South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney Made The Hit Of The Year

The year’s only two day’s old, but I doubt we’re going to see a more highlight-reel worthy play in college football this year. That’s South Carolina sophomore defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney destroying Michigan running back Vincent Smith and forcing a fumble (which he scooped up one handed) in yesterday’s Outback Bowl.

Because of draft rules Clowney has to stay in college one more year before being eligible for the draft. Many experts say he’s the best player in college football right now, and if he were eligible for this year’s draft he’d be the top pick.

From the looks of that play I’d say they’re right.

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  • Vagabond661

    What set that up was blown first down call from the ref. First of all, the ball was marked a lot closer to the first down marker than it should have. When they brought the chains out the ball still was 2″ short of the first down mark. The ref signaled first down and Spurrier went nuts pointing out it was short. The ref still signaled first down. The screenshot the announcers put up clearly showed it was short.

    The challenge went to the booth and they said it was a first down. The very next play was the one Clowney leveled that guy. that goodness no one was hurt.

    Justice was served.

  • Bird666

    Wow! In the increasingly wussed-out and heavily regulated NFL, that’d be 15 yards for “roughing the ball carrier”! Ha ha. Great hit!

    • Plinytherecent

      Well, it did look like ‘helmet to helmet contact’. The ball carrier’s helmet went 10 yards.