NYTimes Rips Israel for Bombing Gaza Media Offices, Ignores 4 Terror Leaders Inside

The New York Times is full of outrage at the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) for its surgical bomb strikes launched against a few buildings in Gaza that held offices and studios of several international media outlets. But in its report the “paper of record” forgot to add one little fact: four highly placed terrorist leaders that were killed that day were also based in those same buildings.

The Grey Lady reported the bombings mostly from the Palestinian point of view, of course, giving Hamas leaders all the space they wanted to excoriate Israel for replying to a constant wave of rockets indiscriminately launched into its territory with surgical strikes aimed at specific terror assets.

In its November 18 article, The Times reported that Salama Marouf of the Hamas media office called the rocket hits “an immoral massacre against the media.”

The production studios hit were used by such international media outlets as Sky News, Fox News, CBS, the Saudi-owned Al Arabiya Channel, and Germany’s ARD TV as well as the Hamas propaganda machine.

The Times did note that the IDF took over a radio frequency used by Hamas propaganda broadcasts to warn Gaza residents to stay away from Hamas terror facilities because of the targeted strikes to come. The IDF promised to continue surgically targeting terror facilities and working to eliminate high-value terror operatives.

But The Times misled with its coverage of the bombing of the media offices in Gaza by leaving out key facts.

The first fact left out by The Times was that the western media had left the area a week ago, so the IDF didn’t target “the media” as The Times uncritically allowed the Hamas operative to claim.

Secondly, The New York Times somehow forgot to mention that the buildings that were hit also housed the base of four high profile terror leaders, all four of whom were killed in the strike.

Killed that day was Islamic Jihad senior commander Ramiz Harb. Also eliminated was Bahu al-Ata and Hallil Bahatini, two Islamic Jihad commanders who were in charge of the rocket barrage launched against Israel, and Taysir Jabari, a terror commander responsible for multiple attacks on Israel.

The fact that these terror leaders had made a base for themselves in the same buildings housing western media studios and offices should have been something that The New York Times might have criticized.

Instead these important facts were left out of the report.

The paper also added a list of several Palestinian children who were supposed to have been killed by Israeli bombs, but time and again western media has been stung by such false claims.

Last weekend, for instance, Palestinian propagandists and gullible western media outlets touted the death of 4-year-old Mahmoud Sadallah, supposedly killed by Israeli rockets. But it turns out that the child was actually killed by a Palestinian rocket launch that went awry falling on its own people instead of soaring into Israel killing Israeli women and children. Naturally, the truth was pushed to the back pages.

Also last week, CNN was caught using a faked video of a Palestinian “victim” that turned out to be just a Hamas propaganda effort featuring a Palestinian acting the part of a wounded man in order to fool western media outlets about what was going on in Gaza.

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  • Carl

    “The first fact left out by The Times was that the western media had left the area a week ago, so the IDF didn’t target “the media”as The Times uncritically allowed the Hamas operative to claim.”

    The media left a week earllier? That’s odd, what were all of the camera operators and editors doing there inside the building, sitting around getting their limbs blown off?

    AymanAmar, a spokesman for Al Quds television, said seven camera operators and editors were resting on couches in their 11th-floor offices in the Shawa and Hossari building in downtown Gaza City when a missile from an Israeli helicopter ripped through the roof at 1:30 a.m. All seven were injured, one losing a leg below the knee, Mr. Amar said, but they escaped before three more bombs dropped 10 minutes later.

    No, Todd, the media hadn’t left a week earlier. Why would you state such an

    Oh yeah, cause you’re biased.

    “Secondly, The New York Times somehow forgot to mention that the
    buildings that were hit also housed the base of four high profile terror
    leaders, all four of whom were killed in the strike.”

    Odd, you forgot to include a link so we can fact-check your “reporting”.

    So let’s start fact-checking with what we do have.

    In the NYT article an Israeli source is are quoted as follows:

    Israel’s vice prime minister, Moshe Ya’alon, who is in charge of strategic affairs, told reporters that the strike “didn’t intend to target journalists,” and that he had asked the military to investigate. “The attack helicopters were to hit Hamas military antenna — that was the target, not journalists.”

    So the Israeli Vice PM fails to mention a single word about the supposed “four high profile terror leaders” you say were killed.

    Why? Because there weren’t four high profile terror leaders killed in the hit.

    Gee, no wonder the NYT didn’t report it.

    It didn’t happen… which is why you can’t find a link supporting your bullshit.

    …it only happened “inside the bubble” where right wing sycophants make
    up facts and tell outright lies while falsely accusing real news
    reporters with faking the news.

    And look at what the Israeli PM does confirm — ““The attack helicopters were to hit Hamas military antenna — that was the target

    So the media was indeed the target, but they were going for the media facilities, not personnel.

    Total bullshit. Or provide the link to back it up Todd. We’re all watching and waiting… and NOT holding our breath.

    EDIT: Did some more fact checking. http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/article.php?p=146180

    In what the Shin Bet is calling one of the most successful intelligence-based operations since Operation Pillar of Defense began last week, four senior Islamic Jihad terrorists were hit during an airstrike on a high-rise building in Gaza City, Monday afternoon.

    It’s the second strike on the building in two days.</blockquote.

    Monday afternoon. The second strike in two days.

    The first strike was the one described by the NYT article.

    Todd wants you to believe that the strike mentioned in the NYT article also killed the four terror leaders == and faults the NYT for not reporting something that uhm — sorry Todd, it didn’t happen.

    Todd, Todd, Todd… shame on you. No wonder you didn’t provide a link. The links prove you’re lying.

  • Hugh_G

    This is too funny. I was about to post almost the same thing as Carl – not as much detail- but the quote from the vice prime minister.

    This is a typical disingenuous post from the alleged journalist/writer Huston. Snippets out of context. An absolutely false statement of the facts and a post title that is just a lie. Do you not think your bullshit lies aren’t going to be exposed?

    That this guy is allowed to write here or anywhere else for that matter is beyond belief.

    • Commander_Chico

      Of course he’s allowed, that’s his First Amendment right.

      But his Goebbels-style propagandizing in behalf of a foreign government is slightly nauseating. Have some dignity, Warner. You are an American.

      • Hugh_G

        You have a First Amendment right to write, but you don’t have any right to have it published by someone else.

      • jim_m

        Godwin violation. First sign of an anti semite: he characterizes Jews or defenders of Israel as Nazis.

  • 914

    Fair and balanced post.. Thank You!

  • GarandFan

    Gaza is not the place to ‘hang out’ with the movers and shakers while filing your overseas reports. Those ‘movers and shakers’ appear to be missile magnets.

    One would think that those intelligent enough to qualify as NYT’s “reporters” would know that co-habituating, as it were, with those conducting offensive military operations makes you a target as well.

    • herddog505

      “But… but… I’m a REPORTER! I’m a totally neutral, unbiased REPORTER! I’m a noncombatant, just here to tell the TRUTH! I don’t have a side in this thing. I’m a Citizen of the World! You’re not supposed to shoot at ME!”

  • Olsoljer

    Who gives a rats ass about those “journalists”? All they do is pump out BS in support of the terrorists, and should be classified as the ministry of propaganda and targeted anyway. Israel is not fighting a war for political correctness, they are fighting for their lives (unlike what we do in our military “actions”).