Herman Cain: The New York Times is Racist

Herman Cain has had about enough of The New York Times and its racist columnists. The latest is the hate that The Times and guest columnist Adolph Reed, Jr. offered for South Carolina’s newest Senator, Tim Scott.

In an editorial Cain posted to CainTV.com, the one-time GOP candidate for President was incensed that Reed and The Times were so presumptuous as to imagine that no black conservative is smart enough to understand conservatism or even believe in what they claim to believe.

Reed, a professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania, called all blacks in the GOP “tokens” and dismissed the “milestone” status that is Tim Scott’s advancement to the U.S. Senate saying it is no advancement for African Americans.

This is, of course, the ultimate insult. Reed is indulging the ages old epithet of saying that any black that doesn’t toe his extremist, liberal line of thinking is an Uncle Tom. It is the sort of dismissive attitude that assumes that black conservatives just aren’t smart enough to understand what conservatism really is. It is a way to dismiss the very intelligence of black conservatives not to mention their humanity.

As Cain noted, “Professor Reed makes it clear that he considers black Republicans to be little more than Stepin Fetchits, soulless black people who are willing to serve the white master at the expense of their true brethren”

Professor Reed is also a black man, Cain reports, so this sort of attack on other blacks for what they believe is doubly disgusting. This is the “self-hatred” that brought Herman Cain’s ire.

Since Professor Reed is also a black man, I wish him well in dealing with his obvious self-loathing. But he might learn a lot if he spent a little time moving in the circles I move in. He would meet lots of highly accomplished black men and women who have pursued their dreams in the capitalist system and have done exceedingly well. They vote Republican because they understand that free-market policies open up this same kind of opportunity for others.

It’s bad enough that Reed feels the way he does, but worse that “the paper of record” would ever publish such hate.

Any newspaper that would publish a piece denigrating blacks as needing the benevolence of big government in order to serve their interests is obviously racist and deserves widespread censure for making such an insensitive and racially biased editorial decision.

“It’s a shame the New York Times is such a racist newspaper,” Cain concludes.

Even worse than the decision of The New York Times to publish this sort of racist sentiment is that this professor Reed is teaching this twaddle to his students and the taxpayers of Pennsylvania are paying him to do so.

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  • superdestroyer

    What can’t Herman Cain crawl under a rock and never be seen again?

    • You’re taking up too much space under the rock.

  • Par4Course

    Good for Herman Cain – he’s telling it like it is! The idea that all blacks have to think alike – that they can’t make it without the benevolent hand of government giving them a boost – is the ultimate racist claptrap. Greg Gutfeld spoke about Professor Adolf Reed’s column on The Five on Friday, but Herman Cain has nailed Reed’s hide to the door.

  • Brett Buck

    Of course the NYT is racist. Racism is one of the core underpinnings of current liberal thought.

  • 914
  • Hugh_G

    That must be why it endorsed your president, Barack Obama, twice.

    Yes sir those racists at the Times must have been using it as some cover for an as yet unknown conspiracy – maybe to take away your guns or something.

    Huston you really are….ah never mind, you’re not worth it.

    • Phil Snyder

      The NYT is racist because it believes that a high content of skin color does not make one “black” but that specific ideology does. All “real” black people are progressives and if you don’t vote progressive, then you don’t really counts as a black or hispanic or woman. That is a racist statement because it judges people based on their skin color.

      • Hugh_G

        Your ignorance is only outdone by your stupidity. The wingnuts of this world cry and complain about racism and it is you ignorant, paranoid asses who toss the word around like you know what you’re talking about which of course you don’t.

        • Right. Because only YOU can define what racism is.

          And you’ll define it any damn way that’s to your advantage. Any previous definition is automatically null and void, once you find one to your liking.

          • Hugh_G

            Apparently a fellow wingnut of yours has answered the question below.

        • Hawk_TX

          Merriam-Webster Dictionary

          Racism: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

          This is an exact description of the democrats beliefs and their actions.

          • Hugh_G

            Well there you have it. The question of racism comes down to Merriam_Webster. You’re very deep sir.

          • herddog505

            I know, right? Looking in a dictionary to find out what a word means; who does that???

            Perhaps you can tell us what racism – I’m sorry, libs spell it RAAAAACISM, don’t they? – actually means? Somehow, I’m guessing that the definition is going to be really close to what Cain wrote.

          • jim_m

            Hugh is just upset that Webster’s gives a definition that is consistent with conservative complaints about left wing racists. I’ve noticed that he has not offered any argument other than personal attacks. He has not provided anything to counter the charges of liberal racism.

          • Whereas the progtard / Hugh_G (BIRM) definition of “racist” is anyone whose positions I don’t like.

          • Hugh_G

            No. It’s just a lot more nuanced than the wingnut version as determined by angry white men such as you. It’s way above your notion of guns and hatred.

          • I don’t judge based on skin color, but by the content of character as revealed by what folks do, and to a lesser extent, say.

            That you have been found wanting took a lot of effort on your part.

    • 914

      They don’t use it as a cover. Just a liberal port of useless spewage . Thus accounting for the loss of revenue and readership.

    • warnertoddhuston

      I love it that I live in your head (Hugh G) and make you grab for your anti-psychotics so often. I just laugh and laugh at your mental despair.

