham’s drivelings, and played them simultaneously. And you know what…. it kinda worked! You would have to edit out some of the ‘outside the bunker’ scenes of the other players in the movie, but at times it almost looked like those viral ‘lip reading’ videos, with Hitler talking about “a guy who’se not out not signing the Lily Ledbetter Act”, blah blah blah. It could be hilarious if I had the ability (or the software). Any one who wants a crack at it, you may consider the idea public domain. And, oh PLEASE do!

  • deltamary

    Am I too old or what? Did not understand any of this.