Newly Released Photo Shows Broken Nose, Bloodied Lip On George Zimmerman

The photo shown above of George Zimmerman was taken by a police officer on the night of February 26, 2012. Zimmerman is charged in the death of Trayvon Martin, a case you’re probably familiar with.

A black and white photocopy of this image was provided by the State of Florida in the first Discovery. This high-resolution digital photo was released by Zimmerman’s defense team. They received it in State’s 9th Supplemental Discovery release.

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  • Commander_Chico

    Ha ha, “9th” supplemental discovery release. Typical prosecutor, hiding evidence.

    Still, just because you got the worst of a fight does not mean you didn’t start it. I think this video tells a similar story to what happened with George and Trayvon.


    • herddog505

      I’ll give you credit: you don’t give up. You’ll have Zimmerman dangling from that tree yet.

      • Commander_Chico

        Couple years in the can and public disdain and ridicule is about what he deserves, not hanging.

        Enough to teach the lesson: Don’t be an amateur cop and stalk people at night like a possible sexual predator. When the real cops ask you not to follow someone, don’t follow them.

        • EricSteel

          A) it was not the cops who told him not to follow, it was a 911 dispatcher
          B) read the transcript, when the dispatcher told him not to follow, Zimmerman said ok, and then negotiated with the dispatcher where to meet the Police. When asked for his own address, Zimmerman said he didn’t want to say it out loud because he didn’t know where the kid was. None of that sounds like a guy still in pursuit.

          That indicates the possibility that Trayvon doubled back on Zimmerman and became the aggressor.

          • jim_m

            Quit confusing chico with facts. The only “Fact” chico is interested in is that his “social justice” demands that someone go to jail because a black punk died. He doesn’t care what the actual facts are because he knows they don’t support his ideologically determined outcome. Justice has nothing to do with facts here. It has everything to do with political agenda.

          • Commander_Chico

            Zim was just like that black troublemaker on the bus who got slammed by Epic Beard Man, except he had a gun. A troublemaker. Don’t follow people around and hassle them, even if, especially if, you’re carrying a gun.

          • Commander_Chico

            I’m the only one bringing facts to this discussion. You’re only bringing your all-purpose argument — “anti-Semite” ha ha.

          • Commander_Chico

            It’s been mapped out – where Zim was when he called 911 and was looking at Trayvon, and where Trayvon was shot. It’s a considerable distance.

            Also, where Trayvon was shot was not even accessible by vehicle, Zim had to get out of his vehicle and follow him on foot.

          • cirby

            Zimmerman’s vehicle was near his house. In other words, he saw Martin, reported him, drove the rest of the way home, and was walking to his house with his groceries when he was attacked.

            Martin followed Zimmerman home and attacked him. Simple. All he had to do was run (or even walk fast) through the middle of the complex, and wait for Zimmerman to get out of his car.

            The reverse isn’t really possible. If Martin had been walking – or running – down the sidewalk through the middle of the complex, ZImmerman wouldn’t have been able to follow him very well, if at all. The most Martin would have had to do was turn and walk in the other direction, or just leave the complex… which he certainly didn’t do.

            The last option – call home and ask an adult to come pick him up because someone was following him? Odd that he never even tried that…

          • Commander_Chico

            Yeah, that’s why Martin’s dead body was at Zim’s doorstep (eye roll).

            Go through this information, videos, and maps of the scene:

          • cirby

            One thing missing off of all of that “information” – where is Zimmerman’s house in those maps?

            It’s funny that the guy who made up that page left that part out of ALL of his “recreations”. It’s almost like he wants to pretend that Zimmerman wasn’t going home, away from where Martin was, and Martin followed him to his house to beat him up.

            All of those detailed maps your link show have one assumption: that Martin couldn’t have avoided the whole thing by just sitting still for two minutes, or walking in another direction. For the confrontation to take place, Martin had to FOLLOW Zimmerman, pretty much right off the bat. Even a minute of dithering would have made sure they didn’t meet up. If Martin was worried about someone following him and wanted to avoid confrontation, the last thing he would want to do would be to move in the same direction as the guy he was worried about.

