Confirmed: Hillary Clinton suffering from double vision after blood clot, fall

A number of people enjoyed poking fun at the ‘coke bottle’ glasses that Hillary Clinton wore during last Tuesday’s congressional testimony about the Benghazi debacle.  Many (myself included) speculated that her specs were merely a prop used to make her look smart or perhaps a little bit vulnerable – “you nasty Republicans wouldn’t hit a lady with glasses, would you?”

But an analysis of close-up photographs of Mrs. Clinton during her testimony done by the UK’s Daily Mail showed that Hillary’s glasses contained a removable Fresnel prism for her left eye.

‘If she’s wearing a Fresnel prism, then she has double vision without it,’ said Dr Mark Fromer, medical director at Fromer Eye Centers.

Professor Dan Reinstein, from the London Vision Clinic, told MailOnline that double vision occurs when both eyes are receiving good images individually, but the alignment of the eyes is not exactly parallel, causing the brain to interpret the images as coming from different positions.

‘Fresnel prisms can be used to compensate for the deviation between the eyes,’ he explained.

Professor Reinstein said the Secretary of State’s fall could have affected the muscles that control the movement of her eyes.

‘If indeed Secretary Clinton is wearing a Fresnel prism, and if indeed this is related to what has been described as a result of her recent unfortunate fall, this would imply the head injury may have affected her extraocular muscle balance,’ he said.

Professor Reinstein said such squints are often temporary, or can be corrected by squint surgery.

‘I doubt this will have any effect on her ability to see clearly all the way to 2016,’ he said of the Secretary of State, who is widely expected to run for the presidency in three years time.

The New York Daily News is now reporting that this indeed is the case:

Clinton’s spokesman confirmed Thursday night she is wearing the special glasses as a result of the fall and concussion she suffered last month, but he did not elaborate.

Naturally this story is not getting the exposure that a similar episode involving a high profile Republican official/potential Presidential candidate would receive.  Bill Clinton was notoriously secretive about his medical records, so I believe we are justified in asking questions about Hillary Clinton’s overall health.  CVST is a serious condition, and if she develops additional problems it is unlikely that her handlers will be able to mask the symptoms.  Undoing the damage done to her credentials by the Obama campaign four years ago is not going to be an easy task, nor is salvaging her reputation as a “smart diplomat” after the recent series of US policy failures in the Middle East.  Age-related health issues on top of these other problems may spell an early end to an assumed 2016 Presidential candidacy.
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  • GarandFan

    When McCain ran for office at 72, the Democrats pointed out he was “too old”. If Hillary! were to run in 2016, she would be 69. No spring chicken. And if she were to win, would she run for a second term in 2020? She’d be 73. Or do Democrats age differently?

    • MartinLandauCalrissian

      Come on, GarandFan, you know that Democrats are always, always excluded from any disqualifiers. The media only sees reasons Republicans are not right for office.

    • Conservachef

      Do they age differently? Heck, they keep voting wayyyy after they enter the grave!

  • jim_m

    Chico to come with a conspiracy theory on how the Joos poisoned Hilary in 3…2…1…

    • retired.military

      The elitist Joos at that.

  • The reason for Secretary Clinton’s new glasses has received plenty of press coverage. ABC World News presented a story about the reason for her new glasses. Clinton’s concussion and blood clot were also reported by the mainstream media. So, there is no cover-up pertaining to Secretary Clinton’s health unless you imagine one.

    Clinton’s age and health would be legitimate topics should Clinton try to make another run for the Oval Office. When Ronald Reagan first ran in 1980, his age was a topic brought up his Democrat critics.

    • MichaelLaprarie

      David I’m not saying there was “no coverage.” I’m just pointing out that this story was not headline news on all networks and news websites, nor was it repeated fodder for talk show hosts, nor was it a lead item for talking head shows. I’m pretty sure that’s what would have happened if a prominent, high profile Republican had suffered from the same problems. I doubt this will get any more mention unless a serious complication develops.

    • herddog505

      It would be of some interest to know how many stories ran about Hill’s fall and compare that with the number of stories that ran about Bush choking on a pretzel.

  • TomInCali

    Hahaha! She faked the concussion to get out of testifying!

    Oh, she then got a blood clot? And also agreed to testify anyway? Never mind.

    Hahaha! She’s wearing Coke-bottle glasses! That must be fake too!

    Oh, it’s correcting a serious condition? Never mind.

    Hahaha! She has a serious condition! Guess she won’t be able to run in 2016! What else is she not telling us?

    What the hell is the matter with you people?

    • jim_m

      Seeing as how the obama admin tried to use Petreus’ resignation as an excuse to keep him from testifying and seeing how the admin tried to keep ATF and DOJ staff from testifying on various issues and seeing how the obama admin has kept requested documents from Congress even after they were legally subpoenaed it was not unreasonable to suggest that, there being no evidence to support the claims at that time, that Hilary’s concussion etc were all fabricated.

