Mugshots of the Week: 11/03/12

Once again, to lighten the mood, here are the Mugshots of the Week.

Cynthia Neff

Albemarle County, Virginia news site The Daily Progress reports the following:

Local Democratic Party activist Cynthia Neff made a return trip to the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail, this time as the accused.

Authorities over the weekend charged Neff with driving under the influence after an officer spotted her BMW sedan moving erratically along Seminole Trail, police said Monday. She smelled of alcohol, failed a sobriety test and was arrested in the 3600 block of Pritchett Lane, said Albemarle County police spokeswoman Carter Johnson.

The officer pulled Neff over early Sunday a block from her home in the 3700 block of Pritchett. She used the home earlier this month to secure a $50,000 bond to bail Albemarle County Supervisor Christopher J. Dumler from the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail on a forcible sodomy charge. (Quote Source)

What the markings around Neff’s right eye mean is anyone’s guess. She isn’t known as a gang member.  She is only known as a Democratic Party activist.  The difference between the two is . . . err . . . Never mind.

Shay Forest McClintock

Klamath Falls, Oregon news site Herald and News reports the following:

A Klamath Falls man was arrested Thursday morning on assault charges after an altercation in which he allegedly cut one of his roommates with a sword.

Shay Forest McClintock, 19, is charged with second-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon. (Quote Source)

Apparently, McClintock was able to maintain a straight face during his arrest.  How anyone else did is a mystery.  His hair is a violation of the laws of nature. Fortunately for the Klamath Falls police, they don’t enforce those laws.


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  • jim_m

    She isn’t known as a gang member. She is only known as a Democratic Party activist. The difference between the two is . . . err . . . Never mind.

    The ancient Greeks would have referred to “democrat criminal” as a pleonasm.

    Pleonasm (from Greek, pleon: more, too much) is the use of more words or word-parts than is necessary for clear expression: examples are black darkness, or burning fire.

  • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

    Tattoos on the face are a violation of the laws of good taste.

    I looked Neff up – she didn’t have a tat two years ago when she ran for office.

    I suspect the onset of dementia or other mental illness.


    • GreatWhiteRat

      “I suspect the onset of dementia or other mental illness.”

      Well, duh. One could conclude that from the description of her as a “Democratic Party activist.”

    • Jay McHue

      Could have been covered up by make-up. I suspect they are remnants of the ’60s.

    • Jay McHue

      Could have been covered up by make-up. I suspect they are remnants of the ’60s.

      • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

        C’mon, tattoos on the face (and on females) were just about nonexistent in the 1960s.

        They were a lower class thing back then, except for eagle, globe and anchor, crossed anchors, paratrooper wings, etc. on the biceps of men.

  • macofromoc

    That’s the only tattoo that’s showing. Just try and picture where else she has tats and piercings. Have a nice day!

  • 914

    So that’s what’s become of Bob Armstrong.

  • Paul Hooson

    Face tattoos are always a good career move. They sure hurt your employment potential unless you’re independently wealthy(including a well to do criminal). If you’re just small time, it’s a road to poverty.

    I have a wild long braided biker beard. You have to own your own business to wear something like that, otherwise a 57 year old guy looking for work that looks like a gang member is a hard sell for most employers. A good biker needs a suitable beard to prove he’s for real. Plenty of road handshakes for me on my chopper.

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  • sblake7

    Halloween makeup?