Thieves Target Home Published In Journal News Gun Database

That didn’t take very long. From Newsday:

A White Plains residence pinpointed on a controversial handgun permit database was burglarized Saturday, and the burglars’ target was the homeowner’s gun safe.

At least two burglars broke into a home on Davis Avenue at 9:30 p.m. Saturday but were unsuccessful in an attempt to open the safe, which contained legally owned weapons, according to a law enforcement source. One suspect was taken into custody, the source said.

The gun owner was not home when the burglary occurred, the source said. The victim, who is in his 70s, told Newsday on Sunday that he did not want to comment while the police investigation continues.

“The police are doing a full investigation,” the man said through a partially opened front door.

…The homeowner’s name and address were included recently on the controversial interactive map of gun permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties published on The Journal News’ website.

Given that the ex-burglars say that the gun owner map is a help to criminals, it’s not a surprise that a story like this is showing up. Expect more of the same…

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  • LiberalNightmare

    Clearly, the first thing we should do is impose some sort limitation a on news papers first ammendment rights.

    Perhaps we could limit the amount of foi requests that can be made at one time.

    Of course, background investigations for anyone that makes an foi request would be a good way to make sure that only trustworthy people can get access to this type of information.

    Another possibility would be to restrict the venues that could use this type of information. I mean, its a newspaper right? Why do they need a website to get their story out?

    Naturally, if you disagree with me you must not care about helpless senior citizens.

    • GarandFan

      “Why do they need a website to get their story out?”

      It’s not about “news” or “reporting”. It’s about INTIMIDATION. WE know where you live. We’re letting everyone else know.

    • jim_m

      You left out a waiting period.

      Perhaps there should be a law against high capacity FOI requests. Requests that are for more than 10 pieces of information will be banned. So that list of 40,000 permit holders would take at least 4000 separate FOI requests.

      If a FOI request is for a computer file it should only be delivered in 5 1/4 inch floppy disk. Nobody really needs a USB drive or a DVD.

      Also, only people who have been issued a state approved FOI request license should be allowed to make a request. In order to get this an applicant would have to fill out the appropriate forms and mail them to the State Police with a photograph of the individual and payment of the license fee. FOI licenses will take upwards of 90 days to process due to the applicant having to pass a background check (this background check is separate from and additional to the check made when making a request).

      Licenses will be denied if the person has ever been sued for libel or slander, charged with stalking, or been determined to be mentally unbalanced and licenses will be revoked without notice if a holder is deemed to have violated any of the previously stated conditions. Persons who have their license revoked can petition after the fact to have their licenses reinstated (screw due process, gun owners aren’t given that right either).

      People who have information received from a FOI request that have their license revoked must surrender all information obtained from a FOI request immediately to the local police. If they are successful in getting their license reinstated they can file a separate appeal to the local police to have that information returned, but the police are under no obligation to keep that information and they may have had it destroyed.

      People in possession of information obtained via a FOI request and who do not themselves possess a FOI license are guilty of a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail and $2500 fine and will have their rights to a FOI license permanently revoked.

  • James Morrison

    This has simply become a database for criminals who are smart (avoid gun homes) and for those who are stupid (target gun homes with the hope said home is unoccupied).

    Seems the Journal has chosen to “cry ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theatre” rather than being a responsible adherent to the First Amendment.


    • jim_m

      An unoccupied home with a high probability of a gun inside becomes an attractive target for theft since stolen guns are very valuable. Such was the case here. The homeowners have a good case for a suit against the paper since they appeared on the list and the gun safe was apparently the only target of the break in.

  • 914

    This requires a Barry executive order.

    A.) The paper shall receive stimulus incentive for their hard work.

    B.) All gun owners shall register their safes.

  • GarandFan

    Don’t know why those newspapers hired armed guards. Why didn’t they just put up “GUN FREE ZONE” signs?

  • The_Queen_of_France

    I’m wondering what took so long. Can’t these criminals read a map?

    • jim_m

      They had to steal a computer so they could get online to look at the map first.