The funniest thing you’ll read all day

This from Andy Sullivan via Reuters in his article titled, Analysis: Budget constraints limit Obama’s second-term agenda, comes this unintentionally hilarious howler:

Since taking office in 2009, Obama has tried to balance his belief in an active government with concerns that the nation’s finances are on an unsustainable course.

Classic.  I assume the hilarity is unintentional.  Andy’s probably swallowed Obama’s occasional verbal sops to fiscal restraint and typed that sentence with a straight face.

Since rising to stardom, Lindsey Lohan has tried to balance her belief in a hard-partying lifestyle with concerns that her career is on an unsustainable course.

The possibilities are endless.

This video pretty aptly sums up Obama’s balance between belief in an active government and concern for the nation’s finances.


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  • GarandFan

    Maybe Andy’s trying to start a new career as a comedian.

    • Oysteria

      He’s trying to balance it with his career as a gynecologist.

      • retired.military

        Yeah he gave up being a proctologist after he found the perfect asshole looking back at himself from the mirror.