Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ was another smashing success. There were way too many excellent captions to honor, so go read the rest all of the entries. The assignment this week was to caption the following picture:


Here are the winning entries:


2) (fustian24) – “Let’s hope this is a partisan witch hunt…because I think they found one.

3) (Rodney Dill) – “The Senate and House quickly lost interest in what Hillary said, as she always insisted on starting with a Vogon poetry recital.

4) (John H) – “When you have the facts on your side, pound the facts.
When you have the law on your side, pound the law.
When you have neither the facts nor the law on your side, pound the table.

5) (retired.military) – “Hillary rides her sybian.

6) (Paul Hooson) – “Suddenly, Mr. Khrushchev’s shoe banging testimony before the U.N. looks calm by comparison.

The Readers Choice Award this week goes to:

(retired.military) – “The face of the democratic party when they dont get their way.

That’s all for this weekend. A new edition of the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.

NYPD Chief, "The Problem Is The Handgun"
VP Biden: Mental Health Checks Could Have Stopped Vir. Tech Shooting
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  • herddog505

    Thank you. fustian24 had a better spin: “… I ORDERED THE CODE PINK!”

    • fustian24

      Yeah, but I didn’t come up with the quote.

      I snorted when I read it Friday morning (but couldn’t resist tweaking it a little).

  • Paul Hooson

    For my money, humor involving a Sybian always has my heart….but that’s just me. But, all kidding aside, it looked like a pretty angry meltdown to me. I wasn’t too happy at what I saw. She really lacked the normally calm temperament that day that had to deal with many frustrating and complex foreign policy problems during the past four years. Certainly, she opened herself up to some jokes here as well as likely ending any presidential ambitions right here as well. It looked like the end of the Clinton dynasty era to me. And not on a high note, either.

    • retired.military

      I think she did it for the sympathy from the press myself. Nothing Hillary does is without forethought and political planning in mind.

      Oh and she will run in 2016 if she is on her deathbed.

    • Brucehenry

      What the hell are you talking about? She leaves her job with a 69% approval rating. 85% of Democrats say they are likely or very likely to support her in 2016 if she runs. Most Democrats think she made Sens Johnson and Paul look like the benighted ignorami they are.

      • Vagabond661

        I don’t think Ambassador Stevens would have given her high marks.

      • Most Democrats think she made Sens Johnson and Paul look like the benighted ignorami they are.

        … she could have just picked her nose and most Democrats would have come to this same predetermined conclusion in their minds.

        • Brucehenry

          That whooshing noise you and Vagabond hear is the point flying over your heads.
          Hooson says her performance ended her political ambitions. My point was not whether Democrats SHOULD support her or not. It’s that they DO.

          • …then, not surprisingly, you missed my point entirely. The Democrats and media think she got the best of the encounter based on predetermined beliefs.
            (and if you bothered to look I was responding to a specific portion of your statement that I “quoted”, not the venerable Hoosan’s comments… Zing… miss… please play again.)

          • Brucehenry

            My comment was IN REPLY to Hooson’s, genius. He said the episode ended her presidential ambitions. I pointed it out that not only did it NOT end them, it enhanced them. The fact that most Dems feel she got the best of Johnson and Paul is the icing on the cake, whether their feelings are based on predetermined beliefs or not.

            Whether or not the Dems SHOULD feel this way is irrelevant to my reply. The nomination is hers if she wants it — at least for now. Hooson is wrong, IMO.

          • fustian24

            Apparently you are allowed to give your opinions freely, but Rodney is somehow beyond the pale for expressing his.

            Or is it that we are only allowed to address your main points?

            You expressed the opinion that “Most Democrats think she made Sens Johnson and Paul look like the benighted ignorami they are.”

            That WAS one your points, wasn’t it? I’m pretty sure that was you. In fact, I copied it from your post letter for letter. Let the record show that this was a point made by one “Brucehenry”.

            Aren’t comments allowed on all of your points, or was that one somehow off-limits?

            Rodney disagreed with that particular view and pointed out that democrats may not have been especially open-minded about that.

            Personally, I don’t see that he was missing the point at all. In fact, I wouldn’t be hugely surprised to find out that Rodney agrees with your main point that Hillary is still viable. It’s a crime against justice, reason, and the rule-of-law, but there it is.

            It’s that other point of yours he commented on, but apparently that wasn’t allowed.

            Could you maybe use some kind of color or punctuation to help us understand which of your points can be discussed and which are off limits?

            We won’t honor them, of course, but we’re hugely amused at the attempt.

          • GMTA

          • Brucehenry

            Relax, Mr I’m-Offended-On-Behalf-Of-Someone-Else. Of course Rodney or anybody else is entitled to comment on my postings. He is likewise entitled to be snarked at if I think he missed my point.

            I was just clarifying who, in my opinion, missed whose point, dude. Nothing to get upset about. Save that outrage for when Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination and goes on to beat whatever loser the Republicans nominate next time.

          • fustian24

            Firstly, I’m not upset, just amused.

            Secondly in your “clarification” about who missed which point, you’re wrong.


          • fustian24

            Firstly, I’m not upset, just amused.

            Secondly in your “clarification” about who missed which point, you’re wrong.


          • retired.military

            True, unfortunately.

    • fustian24

      I can’t believe they had that woman cornered for a full day and couldn’t get any useful info out of her. Who monitored the live feed in the White House? What did Obama have to do with decision making? Who ordered the military to stand down?

      The fact that either Clinton still has their freedom tells us that we are not currently a nation of laws.

      • fustian24

        My understanding is that the two heroes that died at Benghazi left cover to laser target the terrorists. They would only have done this if they believed they had close air support. I’d like to know why they thought that and why it wasn’t there for them.

  • retired.military


  • Thanks Kevin and All!

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