      And now that it appears that she really does have a problem it is also reasonable to question whether or not she is healthy enough to serve.

      Given that the obama admin will not release obama’s medical records and hid his smoking from the public for several years it is not unreasonable to assume that they are hiding health related information about Hilary.

      Given that FDR’s polio related disability and Kennedy’s Addison’s Disease were hidden from the public, it is not unreasonable to assume that yet another dem is hiding significant health related issues from the public.

      Of course full disclosure would resolve these concerns and that should not be a problem for the most transparent administration ever!!! Alas, the only thing that has been transparent about this admin is the corruption.

      • TomInCali

        it was not unreasonable to suggest that, there being no evidence to
        support the claims at that time, that Hilary’s concussion etc were all

        I won’t begrudge you the initial skepticism, but once it became clear that she actually suffered a serious injury with ongoing repercussions, one would think you’d shut the fuck up about it.

        • jim_m

          I’ll STFU when I want to and not on your orders Mr Fascist.

          It was reasonable to be skeptical and now it is reasonable to question whether she is healthy enough to run for president in 4 years. I suppose that you think there is no reason to have any concern. I suggest that time will tell and that she will need to demonstrate that she is healthy enough to do it and not die in office.

          There is nothing wrong with such concerns, except that it troubles you because you want to make sure that there is someone to run other than that ass, Biden.

          • TomInCali

            I suppose that you think there is no reason to have any concern.

            One strawman. It felt smart.

            it troubles you because you want to make sure that there is someone to run other than that ass, Biden.

            Two strawmen. They felt smart.

          • jim_m

            Hey, you’re the jerk telling everyone to STFU. Then tell us why. Why is it that we should sacrifice our 1st amendment rights? Why should discussion and speculation about her condition be verboten?

            Other than your fascist desire to stifle dissent and your hidden desire to outlaw opposition?

          • retired.military

            dont you know that the left doesnt like people who disagree with their view point.

    • RichFader

      We’ve learned through experience that the safe default position with regard to Hillary Clinton is that she’s always lying unless proven otherwise. Given that her testimony the other day, particularly in the Ron Johnson exchange, showed her in pre-concussion form, that’s her primary problem in any future election, not the concussion.

    • jim_m

      What the hell is the matter with you people?

      Just treating the dems like they treat conservatives. Sucks when you are treated with the same distrust as you treat everyone else doesn’t it?

      Sorry but the “Have you no decency!” card is overdrawn. Such a complaint has become the refuge of left wing scoundrels for a long time. You have no decency. We will treat you accordingly.

      • TomInCali

        Just treating the dems like they treat conservatives.

        I don’t recall any Dems tracking a conservative’s medical issues and gleefully highlighting and then dismissing their symptoms as they became more medically serious.

        • herddog505

          While radio giant Rush Limbaugh tries to beat his pain killer addiction in a rehab clinic, questions about what really caused his hearing loss in recent years persist.

          — Good Morning America

          At any rate, where have people been yucking it up about The Hilldabeast’s medical condition? I can say that I, like many here, have been very skeptical as the information that came out did do in a dribble and coincided with calls for her to testify before the Congress about what happened in Benghazi.

          But taking glee in it? No.

        • jim_m

          I recall dems taking glee when Reagan was shot and openly hoping he would die. I recall very much the glee when Limbaugh had his addiction troubles. Don’t give me your bullshit about how the left is caring. The left only cares for those who it can benefit from and it revels in the downfall of its opponents.

          • The_Queen_of_France

            There’s also Dick Cheney and his heart condition. Even after being out of office, there are plenty on the left who openly wish for the worst for him.

          • TomInCali

            Don’t give me your bullshit about how the left is caring.

            Three strawmen. They all felt smart.

        • retired.military

          They just accused Palin of covering up a supposed incestuous tryst between father and daughter to explain Trig.

          • jim_m

            That’s OK because Trig wasn’t running for office. I am sure that had he done so that Tom would have been first in line to protest any discussion of his private medical records. NOT.

    • 914

      “What the hell is the matter with you people?”

      We recognize liar’s when we see them.

      • TomInCali

        Which was the lie? The concussion? The blood clot? The Fresnel prism?

        You don’t realize just how stupid you seem right now.

    • herddog505

      Where’s Andrew Sullivan when you need him?

    • retired.military

      Folks like you are whats the matter.

  • MartinLandauCalrissian

    I think people forgot what a good liar this woman is. Her faux “testimony” seemed to surprise too many.

