Media Lies Again With ‘Man Buys Missile Launcher During Gun Buyback Program’

Rocket launchers roaming our city streets and being turned in at gun buyback programs is a fake story the Old Media establishment has repeatedly promulgated as real and I am getting a bit sick and tired of it.

Early in January I noted an instance where the media went gaga over “missile launchers” that were turned in at a gun buyback program in Los Angeles. Then I noted that the so-called “rocket launchers” where really nothing of the kind.

As it happens the items scarily reported as “rocket launchers” were really just useless and harmless plastic tubes from which no “rocket” could be launched. Some were one-use tubes that had already been used by the military–and could never be loaded with another rocket– but, worse, some were training devices that never could have launched a rocket in the first place and were just visual aides for new soldiers. Essentially these so-called “rocket launchers” were just danger-free plastic relics.

A baseball bat is more dangerous than these so-called “rocket launchers.”

Absurdly, the incident above wasn’t the only time the news media lied about scary rocket launchers being turned in to L.A. police.

Well, this week we have yet another example of this lie being pushed to the public with the sole goal of scaring everyone into thinking that people are roaming the streets with evil, evil “rocket launchers.”

This time it is Seattle Police making the false claim and the media mindlessly helping them push the tall tale.

CBS Seattle reports,

Seattle police worked with Army officials Monday to track down the history of a nonfunctional missile launcher that showed up at a weapons buyback program and determine whether it was legal or possibly stolen from the military.

A man standing outside the event Saturday bought the military weapon for $100 from another person there, according to Detective Mark Jamieson.

Once again, what was in play here is a SINGLE-USE rocket tube that HAD ALREADY BEEN USED and is now just a plastic relic.

This story is a NON STORY. This tube is just useless garbage that has only one use: as a wall hanger to look cool. It is no longer a weapon and could not be made into one.

The police and the media are simply lying with these stories. The devices they keep reporting on are just harmless hunks of plastic.

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  • TomInCali

    No one lied about anything. It is a rocket launcher, it is non-functional, and it is likely stolen (or “borrowed” without authorization) from the military. All of that is true, and was accurately reported.

    • herddog505

      One man’s propaganda is another man’s news, I suppose.

    • The_Weege_99

      Really?? Do you not understand that when the headline splashed is that a rocket launcher was turned in, or when the blip of a newscast item is that a rocket launcher was turned in, the intent was to make the public think there are actual live rocket launchers loose in the country. This is fearmongering at its most base.
      Otherwise, what news value is there in talking about tubes which pose no threat and which cannot be used as a weapon beyond being a club, and not a particularly effective club at that?

      • Conservachef

        I looked at the CBS article. They used the rocket launcher tube, plus the fact that people bought guns from people standing in line, to push the “comprehensive universal background check” meme.

      • TomInCali

        the intent was to make the public think there are actual live rocket launchers loose in the country

        Gee, then I guess they shouldn’t have reported that it was “nonfunctional”, eh? If they wanted to make it look like there were live rocket launchers around, they did a pretty poor job of it.

        • retired.military

          How many people made it past the headline?

    • Conservachef

      It looks like they are legal to buy- one commenter noted that there were plenty of used M-72 tubes for sale in Oregon. So it is “likely” legal property.

      Beyond that, one would expect that the police should be able to find out the legality of it in about 5 minutes, without some extended “investigation.”

    • retired.military

      That is like saying that a machine gun stock is a deadly weapon. Hey it was once illegal, it once operated, it once was fully automatic, it once had all its parts and most importantly liberals like Tom still have a tizzy over it. All I said is true and accurately reported.

  • Commander_Chico

    Good work, Fear Department!

  • Paul Hooson

    This one-use item may appear to be useless, but some resourceful and dangerous people can make weapons out of nearly anything. Someone was making bombs out of drain cleaner and putting them in city parks in my neighborhood, endangering the public safety with these dangerous booby trap devices. Timothy McVeigh blew up a federal building in Oklahoma, using just fuel oil and fertilizer. A common piece of plastic tube or plastic pipe can be fashioned into a potato launcher or even a homemade bazooka to hurl a homemade bomb. Human urine can be made into gunpowder or an explosive by a some members of a KKK breakaway offshoot group, the Minutemen, who have an entire book on how to make explosives, bombs, or other devices from common items. THE ANARCHIST COOKBOOK is a dangerous manual on making homemade explosives from common items. Powdered aluminum will burst into flames if water is applied to it. Common flour can explode under the right circumstances. In prisons, almost anything, including plastic spoons can be fashioned into knives or other weapons. In the wrong hands, almost anything can be made into some item that’s a danger to others. There’s just no way for a free society to prevent this sort of nonsense.

