Lindsey Stone And Jamie Schuh Apologize For Infamous Facebook Photo

Lindsey Stone and Jamie Schuh (Facebook)

As a follow-up to yesterday’s viral post on Lindsey Stone (we lost count after the first few thousand like and links), today Stone and Jamie Schuh issued an apology that was published in The Boston Herald:

We sincerely apologize for all the pain we have caused by posting the picture we took in Washington DC on Facebook. While posted on a public forum, the picture was intended only for our own amusement. We never meant any disrespect to any of the people nationwide who have served this country and defended our freedom so valiantly. It was meant merely as a visual pun, intending to depict the exact opposite of what the sign said, and had absolutely nothing to do with the location it was taken or the people represented there. We never meant to cause any harm or disrespect to anyone, particularly our men and women in uniform. We realize it was in incredibly poor taste, and are deeply sorry for the offense we have caused.

We also sincerely apologize to LIFE, Inc. It is an amazing organization that provides invaluable services to adults with learning and developmental disabilities. We are beyond remorseful that our actions have caused them such undue public scrutiny. The disrespect implied by our picture has nothing at all to do with LIFE’s mission statement or values. We regret having caused any suffering to the staff members, residents, families and friends.

Again, we very sincerely apologize to everyone who took offense to the photo. We realize that it was an ignorant and distateful thing for us to do, but we truly meant no harm. We are deeply sorry.

In case you missed it the yesterday, here is photo that got the two women in trouble. It was taken on a work trip in October by Schuh who is a Director at LIFE.

Update: The two women are now unemployed.

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  • Commander_Chico

    Yeah, there were a lot of blow-ins and nutballs commenting on that piece.

    The Perpetually Indignant.

    I’m not too keen on mustering a digital lynch mob over a moment of bad-taste goofiness.

    Good luck Lindsey. As a veteran, I extend my wish this does not haunt you for the rest of your life. Te absolvo.

    • Oldflyer

      Chico, your response is exactly what I would expect.

      Veteran? Of what pray tell.

    • Olsoljer

      How magnanimous of you to absolve her of being a dumb ass.
      Lindsey = douche bag
      Chico = douche bag nozzle

  • Douglas H. Book

    So who the hell is Lindsey Stone? Is this a celebrity, or just a nobody til putting her total lack of intelligence on display? Hope she and Butchie are happy.

    • Kathe

      She is a nobody with bad taste and no common sense. And to think she is teaching.

  • herddog505

    [W]e very sincerely apologize to everyone who took offense to the photo. We realize that it was an ignorant and distateful thing for us to do, but we truly meant no harm. We are deeply sorry.

    Good enough. Go forth and sin no more.

    • Mallet Head

      Not good enough. An apology along the lines of “We apologize for the insult we have given,” is better. It’s direct, and takes unequivocal responsibility. Apologizing to those who took offense is not the same as apologizing for the offense. Ya, sorry YOU were offended, we weren’t, but ya know we’re deeply sorry we got called on it.

      • herddog505

        I see your point, but I think that apologizing to “those who were offended” is a common construction these days. We can thank our mealy-mouthed political class for that. It would be better for her to perhaps do a little penance in the form of volunteer work at a military cemetary or with a veterans group. Not only is this a bit more solid than an apology, but she MIGHT actually learn something from it.

        • Apologize on video at a VFW or Wounded Warrior Event or a DAV event or even a Grievance event of wives and widow’s for Afghan operaitons then and ONLY then will I even consider her truthful! currently she and her friend are just another set of socialist taught communists who believe Lying and trying to kiss ass to escape persecution rightfully deserved! Strip he License to Teach and make her Go to a VA hospital for a Psychiatric evaluation and server Community service there for 1000 hours with DISABLED FRONT LINE VETERANS defending her rights and re-evaluate her stance on Arlington!