  • Paul Hooson

    Hillary Clinton is certainly the frontrunner, but I have doubts that she’ll run in 2016. She certainly wanted the job before, but maybe not now. This leaves the Democratic field wide open. This also leaves the Democrats in a bad position here. Joe Biden isn’t electable. He’s a decent man, and loyal, but simply too much of a political joke for many people. He lacks all of the magic charisma of President Obama. Vice Presidents are seldom elected on their own, with the exceptions of George H.W. Bush and Richard Nixon, although much delayed until 1968 there. If the Democrats go with Joe Biden, they may not win the election unless the economy is so great that the public can overlook a lot of Joe Biden. That’s a real tall order right there.

    Chris Christie would certainly be the Republican frontrunner, but my hunch tells me that that he doesn’t want it and won’t run. This leaves Paul Ryan as the most likely frontrunner. But, members of Congress are never elected president. Gerald Ford was appointed to the position, but couldn’t win the position on his own, and he was certainly more popular than Paul Ryan. I’m not convinced that Paul Ryan could even carry his home state of Wisconsin in a general election unless the Democratic candidate is so weak that they’re blown out in the popular vote. Generally, the Republicans seem to reward some old guard the nomination who they felt has earned it. This time there isn’t one. So Paul Ryan and Chris Christie are untested products here, especially Christie, although Christie would certainly have a far better chance to win than Ryan. Christie is a little bit like the Republican Hubert Humphrey. And that’s a good thing.

    More problems brewing for the Republican brand in 2016 is that the economy may be very strong by this year, as signs of the stock market, housing market and weekly jobless figures are greatly improving. Further, I still doubt that there’s a will for the Republican Party to improve their appeal beyond wealthy White male voters. Strangely, they are able to win the House with their current message to voters, but not a national election for president. But, part of that’s how population is distributed. Big cities vote strongly Democratic in the national elections and carry many important key states in the end.

    2016 may be a real wild card year for both parties. But, national elections are still like some high school election for class president, where the popular kid always wins the election. Show me someone with a real charisma factor, and I’ll show you a winner.

    • UOG

      Paul, there is so much in your post that I disagree with my only problem was knowing where to start. Then you closed with, “Show me someone with a real charisma factor, and I’ll show you a winner” and the heart went out of me for contesting those other issues. Sadly (in terms of the country’s welfare) that statement nails the fix we’ve found ourselves in for a good number of years now. Good observation.

    • retired.military


      If Hillary is on life support she will still run.
      If she dies than Biden will be left wondering why he wasnt coronated. Of course no one else will be suprised the dems pick someone else but Biden will be clueless.

      • jim_m

        Even a dead Hilary would be a more intelligent President than a breathing Biden. Plus it would be hard to tell the difference between a living a deceased leftist. After all, all they do is lie when they are alive and all they can do after is lie (they’re lying still.)

    • Commander_Chico

      Rubio is the repub frontrunner. Could see Jeb Bush.. Christie’s got no chance, he’s too honest and not a warmonger / hater. I’d like to see a moderate like Bob Corker run. Rob Portman or John Kasich for Ohio, maybe. Susana Martinez also looked good at the convention.

      The repub guy to watch in my opinion is Mike Pence. I would bet on him now.

      Ryan’s career is dead, he was a drag on the ticket last year. Palin just got shitcanned by Fox, she’s over, will be wrestling Tonya Harding soon.

      Dems, if not Hillary, could see Sherrod Brown, Mark Warner, Bob Casey, Jr., Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray, Jeanne Shaheen, Jack Reed, Martin O’Malley, Andrew Cuomo.

    • Charisma works in high school elections. Charisma’s fun for popularity contests. “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent” would be DOA without it.

      But Charisma doesn’t replace competency, common sense, or an ability (and willingness) to look at a plan you’ve started and go “WFT. This isn’t working, I’d better stop it and try something else, or figure out WHY it isn’t working.)

      Charisma’s fine when there’s no lives on the line and nothing (aside from your own embarrassment) at stake. The folks on AI or AGT won’t be beheaded if they get rejected, they won’t be killed if they intentionally bring on a stupid act.

      Charisma (at least some…) is a necessary part of politics – but underneath the glitz there’d better be something solid.

      Sadly, as 2008 and 2012 proved, it’s not enough to have solid competency. When politicians are pushed up and pimped out by the media, competence comes in dead last, and charisma’s the all-important factor.

      And now we’re in a world where style is more important than substance, where solid values are made fun of and replaced by the whims of the day. In the long run, it’s far more harmful than helpful…

  • ackwired

    Ah…that whole concussion thing was a hoax staged to keep her from having to testify. I know because I read it on Wisbang.

  • retired.military

    Gee if a republican candidate had a clot and double vision than it would be front page for weeks. I know Hillary isnt running “yet” but you can bet that her health issues will never get brought up in 2016.