    Much of these products are not only a danger to others, but present a real danger to the maker as well. It is a darn fool who would ever want to want to tamper with any of these dangerous and unstable items, such as homemade explosives. I know of one guy that blew the better part of a hand in the off making homemade firecrackers in the 1980’s, and knew about another guy who blew up his face, screwing around making some sort of homemade bomb during the 1970’s.

    Science teaches regular folks that the combination of some common items can be extremely hazardous and dangerous and something to certainly avoid, while other guys, with far less common sense experiment with some dangerous stuff just for thrills. I don’t really understand the psychology of that, and yet I have nearly eight years of college, much of it in psychology. But, it appears to be some sort of juvenile instinct similar to small kids playing with matches or using a magnifying glass to set grass or a bug on fire. It might also be some distorted and displaced sexual urges, attracted to fire or explosions, unlike the normal sexual attractions that that most normal adults feel. It often appears that some of those most attracted to potentially violent objects such as explosives or weapons, have relatively soft sexual relations with others, strongly suggesting some serious social dysfunctions at their core being. The Unabomber for example, had a very dysfunctional social life, despite more than enough education that he should have recognized some serious symptoms in his life, and sought professional help. In other cases, such as these school shooters and others, seriously distorted social relations and other disturbances were not given the professional help that was required to keep these personalities from acting out with violence.

    • LiberalNightmare

      It seems like your justifying the fact that the PD lied about the rocket launcher on the grounds that it ‘could’ be dangerous if some dangerous and resourceful person chose to make it dangerous.

      The fact is that PD displayed that non-functional rocket launcher as a piece of theater to demonstrate the success of their buyback program. Certainly the PD knew the true status of that ‘weapon’. The only way that device is still dangerous is if it is used as a club.

      They lied.

      • Paul Hooson

        I agree that the rocket launchers appeared to be totally useless items. But, it was a surprising item to show up for the gun buyback program. On the other hand, some common junk from a grocery or hardware store can be fashioned into weapons just as a matter of fact as I clearly pointed out. But, that’s not to say that those rocket launchers could ever be fashioned back into something of the same order or not. If some guys want to experiment fooling around and turning spray cans into homemade flamethrowers or other nonsense weapons that’s totally on them. It’s stupid, and dangerous both.

        • LiberalNightmare

          It is stupid and dangerous, but it doesn’t become relevant until the Seattle PD has a spraycan buyback program.

          • Paul Hooson

            Pretty much my point here as well. Almost anything can be touted out as weapon, or even made into a weapon. The rocket launchers in L.A. obviously were not weapons grade ready to use, but with a day’s effort, they could be made a large zip gun if someone really wants to. Wikipedia has an interesting section on improvised weapons including small flashlights made into crude, but functional firearms. During the Bosnian civil war for example, many of the firearms were crude and handmade by some combatants including 12 gauge shotguns made from some pipe and wood, etc. Spray cans of almost anything flammable can be made into small flamethrowers, Homemade rockets or handgrenades can be made from pipe packed with some explosives, etc.

            Improvised weapons are usually associated with gangs in some areas were conventional weapons are not available.Gangs in China, India, Russia, The Philippines still are heavily associated with what used to be a 1950’s U.S. gang problem of producing homemade zip guns and other homemade weapons because conventional guns were not available.

    • Conservachef

      Was there a point in that rambling incoherent mess? Other than your idiotic “Minutemen=KKK” BS?

      • Paul Hooson

        No, there was several organizations that called themselves, “Minutemen” over the last 100 years. One group that formed of former KKK members called themselves The Minutemen, and published a book on how to create weapons and explosives from common items, including human urine that could be made into gun powder or an explosive.

        • Conservachef

          Ok Paul, I’ll bite. My google search turned up a Minutemen band, the original militia styled Minutemen from the Revolutionary War, and the Minutemen project designed to call attention to/stop illegal border crossings.

          Tell me about this KKK offshoot, and their version of the anarchist cookbook.

          • Paul Hooson

            At the height of the Cold War with the Soviets attempting to put missiles into Cuba, one small faction of the KKK, decided to break off and became survivalists, convinced that a Soviet invasion of the U.S. was soon to take place, who trained themselves to live in the woods, where they would have to produce gunpowder and weapons out of items found in nature. What they produced was a strange, but fascinating book of turning common items such as urine into gunpowder and bombs and other weapons made from very simple items. This early 60’s survivalist movement eventually faded away, but their unique and strange book was a real classic among unusual books because of their deep understanding of survivalist guerrilla warfare and some of their scientific discoveries in turning common items into explosives and gunpowder. At one point, it was said that this organization might have had over 100 recipes for simple items that could be made into homemade gunpowder. Pretty amazing in it’s own way.