  • by Mistress Carrie

    Over the last few days, many people have asked me what I thought about “the
    girl from Plymouth”. You know, the one yelling and flipping off the
    camera at Arlington National Cemetery, in front of the sign that says
    Silence and Respect. Lindsey Stone is her name and if you didn’t know it
    before, after the news tonight, you will. This story has taken on a
    life of it’s own, and it’s only getting worse for Lindsey. Her and her
    co-worker, who were on a business trip last month in DC, when they
    visited Arlington and took the photo, are now both on unpaid leave from
    their jobs. The organization Living Independantly Forever, had to
    release a statement on their Facebook page condemning the photo, and
    stating that their employees actions do not reflect the company, or
    their stance on Veterans etc. There is even a page on Facebook, asking
    for their firing, and it has over 10,000 “likes” already.

    So, how do I feel about it? Well, up until she posted the photo on her
    Facebook page, and all hell broke loose, I think Lindsey Stone was one
    of the luckiest people on the planet.

    First, she is a woman, born in the U.S.A.., which the odds are against
    in the grand scheme of things. She could have been born in Afghanistan,
    China, or in the Congo, where she would have led a very different life.
    She could have been born in N. Korea, or Iran where I’m sure they do not
    look kindly at disrespecting their war heroes. Here in the U.S.A..,
    what she did isn’t a crime, it’s protected by the First Amendment.

    Second, in one of the most tragic economies America has ever seen,
    Lindsey is employed, at what looks like an amazing organization, that is
    really helping people and changing the world for the better. How many
    of us can say that about where we work?

    And finally Lindsey, judging by her actions alone, has made it through
    life without knowing anyone in uniform. That has to be the case right? I
    mean, how could she have family who has served in previous wars and do
    what she did? Or, how could she know someone now that is currently
    serving, after 10+ years of war and terror, and make the trip to
    Arlington and do what she did?

    She’s never had to say goodbye, or cry herself to sleep worrying. She’s
    never packed a care package, or written a love letter to someone far
    away. She’s never had to pray for a Skype call, or be afraid of the
    doorbell in the middle of the night. She’s never had to see someone she
    loves go and look evil in the eye, only to come home a different person.

    And most importantly, she’s never attended a funeral, where a flag is
    given to a crying widow, or mother “On behalf of a grateful nation”.

    She doesn’t know anyone buried at Arlington, except for the few that
    she learned about in school like JFK. She probably doesn’t even know
    what Section 60 is.

    How lucky for her!

    She’s part of the 99% that don’t have someone they love, in harms way.
    How amazing for her. Up until a month ago, Lindsey Stone was living the
    American dream. The dream where Memorial Day and Veterans Day means long
    weekends off for BBQing, beer drinking, and good deals on new cars. Up
    until a month ago, Lindsey Stone wasn’t afraid. Now, as the hours go
    by, she learns more and more that her “innocent” joke, wasn’t a joke at
    all. Somehow, she made it through the gates at Arlington, and wasn’t
    overcome with the sadness and loss that everyone else feels. But, now
    she feels sadness and loss… and regret too I bet.

    When I first saw that photo, I thought it was a photo shopped joke, or a
    cruel prank. I even gave her the benefit of the doubt that she could be
    the victim in all of this. That someone took her picture and put it in
    front of that sign, to try and make her look bad. Obviously, that is not
    the case. This photo will follow her for the rest of her life. Every
    time she applies for a job, or applies for a loan it will come up. When
    her kids Google their Mom, that will be the first picture they see. Her
    name will be remembered, and she’ll be treated differently by anyone who
    remembers… forever.

    She released a statement on Facebook saying that it was a joke, and
    that they were just acting like “douchebags”…and that they meant no
    disrespect. Lindsey, you’re right… you were acting like douchebags.
    You came up with the idea for the picture, you took the picture, and
    then you posted the picture online, and at no time did you think for a
    second… THIS ISN’T A GOOD IDEA!?! How comfy that little bubble that
    you live in must be!

    Do I think that Lindsey Stone is the most evil person in the world? No!
    I am confident that there are people way more evil than she is.
    Arlington is filled with the bodes of those who died fighting that evil.

    Do I think she is one of the dumbest? Yes, she probably is.

    Like I said, up until she posted that picture, Lindsey Stone was one of the luckiest people on the planet…

    Found this and it is right on the money –

    No I did not write it but did want to share it.

