Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon’s Anti-Fracking Protest Song–‘Don’t Frack My Mother’?

NPR is again flogging a recent anti-fracking protest song performed by Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon that features the memorable refrain, “pleeeease, don’t frack my mother.”

The half-comedic song debuted during the Summer on the late night TV talk show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and was performed by Ono, the former paramour of the Beatle’s John Lennon, Sean, John’s son from his union with Yoko, and host Fallon.

On a side note, are we to understand that congenial Jimmy Fallon is taking a stand against the economic growth that has come to millions of Americans as a result of fracking? Is that a good idea, Mr. Fallon?

NPR dredged up the mostly adolescent song in a January 27 report on the protests against fracking.

In its report, NPR says that the term fracking originally only pertained to hydraulic fracturing but has now become an absurd catchall phrase to cover “just about anything to do with producing oil and gas.”

Why is the term in such wide use? Because “It sort of has this naughty connotation to it.”

The tune approximated John Dylan’s song, “The Times They Are A Changin'”, and featured Sean affecting a gravely voice as Yoko danced around yelling out “don’t frack me, don’t frack me” while carrying a globe helpfully labeled “Mother Earth.”

The song, though, seemed to aim more at dropping double entendres than in successfully driving home any message about hydraulic fracturing.

Sean had previously spoken out against hydraulic fracturing–or fracking–in an editorial published in The New York Times in August of 2012.

Many of the claims offered by anti-fracking protesters were debunked in the recent documentary movie FrackNation which debuted earlier this month. The film, directed by Irish journalists Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, devastates the many distortions that anti-fracking activists perpetrate in another recent documentary titled Gasland.

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  • You know, I’m just…

    Well, it’s…

    Okay. Words just plain fail on this. Do people REALLY take crap like Yoko and Sean singing ‘Don’t Frack Me’ seriously?

  • GarandFan

    Two “no-talent” people riding on Lennon’s shoulders. Got to admire it when Yoko sells her “art”. I recall one event years ago in San Diego. She faked an orgasm on stage while moaning “John, John, John!!!!” The lemmings ate it up.

  • Wild_Willie

    The snooty NYC elite are the only ones that pay Ono any mind. Of course she has her armed guards and millions in wealth. ww

  • EricSteel

    Isn’t Yoko Ono, the one who broke up the Monkees? I just can’t keep up with the spouses of former celebs who haven’t been relevent in decades.

  • Hank_M

    Fracking is an apt description of Yoko’s singing style.

    • You call what she does “singing”?

      • jim_m

        Sounds more like torturing cats.

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  • In other words, Fallon was scraping the bottom of the barrel when he put Yucko Oh-No on his show.

  • retired.military

    I cant stand Yoko, john, the beatles or anyone else of that ilk.

  • jim_m

    Hagel got his ass handed to him in confirmation hearings today and last quarter’s GDP was revised to -0.1% but Wizbang has articles on Anna Wintour and Yoko Ono.


    • Sorry, very busy at work.

      • jim_m

        Me as well. But you’re not the only author on the site.