NY Times Dismissing Palestinian Rocket Attacks on Israel?

In a classic example of the media accepting the terrorist’s ideas that Israel is the bad actor in the Middle East, The New York Times had an interesting way to describe the more than 150 rockets that Palestinians have launched on Israeli civilians over the last week or so. The Times wrote that those attacks were “called rocket attacks” by Israel as if the Israeli’s were simply making unsubstantiated claims about the attacks.

They were “called rocket attacks” New York Times? No, they were rocket attacks, they weren’t just “called” rocket attacks. That these rocket attacks happened is not a claim but a fact.

It was in the third paragraph of its November 15 piece that the Times used the deprecating language saying, “The ferocity of the airstrikes, which Israel called Operation “Pillar of Defense” in response to what Israel called repeated rocket attacks by Gaza-based Palestinian militants, provoked rage in Gaza, where Hamas said…” (My bold for emphasis)

But, it gets worse. After being scolded for this rhetoric down in the comments section, the Times suddenly changed the whole paragraph and did so without bothering to inform readers that they’d made the change.

It now reads: (My bold)

The ferocity of the airstrikes, which Israel called Operation “Pillar of Defense” in response to repeated rocket attacks by Gaza-based Palestinian militants, provoked rage in Gaza, where Hamas said the airstrikes amounted to war and promised a harsh response. Civil-defense authorities in Israel raised alert levels and told residents to take precautions for rocket retaliation from Gaza.

Of course, there is another thing that must be noted. The premise of this story in its first important opening paragraphs is that it was Israel that “launched one of the most ferocious assaults on Gaza.” It is as if the Israelis just woke up one day this week and decided to start bombing neighbors for no reason. But the truth is that Israel has been under a renewed attack by Palestinian rockets.

The Hamas-sponsored attacks Israel has sustained without reply for some time was buried in the story and initially scoffed at as the Times characterized the attacks as something Israel was only claiming had occurred.

That isn’t the only place in the story where The New York Times sides with the terrorists by accepting their terms of the debate. In the fifth paragraph we see this bit of doggerel: (again my bold)

The abrupt escalation in hostilities between Israel and Hamas, the militant organization regarded by Israel as a terrorist group sworn to Israel’s destruction, came amid rising tensions between Israel and all of its Arab neighbors.

What? Only Israel “regards” Hamas as a terrorist group dedicated to the destruction of Israel? Uh, no, New York Times, Israel isn’t the only one that “regards” Hamas as dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Hamas also regards themselves this way.

Even the U.S. government has declared Hamas as a terror organization.

This article is a perfect example of how The New York Times sides with terrorists and those wishing genocide on Israel by accepting all their terms of debate and couching all reporting as if the terrorists are the ones on the right side of the issue at the outset.


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  • http://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/ Joseph G Figliola

    It would not serve Dear Leader to print his foreign policy is a disaster.

  • jim_m

    It is clear that the left has given up entirely on accepting that actual facts reflect reality. Communism works and has never failed. There are enough rich people that we can tax just them and get out of our fiscal crisis without cutting spending. There is no need for a federal budget.

    The best is Benghazi, where the government both did and did not blame it on the video and it both did and did not claim it was terrorism and the media sees no problem in accepting whichever circumstance the administration claims at any given moment.

    The FBI was investigating Petraeus for months yet the Director of the FBI never once mentioned to the President in his daily briefings that an investigation of a cabinet member was going on.

    More proof that for the left truth has nothing to do with fact. Truth is what advances the agenda.

    • Hank_M

      I couldn’t agree more.

      And somewhat related to Warners piece, exit polls show that 70% of the Jewish vote went to Obama and they generally vote democrat in huge numbers.
      And yet, as Warner alludes to above, and recent history shows, the left usually sides with the enemies of the Jewish people.

  • herddog505

    As far as the left, epitomized by the NYT, is concerned, this is a, “Meh. Jews are getting killed. Big deal” moment.

  • http://www.shockandblog.com/ Jay McHue

    I really, really enjoy the New York Times…

    …as toilet paper.

  • Carl

    Another “where’s the beef?” post from WTH. Yawn…

  • 914

    That’s ok.. I’ve dismissed the New York’s slime’s as the ass wipe it is long ago.

  • Plinytherecent

    I would further amend the second version of the NYT story: where NYT wrote “Israel raised alert levels and told residents to take precautions for rocket retaliation from Gaza” I would have put it ‘Israel raised alert levels and told residents to take precautions for continued rocket attacks from Gaza that may increase in intensity’. Seems a bit more accurate to me.