    • Oldflyer

      Great post.
      Touches the issue beautifully. It would never even enter the mind of anyone who was ever tuned into what service, sacrifice, pain, or grief are about to do what she did..

      So, she has now apologized. She didn’t mean any disrespect, she says. I presume that means that without a clue she goes around making rude gestures for the camera at every solemn venue she encounters.

      I applaud her organization’s action in response. I hope they do not cave, but I am not holding my breath in this environment.

    • pennaitor

      Scary post!

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  • Can someone tell me please why they didn’t just go make their own signs with the sayings the were mocking and do the photographs in their own homes?

    • Because she is lazy and impulsive ( in addition to being disrespectful, unappreciative and plainly idiotic)

      She’sfluent in photography and illustration based on her extensive web presence there are numerous sites cross linking her self generated images of her childhood to the moment she went into hiding.
      To her, this stupidly unpatriotic behavior is just another day in her mundane life and it is obvious by her disingenuous apology that misses the point.
      This girl and her idiotic friends and family are in bad need of some good advice to stop commenting, remove the pages of themselves (all of them look like Peter Griffin, even the girls) and just stop answering the phone.
      The fact they’re still stoking the flames would hint they’re enjoying the attention !
      Morons, and who cares if I or anyone else defames them ?
      Sue me, I dare them, good luck finding a jury even in Tehran that would award them a libel / slander judgement.

  • Randy

    I’m retired Army, having served from 1964 to 2004 starting as a Scout
    and ending up a Chaplain Assistant. Knowing my service, I must confess I
    feel great distress for Lindsey. We all make mistakes and Lindsey
    made a huge mistake with her photo and posting it on
    Facebook. Those actions tell me that Lindsey really never thought that
    her actions would cause such an uproar. I served to protect her right
    to free speech and I support her freedom to do so. I must say to
    disrespect some of the people who died for you and your freedoms really
    was a little over the edge in these days when we have so many in the
    Military fighting and getting killed for those freedoms. Her actions
    and the public outrage suggest that she, and indeed all of us, should
    think thru our actions in the future before we do them. I hope she has
    learned a lesson from those who were vocal in their outrage, I’ve sure learned from them. I hope time helps her get over these actions by
    both her and the pubic.

    An Old Sergeant.

  • VeryAnnoyed

    They give the meaning to the saying — No counting for taste — These two are the poster children of what is happening to America! Morals, Values and Manners need to be brought back. Apologizes are only words but actions speak more!


  • Ladynurse97

    As soon as someone learns to ‘un-ring’ a bell, please pass that info on to Dumb & Dumber. 🙂

    Just because Facebook makes it feel like you’re getting free postage doesn’t mean you have to ‘mail out’ pictures of every stupid thing you do during the day!

    For those that are saying how ‘they have the right to do that because that’s what our soldiers fought for,’ well don’t overlook OUR right to be angry and demand an apology for their ‘very public’ act of disrespect. After all, if she wants to exorcise her right to free speech, she can go to a ‘free speech zone’ like the rest of us, the way our founders and the Constitution intended.

  • MadmaxUSA

    I accept her explanation and apology. Let’s move on. I am a veteran.

  • Guest

    If they meant no disrespect…. then why did they take the picture in the first place???? Not to mention, in their KARMA did well. What goes around comes around.

  • Jacquelyn

    If they meant no disrespect .. then why did they take the picture to begin with???? Not to mention in their ‘so called apology’, she states it was for ‘THEIR OWN AMUSEMENT’…… REALLY ????? Truly makes one wonder what else they find to amuse themselves. How can something so DISRESPECTFUL & DISTASTEFUL even be taken and claim it is for their own amusement… KARMA you did well!!!! No matter how young, old, active or retired veterans deserve respect 24/7!!!!!

  • yerbullshit

    If they were truely sorry for their actions, they should volunteer with charities that aid disabled vets, and perform some kind of community service that aids veterans. Otherwise, their apology isn’t worth the paper squat.

  • Kathe

    Never intended to be public and for their own PERSONAL AMUSEMENT? What a fucking douchbag. May they rot in hell!