Quote Of The Day – The Families Of Those Killed In Benghazi Might Disagree Edition

This is a tough time for a lot of people — millions of folks all across the Eastern Seaboard. But America is tougher, and we’re tougher because we pull together. We leave nobody behind. We make sure that we respond as a nation and remind ourselves that whenever an American is in need, all of us stand together to make sure that we’re providing the help that’s necessary.

President Obama, speaking to the press at the Red Cross headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, talking about the response to Hurricane Sandy.

Picture Of The Day - Halloween Edition
Hurricane Sandy - Obama's last-ditch, all-night cram session for next week's final exam
  • Oysteria

    “…This happened because of all those videos put out demonizing hurricanes, and my administration strongly condemns these videos. We will find the person responsible and have him arrested for jaywalking or something.”

    • herddog505

      Hit the nail on the head!

  • jim_m

    He only cares because the states affected vote democratic. If it were Texas government disaster relief would wait until next Spring.

    • labar

      When Texas was suffering from the wild fires on top of the drought Obama didn’t lift a finger to provide any help to them did he? I don’t remember hearing anything about it if he did.

  • Olsoljer

    This ? needs to take all his followers/believers and walk them to the promised land. He can use his magic Executive Pen, part the waters of the Atlantic and head out anytime now.

  • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

    Why did Obama allow this hurricane to attack America?

    Obviously a failure of leadership.

    • Jwb10001

      It’s simple really, if he was truly non partisan he could have convinced Dick Cheney to turn off the hurricane machine.

    • LiberalNightmare

      The failure of leadership is obvious, but i thought the hurricane was from global warming?

    • retired.military


      Best comment you have had in a long time. LOL

      • Brian_R_Allen

        But he’s still not Mister Tea!

  • GarandFan

    When he was elected, weren’t the ‘seas to stop their rise’? So when is Eric Holder going to arrest Mother Nature?

    • …for treason! After all, she’s defying the stated will of O, the Great and Powerful!!

      • Ogrrre

        Well, I don’t know about treason, but Mother Nature is obviously a racist for not going along with the BlightBringer. Anyone who does not fall down and worship Ear Leader is a racist, you know.

    • Brian_R_Allen

      Talking of Holder let’s not lose sight of that gangster barsteward these next few days.

      Right now Holder’s gangsters are stacking Florida (at least, possibly other states, too?) with “observers” whose clear intent is the harassing of Republican voters and the suppression of their votes!

      There is no more skilled and experienced and accomplished gang of election thieves on Planet Earth than is America’s “Democratic” potty. None in even the tenth world – let alone the third – comes close.

      And, lest we forget — and back to Florida — in just one example of its bastardy, the Fascist-Media/DNC Gang turned away possibly 40,000 Western Florida voters in 2000 and cost President Bush at the very least 10,000 votes in its lead-up to the Gore Gang’s attempt to steal that year’s presidential erection.

  • retired.military

    Actually the hurricane was Bush’s fault. I mean everything else is.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    …. Whenever an American wants the product of the lives energies of other, better Men, I’ll call that “social justice” and every one of my homies .. um … “administration” will stand over and shake down together to make sure that we’re help the necessary voters and vote counters .. um … needy ….

    Barry having a flash-back to the point in his massive hoax .. um … “career” at which he at last beat off Missus Cli’ton, John Julia Stimson Thorne Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira Heinz Lurch Kohn-Kerry and Al-Fredo Gore-leone and, as a street-agitator/”community organizer,” was, for a record fifteenth time presented the prize for the Peter Principle’s Perfect Poster Person!