Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher Kills Girlfriend Then Commits Suicide At Stadium

Tragic news today from Missouri. The Kansas City Star reports:

The argument apparently started about 1 a.m. Saturday, when Kasandra Perkins returned to her Kansas City home from the Trey Songz concert at The Midland and drinks afterward with friends.

Her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, lived with her and was mad that she’d stayed out so late, a friend of Perkins said.

The disagreement ended tragically about seven hours later, when Belcher killed Perkins by shooting her multiple times at the couple’s home, witnessed by his mother who was in from New York visiting the couple and their 3-month-old daughter.

Belcher then drove the few miles to Arrowhead Stadium, where, in a parking lot outside the team’s practice facility, he fatally shot himself as Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli, coach Romeo Crennel and other team personnel tried to stop him.

News of the deaths spread quickly and resonated around the nation. Expressions of sympathy poured in from current and former Chiefs, other National Football League players and teams, college football coaches and others.

According to a police spokesperson, before turning the gun on himself, Belcher thanked Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel for all they had done for him. Belcher was killed himself just as police were arriving.

As tragic as the whole story is, it’s especially bad for the two families and the baby girl who will grow-up without a mother and a father.

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  • Commander_Chico

    Stuff like this happens every day in America. This is only news because of the job of the murderer. Don’t call it a “gun crime,” though.

    This guy was deranged for caring too much where his baby momma was. ‘Roid rage? His mother was there to babysit – he should have been out himself.

    I feel sorry for the mother as well as the kid.

    • jim_m

      This is sad no matter how you look at it.

      Only douche bags like chico try to score political points off of it.

    • warnertoddhuston

      Sports does this to people. Sports should be outlawed.

  • 914

    He should have just taken himself out and left her alone. Selfish.

  • SteveCrickmore075

    Amazing, even now, how his teammates and coaches are full of praise what a lovely man, this homicidal maniac was. If he hadn’t shot himself, would they still be giving him so much respect?

    • jim_m

      Until yesterday he wasn’t a “homicidal maniac”. Most crimes of passion (and I think this likely fits into that category) are not in line with the person’s normal behavior.

      It was a horrible murder and a sad suicide. Most call it tragic.

      • SteveCrickmore075

        Jim m, I take it, you are firm believer in capital punishment. You would undoubtedly, have been asking for the fellow’s head in a moment, if he hadn’t pulled the trigger on himself. You are calling it “a sad suicide”, that by a man built like a linebacker shooting a defenselss, young woman three times in the head, for attending a concert. You are growing soft. The only sadness in the suicide for me, is that this immature, raging, conceited jealous jerk, (everyone seems to be afraid of publicly characterizing him, as such, even after his actions) didn’t have the chance to see and face the justice he deserved, or his peers, and the victim’s friends and family. I don’t mean to take off on you personally, but I fear the networks are going to fill the afternoon’s NFL programming today with rollcalls of tribute of sympathy for Belcher (and his girlfriend secondarily,) exactly with your tone of comment.

        • jim_m

          From what we know this lacks anything indicating that it was premeditated. Thus it was a spur of the moment action taken in the heat of passion. It would not qualify for the death penalty in any state.

          Any if you are such an unfeeling soul that you have never been so angry that you have done things you would never have done when calm and rational then no amount of explaining will enable you to understand how sad this is.

          He committed a murder which he could not escape punishment for and rather than face that punishment he killed himself.

          What is sad is his destruction of the lives of his whole family in a moment of irrationality. No one is releasing him from blame. He was wrong. That does not lessen the sense of tragedy. I suppose you never read Oedipus Rex. Sometimes in a tragedy the victim and the perpetrator are one and the same

          • SteveCrickmore075

            Very respectful views, and we are going to hear them repeatably today, but how do you shoot someone three times in the head? five cents will get you a dollar, this guy felt his girl friend was ‘disrepecting’ him ( at the risk of speculating and he probably had no qualms about cheating on her) this, coupled with the expected narcissim, aggressive issues of being a NFL player. If OJ had killed himself he would have received the same respect and deference that Belcher will get today, that this was a greek tragedy, in which “victim and perpetrator are one and the same”.

          • jim_m

            KC Chiefs have announced that here will be a moment of silence before the game for the victims of this tragedy and for victims of domestic violence. Belcher’s name will not be mentioned specifically.

            I think that is about right.

          • SteveCrickmore075

            Agreed, that seems correct and I shouldn’t be making any more speculations. He seems to have been a very troubled young man . Professional NFL teams have racks of coaches. and assistants on their payroll. Probably they should spend a little money on a proactive guidance counsellor. Of course, in week’s time when we know the story behind the story, it won’t be on the front pages or talked about.

          • Commander_Chico

            Excellent point, Steve.

          • jim_m

            I was referring to Oedipus with that last statement, although there are some respects inwhich one might consider Belcher to be a victim I do not find it entirely appropriate.

            I disagree about OJ. I think that people would have been shocked by the horrible violence and the slaying of someone so totally unrelated to their marital issues. However, I think it would have lessened the degree of revulsion many feel toward OJ and while I do not think that amounts to sympathy I think some may confuse it with sympathy.

    • Carl

      I think his suicide shows that he was mentally ill. It’s a tragedy that he took his girlfriend and the mother of his child out with him, and also tragedy that he committed suicide, but he was ill – and I think his death should be mourned as well. A prescription of prozac may well have prevented this from happening.

      • SteveCrickmore075

        I think his deliberate suicide (he had a half hour to think it over after the murder) shows he was sane; his homicide for me, may have shown he lost his head, but give a raging bull a loaded gun, and they are almost liable to do anything. The couple apparently had a history of public arguments.

        • Carl

          Someone who commits suicide is quite ill. How you think that can be a sign of sanity is beyond me.

          • jim_m

            You must not have ever known someone who either has attempted or actually committed suicide. They can be quite normal and functional right up to the act. If it were really that obvious beforehand someone would stop them.

            My guess is that while it would likely have been known that they were having trouble in the relationship, no one would have expected this.

            I’m not saying that this is a sign of “sanity” but I don’t think it is as simple as saying that they are mentally ill either.

  • jim_m

    ESPN has a good article on the Chiefs and their response. Kasandra was part of the Chiefs Women’s Organization so her death has direct impact on the team as well.

    I didn’t realize that this happened to the Chiefs in 1969 as well.