            That’s the interesting part. Martin had been sitting still, not doing much of anything. The young sports nut was sitting outside, doing nothing, on the night of the NBA All-Star Game. Funny – all of the other sport fans I know were watching the pre-game show. I wonder why he was sitting by himself, in the dark, in a neighborhood that had been plagued by burglaries and other crimes in recent weeks?

            Odd, that.

          • Commander_Chico

            Martin was on a walking route to the house he was staying in.

            Yeah, where was Zim’s house?

          • 914

            That’s what I’m wondering? Why isn’t it color coded on that map like the other specific locations?

          • 914

            I guess we can assume he left his vehicle in front of or by his residence?

          • cirby

            If he was on a walking route, then why did he RUN along it, following the guy who was supposedly bothering him? Any rational person (or non-criminal) would, at the very least, wait for a few minutes to make sure the other guy had really left.

            Instead, Martin trotted along after the guy in the car, saw him get out carrying groceries, and confronted him. Even with that, he could have said something like “Hey, why are you following me? I live here!”

            He could also have called home, asking his father’s girlfriend to walk the short distance to vouch for him.

            Instead of doing any of the things an innocent person would do, Martin did… the exact opposite, starting with hiding his face when Zimmerman first noticed him.

          • Commander_Chico

            What planet are you on? Zim was not “carrying groceries.”

          • cirby

            Yes, he was. He was coming back from the grocery store when he saw Martin. Some of the photos released showed the bags scattered on the ground. You didn’t know this? Not surprised, really.

          • Commander_Chico

            So he’s on a pathway following Martin carrying groceries?

            Find me a link to that, or BS. Every reference I’ve seen, including Zim’s Hannity interview, Zim said he was going to shop for groceries when he saw Martin.

            Also, the mystery of where Zim lived is solved. Not even close to the events in question:


            map link:

            Double FAIL, cirby.

          • EricSteel


            Honest question for you. How did Zimmerman catch Trayvon? If Trayvon was heading home, with a head start on Zimmerman and one point even starts running, how was Zimmerman able to out run and catch up to Trayvon?

          • Commander_Chico

            Martin stops running, slows down and makes a phone call to this girl in Miami. Maybe he stops.

            Zim is following him on foot at a faster pace. Martin, on his way to the house he was staying in, wonders why this creep is following him. Martin’s seen this guy watching him from his car, and now sees him following him down this pathway between the house rows. It would be strange and threatening to Martin.

            Uncomfortable truth: lots of adolescent males living in an urbanized area in the USA get the experience of having an older homosexual make a creepy approach on them. Sometimes the approaches are more creepy than others.

            Plus there are robberies.

            Does Martin want this creep to follow him home? Noooo. I suspect, Martin turned around and said exactly what Zim said he said “What is your fucking problem??”

          • And Martin didn’t call 911 because this creepy asshole was following him because…?

            Because he was an arrogant testosterone-addled teen who thought he could fight his way out of any situation, So this asshole’s following him – hey, that’s easy to solve… beat his ass, and get on with his night. Get him down, beat his head on the sidewalk, take whatever he’s got, kick him hard a few times, and man, won’t his friends think he’s hot shit when he tells them what happened!

            Got a friend who was like that – he loved to go looking for fights on Friday and Saturday nights. Mentioned this one time a while back, he shook his head and said it was a damn good thing nobody he started a fight with had been armed, or he’d have been dead like Martin.

          • Commander_Chico

            testosterone-addled teen

            Perhaps. A man with good judgment would know not to be stalking such a creature. The shit I did at 17 . . .

            I’ve never said Zim is a murderer. Just that he is a meddlesome officious moron (see Paul’s comment above) who deserves some punishment for killing a kid who to the only evidence so far, was only out to buy Skittles and iced tea.

          • Phil Snyder

            Well, the skittles, iced tea, and the savage beating he delivered to Zimmerman.

            Remember, it is not up to Zimmerman to prove that he was not the aggressor. It is up to the prosecution to prove that he was. So long as there is a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman instigated the confrontation, he should be found innocent – particularly of the charge of Murder. Had the prosecution decided on a charge of manslaughter, their burden of proof would have been significantly less. But they decided on Murder in order to placate the Social Justice (sic) scolds that decided that since Zimmerman was not black and that a black kid was killed, Zimmerman MUST be guilty.

