Foodstamps Surge to All Time High, Biggest One Month Growth Ever Recorded

The Obama administration has finally released its report on the number of Americans on foodstamps. This report was released nine days past its traditional release date and just coincidentally days after the election. Shockingly, those numbers show that Americans on foodstamps is at an all time high. Worse the report shows the highest one month jump ever.

You may recall that just before the election, the Obama administration announced that Hurricane Sandy was going to delay the release of October’s jobless numbers. Many watchers of politics were suspicious about the possible delay in the release of October’s unemployment figures since the proper release date was to come just before the presidential election. While the unemployment report was ultimately released on schedule and before the election, now we find out about another report, the foostamp report, delayed for nine days after its traditional release date. This report was also supposed to have been released before the election.

This report is devastating, so maybe we now know why it was delayed?

Tyler Durden brings us the bad news that the data shows a never before seen 47.1 million Americans on foodstamps. This is an all time high, sadly.

But there is an even worse metric in this data. The monthly increase of 420,947 recipients for July was the highest monthly increase ever recorded for one year.

Foodstamps at the household level also soared to an all time high of 22.685 million.

Durden also finds another nugget of info in this data.

Finally, going back to the start of the official start of the depression in December 2007. In the 57 months from then until August 2012, there have been 4.6 million jobs lost even as Americans on foodstamps and disability have risen by 21.2 million.

So, this is the great economic success upon which Obama and Biden built their re-election campaign? And why was this data kept secret until after the election?

Why was this data kept from the American people?

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  • 914

    “Foodstamps Surge to All Time High, Biggest One Month Growth Ever Recorded”

    Going where no man has gone before! Barack Hussein Obama ummm ummm ummm..

    • The_Queen_of_France

      Barack Hussein Obama…nom nom nom 😉

      • RichFader

        That’s what Chris Christie said.

  • 914

    I predict this record will fall in one month as soon as the tax hikes kick in and ObamaScare become’s unlawfully enacted…

  • Hank_M

    To democrats, the “surge” in food stamp use is not something to be concerned about. It’s to brag about.

    Here in Ma, and again my apologies for what we send to the Senate,
    they’re delighted to see it rise.

    The Ma DTA (Dept or Transitional Assistance) writes:

    “For three years in a row (2000, 2001 and 2002), Massachusetts ranked last in the
    nation with a dismal participation rate of about 40 percent.
    That was then. This is now, and things have changed significantly. The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) rose to the challenge and worked diligently to reverse the trend…..The efforts paid off! Today, Massachusetts leads
    the nation in improved in Food Stamp participation.”

    I imagine it’s the same to the dems on a national level.

    We truly are screwed.

    • Leading the nation in food stamp participation…
      Wow. That’s sure something to be proud of… I guess.

      • herddog505

        Massachusetts: Come for the History. Stay for the Handouts.

        George III must be kicking himself about now. Had he only arranged to give away some of the tea (Tea for Families with Dependent Children?), John Hancock et al would be remembered as villains and we, their descendents, would celebrate the Queen’s Birthday instead of Independence Day.

        Hey, it’s not like liberals even LIKE the Constitution…

        • JWH

          we, their descendents, would celebrate the Queen’s Birthday instead of Independence Day.

          Compared to our currently gridlocked system, the English Parliament has its charms.

      • 914

        Now I see why Michelle was finally proud of this Country. More starving struggling people means more food for Her.

        • That’s not nice.

          It’s funny, though!

    • 914

      Keep the serfs groveling for a morsel and dependent on their democrat D.C. plantation taskmasters.. Pretty much a monarchy at this point.

      • jim_m

        Hey, just think what Stalin could have done in the Ukraine if he had had a food stamp program.

    • jim_m

      Any news on that Sense of the Senate resolution recognizing Warren as the first Native American Senator? I wish someone would introduce that one.

  • Vagabond661

    Devasting, yes.But the only people this surprises is the useful idiots of the Democrat Party.

  • herddog505

    This sort of thing MAY explain why the GOP lost.

    To conservatives, more people on food stamps is a bad thing. First of all, it indicates an economy in trouble. Second, it is a clear case of the government transferring money from some people to others, which anathema to the conservative philosophy. To people who believe in self-reliance, there’s at least a suspicion that welfare recipients are dead beats.