          • Conservachef

            Link? Or the name of a history book with that info?

          • Paul Hooson

            The old Minutemen organization of the 1960’s was founded by Robert B. DePugh, and was investigated by the ATF and FBI for operating 19 strike teams across the country that might have targeted some prominent persons for assassination during the 1960’s,.including possibly, Dr. Martin Luther King. The organization was never linked to this murder, because of insufficient evidence, but DePugh was indicted on conspiracy to commit bank robbery charges according to information in the National Archives. Information about this old extremist 1960’s organization can found in the National Archives. Unfortunately, bank robbery is a common tactic of organizations similiar to this. While groups such as the KKK were once popular in the South, organizations like the Minutemen were stronger in the Western U.S. In Washington state, for example, members of a similiar type of organization were responsible for gunning down an armored car driver during a violent robbery in a Fred Meyer parking lot. In Spokane, a group that is associated with a White Supremacist bookstore and a motorcycle gang was responsible for gunning down a police officer in the commission of a bank robbery. An associate of this gang was indicted for running a huge drug importing conspiracy crime family organization that used helicopters and logging trucks to import B.C. Budtype marijuana from Canada into the U.S., laundering their money trail by purchasing businesses such as pizza restaurants, movie theaters and other businesses. What started out as some individuals strongly opposed to Communism, slowly evolved into criminal gangs robbing banks and involved in the illegal drug trade to help support their appetite for stockpiling guns and other weapons.

        • retired.military

          Is that the one that was led by KKK Byrd?

          • Paul Hooson

            I don’t know, I’m not any expert on the KKK. I do know from programs such as AMERICA’s MOST WANTED and newspapers, that some hoodlums associated with an organization very similar to the old Minutemen shot up a Fred Meyer shopping lot, when families go there to shop for food and other items, and that Washington state has had some real problems associated with a few individuals associated with violent survivalist movements who commit violent crimes such as bank robbery and murder to buy weapons to support their ideology. Their vision of society sure isn’t a safe or good one to raise kids in.

    • retired.military

      So to assauge liberals like Paul we have to stop selling 2 liter bottles of soda since drug dealers are using them to make shake and bake meth.

      • Paul Hooson

        No, I actually strongly support the 2nd Amendment. But, I’m a little bit concerned about a tone I sense from some that is antipolice in nature here. Police are a necessary thing in an orderly society. And no one should have to face a lot of deadly threats just to do their job each day. Hoodlums and thugs that terrorize the public with guns or even homemade weapons, who rob banks, or ruin our communities with drugs aren’t the good guys. There’s an awful lot of police who are great people.

        There was a great police leader in Clackamas County, Oregon, Damon Coates who was a very nice fellow, and an avid car collector. One day he had to respond to some young guy who caused a violent fight at a birthday party, and this guy shot Coates in the face, causing him significant brain damage. He’s had a number of strokes and other disabilities since this shooting. He can hardly speak now. It’s only this family’s strong faith in God that gives them the strength to continue each day. Who here would have the bravery to challenge this violent punk at this birthday party? Coates went there to protect lives, and this fine man nearly lost his life as a result.

        True, those rocket launchers in L.A. are useless junk. But, the intent of the gun buyback was to lower violence in the city. To cut crime. To lower suicides. To lower gun accidents. To make things safer for the public as well as the police. So, let’s not lose sight of that fact.

        The other day, a federal prosecutor in Texas was gunned down in what looked just like a drug gang hit like what you see in Mexico and South America. It was an outrageous violent gang type incident that seems to have traveled over the border into the U.S. You can’t have an orderly society if violent gangs are going to intimidate law enforcement like this. In Mexico and South America, order has broken down into chaos in some areas because of this nonsense.

        The real question is how are some military weapons reaching the public? And how many of these military weapons are actually weapons ready? That’s probably the real concern of the police here, and not some expended rocket tubes.

        I don’t think that you can call it liberal or conservative to want to have a safe society. I think you can just call that common sense.

    • herddog505

      “Expended one-use rocket launcher tube” + “people can make a weapon out of anything”* = “the police should be commended for getting these dangerous things off the streets!”?????
      (*) Yes, because the average American criminal is like McGuyver. My gosh, we’ve got to ban… well… EVERYTHING… to be safe from these supervillains!

  • puhiawa

    I see Sheriff Dumbo is on the news again. Single hand press of a silly empty tube. Because he is too fat to do real work.

  • Berzrkr50

    There are weapons far more deadlier than spent rocket launchers out there; They’re called “big mouth liberals”.