          • Commander_Chico

            The manslaughter charge is usually given to the jury as a lesser included offense of murder. Prosecutors charge murder so they get the jury to “compromise” on manslaughter.

          • EricSteel

            I suspect, Martin turned around and said exactly what Zim said he said “What is your fucking problem??”

            As you say, MARTIN turned around and confronted Zimmerman. You made my point, Trayvon turned back to Zimmerman and started the confrontation.

            Interesting that you some how divine Trayvon’s state of mind about fearing getting raped. But it is off limits to consider Zimmerman’s state of mind of being suspicious of a strange kid walking through the neighborhood at night, when there have been other burgleries.

          • EricSteel

            Yes we know that Zimmerman left his truck that is not in dispute. Listening to the audio, you can hear him running. When the dispatcher told him to stop he did stop chasing and his breathing changes to a walking pace. At one point Zimmerman says that Trayvon is running. If Trayvon was running, presumably away from Zimmerman, how did they meet? Do you really think that Zimmerman was able to outrun Trayvon? I don’t think so. It seems logical to me that Trayvon doubled back and ambushed Zimmerman.

      • A couple of million from the Prosecutors office, a couple of million from NBC won’t set things right but will be a good start and a lesson going foreward.

    • Phil Snyder

      Chico, you forget that it is not Martin that is on trial; it is Zimmerman. So, the prosecution has to PROVE that Zimmerman was the aggressor AND that there was no way that Zimmerman could have gotten himself out of the situation without the application of deadly force. Having a man sitting on your chest, pounding your head into the sidewalk and punching you in the face and when you believe that the other guy is going for your gun sounds like a solid self-defense argument to me. It sounds like there is “reasonable doubt” that Zimmerman committed murder.

  • herddog505

    It would interest me to know what is meant by “9th Supplemental Discovery Release”. Is this “the ninth of X boxes handed over by the prosecution”? The “ninth of X scheduled deliveries of evidence”? The “ninth time we managed to get anything out of them after X requests”? Or is this the defense throwing out a fairly meaningless term to imply that the prosecution isn’t playing it according to Hoyle?

    • cirby

      Legally, it’s pretty standard terminology. It’s damning for the prosecution that this photo too that much time to release what is clearly an embarrassing photo for the prosecution. This is the sort of thing that could get a defense attorney in deep trouble.

      There was also a report about that “underage” girlfriend of his. Supposedly, she was 16 and couldn’t be called in for full questioning – but it turns out she was 18. Again, it took this much time for the prosecution to let this information out.

      Makes you wonder just how much other stuff the prosecution is hiding.

      • jim_m

        Makes you wonder just how much other stuff the prosecution is hiding.

        Just all the exculpatory evidence. Nothing important.

  • Joe_Miller

    If his name were Hector Gonzales we would never even have heard about this event.

    • jim_m

      Yep. Because he had a Jewish sounding name the leftists, projecting their own racism, determined that this was a racially motivated crime. Evidence our resident anti-Semite chico, to whom no amount of evidence will ever be able to prove this man innocent. His name is his guilt.

      • Commander_Chico

        yeah, Zim saying “fucking coons” has nothing to do with racial motivation.

        • jim_m

          That’s been debunked too.

          Thanks for proving my point that you will never accept any evidence of his innocence. You made up your mind as soon as you hear the Jewish last name and as soon as he was described as “White”

          • Commander_Chico

            Ha, ha, who you going to believe, your ears or a CNN “expert?”

          • It’s easy to believe your ears when you’ve already decided that he’s racist and that’s what he said.

          • jim_m

            It’s a well documented fact that if you are told what a person says before you hear the audio that you will interpret the audio according to what you are told. If you hear audio with subtitles you will hear what the subtitles say rather than what was actually said.

            Scoff at the expert. It’s called reasonable doubt. But a bigot like yourself doesn’t need any more proof than a name and a race to make up his mind.

        • EricSteel

          Chico, that’s been debunked by the prosecution. The official affadavit from the prosecution specifically quotes Zimmerman as saying “these fucking punks”.