    Naturally, these people do not like to be considered dead beats; they are told that they NEED this help, that there’s no shame in it, that it’s their right. Well, who do you think they’ll vote for: the people who give them money and tell them that it’s all OK, or the people who (in principle, at least) want to take the money away from them and attack their character into the bargain?

    Ace at AoSHQ writes:

    Because the economy is so weak, and people are so miserable and just holding on to their fingernails, the Catastrophic President becomes the only lifeline available to many. They wind up caring less about the economy as a general matter, because their survival instincts are just to keep themselves sheltered and fed. They are looking at the current moment, scared as hell of the next.

    Economic malaise isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. democrat electoral success depends on the existence of a permanent underclass: ignorant, lazy wards of the state who believe from infancy that getting a check from Uncle Sugar is not only their right, but is just as normal, as HONORABLE, as working for a living.

    • TomInCali

      Nice theory. Republican policies push people off an economic cliff, and then you deride those who are handing them parachutes. Try running on that in 2014.

      • herddog505

        Parachute, eh?

        Where, pray, do those “parachutes” come from?

        But I agree: it’s hard to run on a platform of “Vote for me and I’ll take sh*t away from you!” MUCH easier to run on “Vote for me and I’ll take what he has and give it to you because he doesn’t deserve it but you do!”

    • Commander_Chico

      I’ve said it before: because of the lack of high value-added jobs for dumb people in America, jobs which have all gone to Indonesia, Mexico or Bangladesh (or Malaysia, which I saw is full of factories), there will have to be subsidies for the hoi polloi.

      Per capita GDP is still going up, albeit slowly (about 2% – like the EU and Brazil). I’m making a shitload. Some of the people I went to elementary school with, not so much.

      • Vagabond661

        If their industries weren’t so regulated, if the unions didn’t have such a chokehold, if Obamatax was a just a Democrats wet dream instead of a reality, if eviromentalist wackos didn’t exist, maybe they could turn a profit here in the land of used to be free.

        • Commander_Chico

          Sure, if they only had to pay 5 – 25 cents on the dollar, the way they do in these other countries, and socialize their waste problem by polluting freely, it might work. But that might have other costs, in killing demand and clean-up costs.

          Probably cheaper to pay some food stamps.

          • Vagabond661

            Yeah since we have become the land of the me.

          • Commander_Chico

            Every country has been the land of the me, and it will ever be so.

            The land of the “we” is scarier. Read Evgeny Zamyatin’s We.

          • Vagabond661

            Watering down the argument by saying everyone is doing it? pffft.
            We have become the land of me. Facebook proves it. Reality shows proves it. Doing the right thing has been replaced by doing the popular thing.

          • Commander_Chico

            Which country hasn’t been the land of me?

          • Vagabond661

            who cares? this is the country we live in. this is the one i care about.

          • Commander_Chico

            “Me” is freedom, “we” is fascism and communism.

          • Vagabond661

            you make no sense. “We the People” is not fascism and communism. “mein kampf” is.

  • GarandFan

    “…the data shows a never before seen 47.1 million Americans on foodstamps. This is an all time high, sadly.”

    No, sadly, under the current policies of Dear Leader, those numbers will continue to rise.

  • retired.military

    Dont you know they are trying to create more jobs.

  • Paul Hooson

    I still own a grocery store that I’m leasing to new managers, and I welcome the Food Stamp Program(actually the SNAP Program is what it is named). But, you cannot use SNAP to pay for some energy drinks, vitamins, variety items, nonfood items, beer,cigarettes, pharmacy goods or prepared foods, etc. However, there are a small number of SNAP cash cards that can be used for any purchase, which I think is rather unfortunate and should be changed into the normal SNAP rules. Unfortunately, I did see many people use SNAP for groceries, but then have cash to buy cigarettes or beer. I didn’t like that much. One conservative minister, Dr. D. James Kennedy once claimed that whatever government subsidizes, it tends to get more of. And sometimes that seems true of poverty as well, although I still support the overall intent of SNAP which is actually good for the economy by boosting spending on one hand, and helping hungry people get food on the other hand.