      • Hugh_G

        Oh quite the contrary Huston. And since you are a serial liar and dissembler I doubt that last sentence. I have no despair – just joy in this holiday season. After that I continue to have joy when I read what wing nuts have to say.

        • warnertoddhuston

          Prescription running out? I hope you can find a Pharmacy this close to the holidays or it’ll be another suicide watch Christmas for you.

          • Hugh_G

            So what you’re saying is that I am right; you are a serial liar and dissembler and that in order to stomach your tripe I need meds.

            Sorry to disappoint you but it’s medicine for my soul. Folks like you are on the outside looking in and it’ll probably be a long time, if ever, that you are anything else.

          • warnertoddhuston

            Poor guy. I have to feel sorry for those forced to be around you. It is sad.

          • Hugh_G

            Wait…I’ll ask them…………………………………………….

            They say no. They say they are happy and that I help make them even happier by exposing you for what you are.

          • Sky__Captain

            I must have say that you’re not very convincing in your arguments.

          • It’s a bad sign when one has two sided conversations with oneself…

    • Brett Buck

      They endorsed *your* president because he follows their stereotype – angry, hates America, and a socialist. They think it’s “stylish” to have an African-American president and love talking to their liberal friends about how forward thinking they are. Absolutely classic tokenism. Why do you think they abandoned Hilary (who has all the same policies)? Because they though they could show how “open-minded” they were, and “oh-so-cool”. Oh, and he’s an admitted doper, too! A real liberal triple-threat

      The dislike Herman Cain because he doesn’t fit that stereotype.

      Stereotyping and tokenism are absolutely classic, hallmark traits of racists.

      • Hugh_G

        Whoa – a little angry are we.I wonder if you fit something factual – angry wingnut white man? (Not sure if you’re angry Tea Party white man.)

        • 914


          • Hugh_G

            Is there anything factually wrong with what I wrote?

            Racist? You folks are so paranoid about the idea that you puke it up at will. You have no idea.

          • 914

            I just know that Carl just left but it seems like he is still here.

          • Hugh_G

            Yep. Someone has to say the righteous truth.

        • Brett Buck

          Well, what race I might be shouldn’t matter, now, should it, Mr. Liberal Tolerance? I looked through some responses and find nothing but proof of my premise.

          Are you capable of a literate and cogent counter-argument? Or are your witty ripostes limited to name-calling?

          • Hugh_G

            2 things:
            a- Thanks for acknowledging my wit.

            b- Whatever Herman Cain has to say unless he plays the fool on The Daily Show is irrelevant and when someone makes a cogent argument I’ll make a cogent response. How do you make a cogent response to Huston’s dissembling, mischaracterizations and lies other than to call him out for it?

          • Brett Buck


          • Hugh_G

            1. Any time Cain opens his mouth, e.g. Izzbeckkibeckkkibecckkistan….
            And when he plays the fool on the Daily Show – he is funny as a fool.

            2. Anything Huston posts.

            You asked.

          • 914

            You spewed.

          • Sky__Captain

            Those not exactly examples, Hugh.
            It’s just more racist spewing of the “Carl” variety. Do you remember what happened to Carl?

          • As wits go Hugh_G is a larval form of the lice.

        • Racist.

  • Paul Hooson

    I actually used to watch many hours of Christian TV each week for a number of years, and when Herman Cain was a guest on Robert Schuller’s HOUR OF POWER, I greatly admired his life story, rising to be top CEO at Godfather’s Pizza. This past year’s presidential race wasn’t very kind to Herman Cain, though. After becoming the frontrunner for a few days, he quickly became a household joke after too many details from too many accusers painted this guy up in an unflattering light. Herman Cain will never really be taken seriously ever again, no matter what he has to say, whether it valid or not. The guy will forever be branded as little more than just punchline to a joke forever. — That’s a little bit sad for someone who achieved so much on one hand, but has so many personal weaknesses on the other hand.

    If you’re a public figure, you just can’t do certain things.

    • 914

      “After becoming the frontrunner for a few days, he quickly became a household joke after too many details from too many accusers painted this guy up in an unflattering light. Herman Cain will never really be taken seriously ever again, no matter what he has to say, whether it valid or not. The guy will forever be branded as little more than just punchline to a joke forever. — That’s a little bit sad for someone who achieved so much on one hand, but has so many personal weaknesses on the other hand.

      If you’re a public figure, you just can’t do certain things.”

      Unless you happen to be a Democrat! BJ Jefferson comes to mind.

      • Paul Hooson

        Both Clinton, and especially John Edwards, had serious legal problems associated with their sexual antics. Laws don’t discern by party. Justice is blind regardless of who you are.

        • Sky__Captain

          “Justice is blind regardless of who you are.”

          Really? You believe that?

          You need to look really hard at the 0bama Administration. There is a LOT there that proves “Justice is blind” towards the 0bama Administration.

        • EricSteel

          And yet, Bill Clinton went on to become President and be re-elected even after his infidelities came to light.

  • LiberalNightmare

    The democratic party prefers for blacks to stay on the plantation, so to speak.

    Don’t challenge.
    Don’t wonder why white liberals are allowed to decide if your ‘black’ enough.
    Don’t wonder why policies seem to make things worse for your people.

    Just shut-up and take your handout – or a white union member will knock your hot-dog cart over.

  • AlfredLewis

    Right on Mister Cain who does he think he is