        • [Citation Required]

      • Oysteria

        I knew the media had their own agenda when they immediately began describing Zimmerman as a “white hispanic”. Because we all know that when someone simply mentions hispanic we might be confused about the color of their skin or their minority status. Sheesh, talk about dog whistles …

  • JWH

    Anybody here know criminal law and/or criminal procedure? Why isn’t there a protective order in place that prohibits both prosecution and defense from releasing evidence to the public? Such protective orders are SOP in civil litigation.

  • 914

    Its a good thing Hector… (edit) George had a gun. Otherwise he’d be dead. If it were premeditated he would not have taken the brutal beating first. .

  • George Zimmerman, Gentleman at Arms.

    • Commander_Chico

      more like Loser in Jail.

      • The villain of the piece was delivered justice on the spot.

        • Commander_Chico

          There is no evidence Martin was doing anything but walking from a convenience store to the house he was staying in, despite much (frankly, racist) innuendo.

          • It’s not about what he was doing when Zimmerman first saw him. It’s what he did when he confronted Zimmerman. Is that “frankly racist innuendo” to you? If so, then get your head examined.

          • Commander_Chico

            Zimmerman was following him like a creep. Who confronted who?

          • Wow. Are you really that stupid? Please look up the definitions for the words “follow” and “confront.”

          • Commander_Chico

            Were you there?

            We know Zim was following Martin, we don’t know who “confronted” who. Quite possible Zim “confronted” Martin by demanding an explanation of what he was doing.

          • jim_m

            Were you there?

            Nope, but apparently you were, because you speak as though you have the authoritative answers on everything that happened that night including the thoughts and motives of the individuals involved.

          • Oh, shove off, hypocrite. For the last day you’ve been commenting like YOU were there. In fact, you did so in this last response to me. It’s not “quite possible” at all that Zimmerman confronted Martin. Martin was the aggressor. He had exactly ONE injury aside from the fatal gunshot wound. Zimmerman is the one who got the crap beaten out of him.

          • Commander_Chico

            Again, watch the Epic Beard Man video. Who was the aggressor? And who got the crap beat out of him?

          • lol! You are now officially desperate. The two incidents aren’t the least bit alike.

          • Commander_Chico

            Yeah, I understand. In one the aggressor was black, in the other the aggressor was white.

            But really it’s there to show that the one who starts the fight might be the one who gets his nose broken and his ass kicked.

          • I said nothing about race. Why do you bring up the issue of race. Are you a racist?

            Again, the two incidents are quite dissimilar. Perhaps the only analogy that can be made is that in both cases, the aggressor severely underestimated the ability of the other party to defend himself. The guy on the bus underestimated the strength and fighting ability of the elderly man (a Vietnam Vet). He thought he had picked an easy target. Martin likely did much the same thing. Contrary to the innocent, cherubic image of Martin put out by the family and uncritically disseminated by the media, he was a 6-foot juvenile delinquent. Zimmerman was several inches shorter and probably seemed to be an easy target, much like the elderly man on the bus.

            Of course, you don’t give a damn about any of this. You have your race card and are playing it as often as you can.

          • EricSteel

            Ok, for the sake of argument, let’s that is true and Zimemrman demanded an explanation from Trayvon of what he is doing there. Is that illegal on Zimmerman’s part? Is that a sufficient justification for Trayvon to give Zimmerman a beat down?
            Suppose for the sake of argument that Zimmerman demands an explanation from Trayvon and Trayvon’s reply is a punch in the face. Who is the aggressor in that case?

          • He really is that stupid and that prejudiced.

          • The fact that he claims to hear that “racist dogwhistle” says a lot…

            …about chicka.

    • Wild_Willie

      In Texas we have Citizens On Patrol programs all over the city. In our HOA, we spot a person suspected of acting inappropriately and notify a person on our radio. They in turn call in to the police. We in turn continue to keep an eye out. Zimmerman did what he and others on watch duty do all over the country. When crime is out of hand, the citizens always have the right to guard their area’s. Martin would be alive today if he would have just moved on instead of attacking Zimmerman viciously to a point that Zimmerman had no choice but to use his gun. The press created a narrative that has been proven false but now they do the usual thing and just stand by and watch their creation. Remember Richard Jewel? The same thing happened to that poor guy. Shame on the press, the authorities for acting so irresponsible. ww

  • But… but… Skittles! Arizona Iced Tea! Er… fruit drink! “Coons!”

