Twitter Suggests White House is Just Like Left-Wing Commentators Sullivan, Krugman, Cuomo

Daniel Halper recently discovered that Twitter wanted to help him out. After he chose to follow the Twitter feed of the White House, Twitter sent him a list of other accounts he might enjoy, accounts that the social media giant felt were “similar” to Barak Obama’s White House. Amusingly that list was filled with left-wing media types.

When Mr. Halper decided to follow the Twitter feed of the White House, Twitter quickly sent him an automatically generated email with some loverly suggestions. Now that he was following the White House, Twitter thought he might be interested in the following “similar” Twitter feeds:

  • Left-wing newspaper The Washington Post
  • Leftist Atlantic blogger Andrew Sullivan
  • Far left “economist” Paul Krugman
  • NBC News “First Read” blog
  • ABC News Chief Legal Correspondent Chris Cuomo

Quipped Halper, “Looks like Twitter’s algorithm, which appears to have automatically generated this email, is working perfectly.”

Just so.

Side Note

I will be taking the next week or so off from posting. I was hired to do a big writing job and need to dedicate myself to that.
See ya in a few days.

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  • Hugh_G

    Damn. I will really miss you. Is your “writing job” about the art of pathetic, dissembling whining? You are, without doubt, the expert in that area.

  • Commander_Chico

    Writing term papers for money is wrong. Students must learn they have to perform on their own, not buy their way out. And I don’t care how much the coach is paying you.

  • Brucehenry

    Apparently even the Amen Chorus is tiring of Warner’s The-Media-Is-Liberal-Boo-Hoo articles.

  • Carl

    If you are looking for writing work for hire I’d suggest not using your body of work here as examples.

    What you failed to understand in this instance, Warner, is that the list of media offered to Obama subscribers aren’t sources that are “similar” — showing the WH feed is “just Like Left-Wing Commentators Sullivan, Krugman, Cuomo”.

    What the list is are news sources that people who subscribe to the WH feed also subscribe to.

    In the big boy world, far away from the french fryer you toil over, companies will look at what you choose and offer you items that other people who make the same choice as you also choose. If their records show that people who subscribe to the WH feed also subscribe to the NYT or whatever, those secondary offerings are made to you as well when you choose the WH feed.

    Nobody has decided “they are similar” – they are showing you what others who choose the WH feed also choose.

    It’s the same as Amazon offering you salt and pepper shakers when you choose to buy a barbecue grill. it doesn’t mean that a salt shaker is “similar” to a gas grill, they are just showing you what other grill purchasers have also bought.

    Sad little Warner. The kids made fun of him all through K-12, and now he puts himself of public display hoping people will like him — and all they do is laugh and ignore him.

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