Chicago’s $22.5 Million Payout To A Gang Rape Victim Is Probably A Bargain

Eilman family photo

Eilman family photo

They’re paying that astronomical amount because the Chicago Police Department arrested Christina Eilman at Midway Airport in 2006 as she had a bipolar meltdown, held her overnight before releasing her into a high-crime area of Chicago where she was gang raped then thrown out of a seventh floor window.

(AP) CHICAGO – The parents of a California woman who was raped and severely injured after Chicago police released her from custody in a troubled neighborhood despite her obvious mental illness said Thursday that a $22.5 million settlement with the city is a “bittersweet victory.”

The settlement that will pay for Christina Eilman’s extensive ongoing therapy is the largest in a police misconduct case in Chicago history.

…After the council’s action, Christina Eilman’s mother and stepfather, Kathleen and Richard Paine, released their first public statement in years about the case. They described how the events that culminated in their daughter falling or being thrown from a 7th-story window had devastated her life.

“No amount of money will bring back the daughter we knew, the lovely young woman who was full of life and accepting of all people,” the Paines wrote. “Her life was dramatically changed after she came to Chicago and found herself in the grasp of several insensitive and uncaring police officers and detention aides who humiliated her, directed cruel and insensitive comments toward her, ignored her desperate need for help and placed her in harm’s way.”

Eilman’s federal lawsuit against the city was scheduled to begin next week. Her family initially was seeking $100 million, but agreed to the lower figure during extensive negotiations with the city.

Chicago Alderman Edward Burke says the city could have lost $80 million or more had a jury learned of all that Eilman went through and the nine desperate calls her mother made to police in the 27 hours. She had begged officers not to release her daughter because her daughter was bipolar and having a breakdown, but to no avail.

…Despite doing things like babbling incoherently and smearing menstrual blood on the holding cell walls, and after her parents’ frantic calls, Eilman was released to fend for herself in a high-crime area. She ended up in a nearby public housing building, where a man raped her at knifepoint before she fell from a seventh-story window.

Chicago Tribune detailed her ordeal in 2010 (and photo gallery), and the details are chilling. The police really did throw this disturbed woman to the wolves. Alderman Burke is right, a jury would have given the family more than the city settled for.

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  • GarandFan

    Hey! Couldn’t have happened! That’s a Democratic Worker’s Paradise! Just ask Rahm!

  • ackwired

    This kind of thing may be more common than we realize. I was helping a schizophrenic a few years ago, and his social worker explained to me how these folks are picked up by police and then released on their own, often in poorer parts of town. They obviously have no access to their meds or support. Here in Phoenix, and I’m sure in many other places, the police have no choice. Laws and regulations require them to pick them up, and require them to release them. If you care for someone who is mentally ill, it is very important that you do what you can to prevent them from falling into the “system”.

  • Commander_Chico

    A lot of cops suck. A few are public-spirited heros.

  • john53

    Its Chicago, liberal and corrupt democrat stong hold. I am sure they thought this would just blow over and when it was going to go to trail and the degenerate of the city were exposed is when the decided to pay a minimunal amount to keep it quiet.
    Mayor Rahm, no doubt is smiling

  • jim_m

    What does Rahm care? It’s not his money.

    Chicago has paid out $22.5M here, $18M to the Family of Latanya Haggerty, who was shot to death for double parking while black; $40.25M to settle cases of police torture dating back to the 1980’s under police captain John Burge plus $16M in legal fees on that case alone.

    Chicago has THE most corrupt and predatory police department of any major city. No wonder they want to make sure that the public is disarmed. They might defend themselves against the police. Recently the police commissioner effectively declared open season on ccw holders saying that if a ccw law is passed he can’t guarantee that his police won’t “accidentally” shoot them, that they deem anyone with a gun a threat and may use lethal force to disarm them.

    This is what you get when you have a government that has total control of the security and therefore lives of the people living in the city. This is exactly what the left wants in every city across the nation.

    It should also be noted that the police union fought the settlements and administrative punishments in every case. They fought the dismissals in the Haggerty case, they fought for John Burge and delayed justice for many families. Police routinely cover up the violence and assaults of their colleagues in Chicago. You have any dealings with the Chicago police and you take you life into your hands.

    • jim_m

      Chicago police are constantly caught in corruption

      At the mayor’s office, there is defensiveness about these cases–but no sense of alarm about what’s going on at the Chicago Police Department.

      There was no alarm in 1996 when seven officers from the Austin District were charged with shaking down drug dealers for cashand narcotics.

      No alarm in 1997 when three Gresham District cops were charged with similar offenses–and the police superintendent resigned after it came out he was buddies with a convicted felon.

      No alarm in 1998 when the police charged a 7-year-old and 8-year-old with a murder they didn’t commit.

      No alarm in April when a cop was indicted on charges of running a drug ring. No alarm in May when a cop was charged with bribery.

      No alarm now.

      But wait, there’s more!!

      4 cops in special unit sentenced after pleading guilty in long-running probe

      Chicago police officers assigned to the elite Special Operations Section stole nearly half a million dollars after targeting a Hispanic man driving an expensive car and withheld insulin from another man until he told them where he hid cash and cocaine, prosecutors alleged Friday…

      Over several years, the officers stopped their targets without legal
      justification, forced them or family members to sign consent forms after
      their homes had been searched, and then lied about it in court,
      authorities said.

      In Chicago having a badge means you get to do anything you want and get away with it, up to and including murder.

  • zipity

    “Forget it, Jake. It’s Chicago…..”

    • And Obama’s trying to turn the whole country into the same corrupt cesspool.

  • herddog505

    That’s the Chicago Way.

  • Mallet Head

    Nothing a ban on assault weapons won’t cure.

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