  • stan25

    This prosecution is nothing but a political stunt. If Zimmerman had been a black man, there wouldn’t be such an outrage. This story is all media driven with an agenda to convict him and put him away. When the jury acquits him, the media and lefties like Chico will scream bloody murder, as they did when Casey Anthony was acquitted. Jerry Rivers will be leading the pack.

    • jim_m

      If Zimmerman had been a black man, there wouldn’t be such an outrage.

      Hence why the left characterized Zimmerman, not as the Hispanic he is, but as a white man. This was always a racially motivated prosecution. This was about “social justice” and finding a white scapegoat for leftist victimhood. The left saw the name and jumped all over Zimmerman and then he had to become the evil white man.

    • Commander_Chico

      Well, it turned out Casey Anthony was pretty clearly guilty, but the police messed up by not finding the evidence on her computer that she was Googling “foolproof suffocation” before Caylee’s disappearance.


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  • Carl

    Yeah if this asshole Zimmerman was trying to kill me I’d fight back too.

    Be sure to donate money to his cause. It’s the only reason you’re seeing this photo. He’s counting on your gullibility.

    • jim_m

      Yeah, I’ll bet the police just faked his injuries in order to put one over on everyone.

      If Zimmerman was trying to kill Martin please explain why he called 911. Your delusional comment doesn’t square with reality. Not that such a condition is unusual.

      • Carl

        He called 911 before deciding to stalk and kill Trayvon.

        It’s that simple.

        And nobody said he’s faking the injuries. I said Trayvon fought back when he realized ZImmernan was a racist murderer. Why the strawman? Can’t you read?

        • jim_m

          Your comment makes no sense. I’m not surprised. Zimmerman followed the instructions of the 911 operator. There is no evidence of premeditation.

          • Carl

            sigh* repeating for the impaired — “He called 911 before deciding to stalk and kill Trayvon.”

          • Vagabond661

            *sigh* leftist pundits will believe anything that they read on Daily Kos or watch on MSNBC. They are that stupid.

          • 914

            No wonder that makes no sense? I’ve been reading it instead of listening to it..

          • Are you a professional douchebag or do you just spend your free time being one?

          • Hugh_G

            I didn’t know thew trial was held already and that you were on the jury. Or are you just an expert at everything?

          • Considering how much you know that just ain’t so…

        • Vagabond661

          Yeah if you are planning on killing someone, always call 911 first.

          • Carl

            repeating for the impaired — “He called 911 before deciding to stalk and kill Trayvon.”

          • This is how the reality-impaired work. When the inconvenient facts don’t fit their preconceived conclusions, they reject reality and substitute it with made up shit, which is convenient because there’s a lot of it where they keep their heads.

          • 914

            Yeah, that way you have an alibi..

          • Carl

            He’s not that smart. Racists usually aren’t.

          • jim_m

            Explains your behavior.

          • Ah, someone else (besides chicka) responding to the racist dog whistle…

            …which once again says a lot about those who claim to hear it.

          • You’re certainly a good example of that.

        • Phil Snyder

          Don’t interrupt Carl’s reality with facts. Carl, can other people visit your universe or is it just for the willfully ignorant?

        • Exactly how and when, O wondrous ghost whisperer, did Trayvon realize that Zimmerman was “a racist murderer?” Do you often talk to Trayvon? Does he haunt the bodily orifice where you keep your head?

    • EricSteel

      Your argument goes both ways. If some guy has knocked me down and is punching my head into a cement sidewalk MMA style I’d fight back too.

  • Paul Hooson

    Christ, I’ve got caught in the middle of some serious fights in my lifetime and never looked like that! But, regardless, Zimmerman still disobeyed a 911 operators order and followed after Martin after he was told not to. And then a confrontation likely took place when Zimmerman pulled a gun on Martin without any real evidence that Martin actually broke any law other than appearing suspicious to Zimmerman. Martin likely fought back thinking that his life was in danger. If this timeline and these facts are correct, then Zimmerman still broke the law enough to be prosecuted and likely convicted.

