Duo Arrested For Stealing Neighbors Pet Turkey For Thanksgiving Meal

Only in Florida….

Gulf Breeze, Florida (PNJ) — Tom the turkey had lived happily on Brian and Christa Caponi’s 6-acre spread in Gulf Breeze for the past year along with their menagerie of cats, goats, a dog, chickens and roosters.

He was special among their 50 or so animals, Christa said.

“He was a family pet,” she said. “It was like having a normal family dog.”

But when her husband got up early Monday morning to feed the animals, the 30-pound Tom was missing.

He soon discovered a trail of blood and feathers and feared the worst.

Then, upon looking at a recording from a security camera on the property, he saw one man stealing Tom and another running along the fence line.

Monday, two Santa Rosa County men, one of them a neighbor, were charged with stealing the bird and using a bow and arrow to kill it.

Santa Rosa County sheriff’s deputies arrested Joshua W. Anderson, 19, and Jacob H. Provo, 18, who live near the Caponis. They are charged with armed burglary, armed trespassing, theft of livestock and animal cruelty.

They admitted that they planned to eat Tom for Thanksgiving and were on the way to butcher it when they were arrested.

They’re probably Obama voters who thought they’d be getting a free Obamaturkey this year…

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  • Carl

    Can’t figure out why this is posted at Wizbang. Did they have Obama bumper stickers on their car? Did the Turkey sign Grover Norquist’s tax pledge?

    • 914

      Because it is a Human interest story. Not everything has to be about your chump Hussein.

      • Guest

        That has nothing to do with Obama. What a dumb this place is.

        • 914


          “Did they have Obama bumper stickers on their car?”

          I see Obama in there? Sorry for your illiteracy..

      • jim_m

        Carl’s just PO’d because his friends got busted,

    • retired.military

      Carl are you trying to say that only Obama supporters are thieves.
      That only supporters of a black president are thieves?
      Your racist streak is showing.

      • Katja Yount

        He’s responding to the last line of the article:

        “They’re probably Obama voters who thought they’d be getting a free Obamaturkey this year…”

        Seriously. Scroll back up and look. It’s there.

    • Carl you should just STFU. You show your stupidity every time you post something here. Those are terrible people for stealing a family pet. I hope they get the Max sentence for what they did.

  • Reminds me of when my grandma had a pet chicken which she forbade my grandpa from killing and cooking. A few weeks later, they had chicken for supper…