We’re Going To Need A Bigger Tank

MSNBC is now so deep into the tank for Obama that they are going to need a bigger one.  I previously poked fun at the Obama campaign for changing their slogan from FORWARD to FORWARD!  I saw this MSNBC ad last night and found the online version today.  Apparently the new slogan for MSNBC is LEAN FORWARD. I’m not going to link to their site–a link from Wizbang would no doubt double their traffic–but here’s the image.  Look familiar?

At some point there has to be some campaign finance violation when a media outlet become indistinguishable from a campaign website.


I guess all that is left is to wonder why they haven’t changed the slogan to LEAN FORWARD!

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  • jim_m

    MSNBC has had the Lean Forward slogan since April 2011. This isn’t new, but obama’s adoption of their slogan is. This should lay to rest any doubt that MSNBC is a subsidiary of the obama campaign.

    • Evil Otto

      Or maybe vice versa.

  • RichFader

    MSNBC. Bend Forward.

  • GarandFan

    The full slogan is: Lean Forward, Bend Over!

  • ackwired

    MSNBC and Fox News…always fun!

  • retired.military

    Your forget to get the back of the sign.


  • What happens if obama loses? What are the lame stream stars going to say when all the truth comes pouring out, investigations are revealed as well as affiliations, complicity, no executive privilege? To a great many of us, they have no credibility now, what happens when the general public has committee hearings to watch, legal proceedings holding the current admin up to charges – and the real truth comes out?

    • What are the lame stream stars going to say

      “America is RAAAAACIST!!!”

      • Well I wasn’t racist but it is a temptation these days, however I don’t like the white half breed of Obama, either so that makes it even, nor do I like his dog that costs the taxpayers $110,000.00/year or the American hater spendaholic lying wife of his. I guess she’s a she? She-devil.

  • Par4Course

    Lean forward … and grab your ankles.