    Zimmerman had a bad history as a failed bouncer and wanted to play a policeman very badly. In one instance, a woman was treated roughly by him overextending his authority.

    My view is that Zimmerman just isn’t very bright, and with his false sense of authority and this idiot carrying a gun, that he just stepped into a huge legal mess. Prison is filled with guys like this. Pretty much law abiding types, who do just one stupid ass thing, and then end up in the slammer for years.

    • 911 Operators have no legal authority to tell anyone to do anything.

    • Commander_Chico

      Zimmerman had a bad history as a failed bouncer and wanted to play a policeman very badly. In one instance, a woman was treated roughly by him overextending his authority.

      My view is that Zimmerman just isn’t very bright, and with his false sense of authority and this idiot carrying a gun, that he just stepped into a huge legal mess.


      • 914

        How does one ‘fail’ as a bouncer?

        • Commander_Chico

          You drive away customers by being an asshole.

          • 914

            Oh? Sounds like Obama’s economic policy..

    • EricSteel

      Dispatcher, “Are you following him?”
      Zimmerman, “Yeah”
      Dispatcher, “Ok we don’t need you to do that.”
      Zimmerman, “Ok”
      Dispatcher,”Alright sir, what is your name?”
      Zimmerman,”George…he ran.”
      … discussion of where to meet the police
      Dispatcher, “What’s your apartment number?”
      Zimmerman, “Its a home. Its 1950, oh crap I don’t want to give it all out. I don’t know where this kid is”

      1) Zimmerman had no obligation to follow anything a 911 dispatcher says.
      2) “Ok we don’t need you to do that” is hardly an order
      3) Zimmerman’s response is “OK” and then he and the dispatcher spend time discussing where Zimmerman will meet the Police, during which time Zimmerman says that Trayvon ran off and that he doesn’t know where Trayvon is. That sounds to me like Zimmerman broke off pursuit and was no longer following Trayvon.

      Here is the biggest problem I have with the whole narrative that Zimmerman hunted down and killed Trayvon Martin. If Trayvon had a running head start on Zimmerman, how was big fat Zimmerman able to run down and catch Trayvon Martin? How do you explain how George Zimmerman was able to outrun Trayvon Martin?

      The only explanation I can come up with is that Trayvon Martin, did not go straight home and doubled back on Zimmerman. If that is the case, wouldn’t that make Trayvon Martin the pursuer?

      • 914

        Trayvon probably stopped or slowed around the corner of that first housing unit to see if he was still being followed which allowed Zimmerman to cut him off at a shorter angle.

        I really don’t know why he didn’t just keep his distance and watch where Martin went?

    • 914

      “Zimmerman still disobeyed a 911 operators order and followed after Martin after he was told not to.”

      Ummmmm? If a 911 operator told you to jump off a bridge would you? We do not obey or disobey an operator.

      “Zimmerman pulled a gun on Martin without any real evidence that Martin actually broke any law other than appearing suspicious to Zimmerman. Martin likely fought back thinking that his life was in danger. If this timeline and these facts are correct, then Zimmerman still broke the law enough to be prosecuted and likely convicted.”

      If any of that were true GZ would not have had a scratch on him.

      • Paul Hooson

        Legally, what Zimmerman did likely violates a legal standard of law that is defined as “menacing”. Zimmerman merely thought that Martin looked suspect, but had no concrete example of anything the teenager had actually done to break the law, so it was highly unlikely police would even respond to such a 911 call as this. Then Zimmerman took it on himself to pursue Martin on his own, and pulled a gun on the kid, resulting in a fight that left Martin dead, Zimmerman bloody, and also likely headed to prison. Citizens cannot legally pursue someone with a loaded weapon. that haven’t committed any crime. You can protect your own property if threatened, but Zimmerman wasn’t doing that. If Zimmerman observed someone actually commit a crime, then he was entitled to call the police. However, from the evidence I’ve seen this much didn’t even happen. The 911 operator gave Zimmerman the very same answer that any policeman would, you cannot pursue someone with a weapon if they haven’t committed a crime. Further, even if they committed a crime, you still can’t pursue them, that’s a job for the police.

