Assoc. Press Delegitimizing Israel’s Capital City/BBC Blaming the Victims

-By Warner Todd Huston

Once again we see the Old Media using subtle rhetoric in an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of Israel, this time it’s the Associated Press playing the trick.

In a November 16 story about Palestinian rockets being launched into Israel’s civilian population, the AP decided to try and cajole readers into feeling that Israel’s capital isn’t really Israel’s legitimate capital.

This is how the AP described Jerusalem: (my bold)

An attack on Israel’s self-declared capital marks a major escalation by Gaza militants, both for its symbolism and its distance from the Palestinian territory. Located roughly 75 kilometers (50 miles) away from the Gaza border, Jerusalem had been thought to be beyond the range of Gaza rocket squads.

What is this “self-declared” business, AP? Are you trying to say that Jerusalem isn’t really or legitimately Israel’s capital? Of course you are.

AP even made a pair of tweets late in the morning to flog this story, the second of which read:

The Associated Press @AP
Air raid sirens in Jerusalem signal a possible rocket attack aimed at Israel’s self-declared capital: -KH (correction)

Why is that Tweet a “correction”? Because about an hour earlier AP made a “mistake” by posting the following:

The Associated Press @AP
Air raid sirens wail in Jerusalem, signaling a possible rocket attack aimed at Israel’s capital: -KH

Ooops, they forgot the “self-proclaimed” part, eh?

But, think about this logically for a second, won’t you? Exactly which capital in exactly which country isn’t a “self-proclaimed capital”? I mean, isn’t that how life works? You start a country and declare which of your great cities will be your capital? What country allows foreign interests to determine what their capital will be? Of course Jerusalem is Israel’s “self-proclaimed capital” just as Washington DC is America’s self-proclaimed capital and Paris is France’s self-proclaimed capital!

The point I am making is that the AP’s use of “self-proclaimed capital” to describe Jerusalem is both unnecessary logically — everyone’s capital is self-proclaimed, it is a given — and an attempt to make readers discount the legitimacy of the place — “Oh, those nasty Jews only say it is their capital,” readers are supposed to think.

It is a perfect example of the anti-Jewish bias in the liberal Old Media.

The BBC got into the hating on the Jews game today, too, essentially saying that the Terrorists Are as Bad as the Victims.

Once again it’s moral equivalence day at the BBC. To celebrate, the BBC took to Twitter to let the world know that it thinks that there is no difference between terrorists and victims.

If you are unaware of what is going on in Israel lately, Hamas and the Palestinians have been launching rockets into the Jewish State killing women and children in a renewed and sustained attack. Today, the Israeli government and her Defense Force (IDF) have at last had enough. The IDF even took to Twitter to warn the Palestinians that retaliation is immanent.

Israel launched a few rockets of her own this week and has made threats that it is considering using ground forces to stop the constant barrage of rockets steaming into its territory, killing innocents.

So, how did the BBC turn this unprovoked attack on Israel by terrorists and a corresponding announcement of defensive action into an exercise in blame-the-victims?

Check out the BBC’s Tweet.

[email protected] bans “threats of violence”, but will it stop tweets by Hamas’s @AlqassamBrigade & Israel’s @IDFSpokesperson?

Note that BBC wants Twitter to stop the Tweets of both Hamas and the IDF as if they both share exactly the same guilt.

This is nothing less than the BBC siding with the Palestinian terrorists and saying their victims in Israel are just as bad.


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  • blogagog

    I live in Louisiana, right near our self-proclaimed capital, Baton Rouge.

  • Brucehenry

    The use of the term “self-proclaimed capitol” is probably shorthand for the fact that no country has its embassy in Jerusalem. All the embassies are in Tel Aviv, as they have been since 1948. If the US was in a border dispute with Canada, and proclaimed its capitol was in Ottawa, no other country would recognize it, and the press would refer to Ottawa as the “self-proclaimed” capitol of the US.

    This is a minor thing. Stop getting all butthurt about EVERYTHING. It makes you look silly and small.

    A couple of corrections: it’s “imminent,” not “immanent.”

    And two, you may not consider a years-long blockade of your territory a provocation, but Hamas does, and so to refer to the attacks as “unprovoked” is specious. One can certainly make the case that the attacks are unjustified and wrong, and deserving of Israeli retaliation, but not “unprovoked.”

    • 914

      Since the U.S. recognizes Hamas for what they are ‘terrorists’. There is no ‘territory’ that belongs to Hamas terrorists period.

    • jim_m

      I disagree.

      A capitol is where the legislature meets. The Knesset meets in Jerusalem.

      A Capital is where the seat of government is. The seat of government in Israel is in Jerusalem.

      You will not find any definition of either word that indicates that where foreign countries keep their embassies has any impact on where the capital or capitol is.

      The only (AND I mean only) reason to dispute the location of he capital is a desire to deligitimize the nation of Israel and the only reason for that is antisemitism .

      I also find it evidence of antisemitism that the blockade of Gaza is only ever an issue on the Israeli side, The Egyptians keep their border closed to Gaza as well. Somehow THAT is never a problem.

      • Brucehenry

        Is that why the US government has never recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol?

        Anyway, I’m not saying the AP was being accurate when it used the phrase “self-proclaimed.” I’m just saying it’s probably shorthand for the fact I referred to, and no reason to imply anti-Semitism to AP and the rest of the press.

        • jim_m


          • Brucehenry

            So US policy was anti-Semitic under the Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and both Bush administrations?

          • jim_m

            Whether you want to move your embassy there in recognition of it is a political decision, but I would say that the refusal to recognize this fact is largely due to antisemitism.

            However, from the standpoint of honest definitions, Jerusalem is the capital. For a press agency to deny this fact is improper. Jerusalem is the functional capital of Israel. Recognition by foreign governments does not enter into it..

          • Brucehenry

            There was no denial. It was shorthand, to recognize the fact that there IS a dispute about who “owns” Jerusalem. There is only so much space in a news report. I agree that it was an extraneous tidbit that could have been left out, but I’m not an editor at AP, and neither is Warner.

            But thanks for your tacit agreement that Reagan was as much an anti-Semite as Obama.

          • jim_m

            No. I am saying that our policy is antisemitic. I actually believe that obama is an out and out antisemite based on his sitting in front of rev wright spewing anti Jewish hate for 20 years. There is a difference between the personal views and the actions of an administration. In obama’s case I would say that they are pretty congruent in this area.

          • Brucehenry

            If both presidents pursued antisemitic policies, does it matter whether they were sincere or incidental antisemites? Lol.

            Anyway, we digress. My only point was that this is not some “lifting of the scales from our eyes” moment, just a shorthand reference to an ongoing dispute over whether or not Jerusalem should be Israel’s capitol. There are many Israelis who would be happy to have the legislature convene in Tel Aviv, as it used to do before 1967, if it would lessen tensions.

          • jim_m

            That may be true about Tel Aviv. But I think it silly to pretend that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel. The games played by diplomats are just that, games. They do not necessarily reflect reality. In fact, it is those games that so often lead us into bigger problems than we would otherwise have faced.

          • Brucehenry

            Again, beside the point I was making.

      • Commander_Chico

        As a matter of international law, Jerusalem was supposed to be an international zone under the 1947 UN mandate which established Israel. Under subseqent UN Security council resolutions, the status of Jerusalem is supposed to be settled in negotiations. That is why no major country, including the US, has its embassy in Jerusalem.

    • jim_m

      A couple of corrections

      I find that Firefox spell checks within the browser while explorer doesn’t.

  • Commander_Chico