Mugshots of the Week: 11/10/12

Here are the Mugshots of the Week for the week ending 11/10/12:

Christie Prody

According to a story published by TMZ, O.J. Simpson’s ex-girlfriend Christie Prody was arrested in  Fargo, North Dakota for trying to steal another woman’s purse.  Last April, Prody was arrested for stealing pain killers from a home where she worked as a nurse’s aid.

[Insert O.J. Simpson joke here.]

Sean Maas

Meanwhile, is reporting that Wilmington, DE chiropractor Sean Mass was arrested for being a peeping tom, as well as for burglary and theft of a woman’s lingerie.

[Enter peeping tom joke here.]



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  • TomInCali

    What’s the point of this series of posts? You find sad, unfortunate people caught with goofy expressions in their mug shots, and then you make fun of them? At least write your own peeping Tom joke.