        According to the official police report filed at the time, ” there is no indication that Trayvon Martin was involved in any criminal activity at the time of the encounter”. Zimmerman hunted Martin down, got in over his head by causing an altercation, and then shot and killed Martin during that incident. I dare anyone here to find good reason why Zimmerman won’t be convicted and sent to prison here. This is even worse than the situation in which Zimmerman was supposed to keep order at a party, and instead roughed up some female partygoer and got himself fired. Some of you guys around here need to find someone a lot better than this to defend. Your alternate reality thinking just doesn’t square with the laws as they’re actually written. What started out as the crime of menacing quickly went into full-blown manslaughter here.

        Being a neighborhood watchman, means just that. You watch for something, then call the police who are legally empowered to handle any matter if laws are actually being broken. According to the police report filed, Zimmerman was the only one who broke laws here.

        • EricSteel

          Talk about alternate reality thinking. First off there are no “menacing” laws in Florida. Go look it up. Besides he is not charged with menacing. There is no law against following someone. You are making shit up there.

          Even if there were a menacing law, most require the assailant to actually be displaying a weapon. There is no evidence at all that Zimmerman had his gun out. In fact the evidence contradicts that. If Zimmerman had his gun drawn, how did he get beaten up so badly before shooting Trayvon? It makes no sense. You are simply making shit up.

          Paul you ignore the fact that police were responding to Zimmerman’s 911 call. You also ignore the fact that Zimmerman broke off following Trayvon after the dispatcher told him not to. You ignore the fact that Zimmerman told the dispatcher that Trayvon ran off and that he had lost sight of Trayvon.

          I think Zimmerman saw Trayvon wandering the neighborhood, didn’t recognize him, and Trayvon was acting a bit suspicious. Zimmerman was aware that were other black youths who had broken into the community and committed burgleries and concluded that Trayvon might be one of them. So he called the Police to have it checked out, which is the right thing to do.

          I have done the same thing, I called 911 when I saw a bunch of 20 year olds who I didn’t recognize acting very strangely in my neighborhood one night, they were going into back yards and into the bushes in front yards, etc. I kept an eye on them from the house and called 911. It turned out they were college kids playing scavenger hunt. It was harmless, but I was nervous when I saw them going into my fenced in backyard.

          Along the way, Zimmerman against better judgement got out of his car and started following Trayvon so that he could tell the police where he went. Remember, he still has the 911 dispatcher on the phone with him while he is doing that. Doesn’t that indicate that his intention is to merely keep an eye on Trayvon until the police arrive?

          The dispatcher realizes that he is following Trayvon and suggests that he stop. Zimmerman said OK, and if you listen to the audio, his breathing rate drops like he has slowed down from running.

          Zimmerman and the dispatcher then negotiate where to meet the police. The police are on the way and Zimmerman KNOWS this. Why go hunt down someone if the police could arrive any moment?

          I think Trayvon saw Zimmerman following him, doubled back and confronted Zimmerman. I think it is probable that Trayvon sucker punched Zimmerman, stunning him and then chased him down the quad. Culminating in Zimmerman getting knocked on his back and Trayvon pounding his face and the back of his head into the sidewalk.

          Zimmerman fearing for his life at this point pulled his gun and shot in self defense.

          We have no direct witnesses to corroborate that story, but there are no witnesses or any other evidence to indicate that Zimmerman threatened Trayvon or that Zimmerman initiated the confrontation.

          But look at the injuries. Other than the gunshot wound the only other injury Trayvon has is a cut on his hand consistent with punching someone. Zimmerman on the other hand has a broken nose, several cuts to the face and on the back of his head consistent with it hitting some solid object like a sidewalk. He has NO injuries to his hands.

          Then we have Witness 6 who stated that he saw Trayvon straddling Zimmerman and punching him MMA style. That is evidence that Zimmerman was getting his ass beaten pretty good. Where does Trayvon Martin have the right to beat the shit out of someone who is merely following him?

          If Trayvon was so afraid of Zimmerman following him, why did he talk on the phone to Dee Dee instead of calling 911 himself?

  • Jack Zimms

    But many in the MSM and many others claimed he Zimmerman didn’t have any injuries. Then it was disproven but they continue to say the injuries really didn’t exist. Then again, they continue the same false claims that have been proven to be false. Repeat a lie enough times strategy.