The American Experience: Atlanta Style

(The following video isn’t exactly news-worthy, but, it is a worthy watch. The action gets better (or worse, depending on your interpretation) as the video progresses, especially around the 2:50 mark. There’s a bit of crude language in this snap-shot of urban life, so if you are particularly sensitive to that, feel free to cover your ears.)

If this is indicative of modern-day city life in America, I count my blessings for having no part in the experience.

(Imagine trying to write a transcript of this?)

I really can’t grasp how, in a civilized society, some people come to act like this. They just go about their daily lives in this matter, thinking nothing of how they comport themselves, believing this kind of interaction with other people is natural.

Having said that…

I’ve gained some valuable insight from this little cinematic spectacle on how to effectively approach a verbal disagreement when in a big city:

  • ALWAYS SHOUT!  The louder you shout, the more substantive your argument will seem.
  • While shouting, repetition of words or phrases is key to bolstering your position – Your Position YOUR POSITION!   (See!)
  • Tired?  Stoned?  Ignorant?  Then always have a like-minded sidekick.  The tag-team strategy provides a multitude of benefits when engaged in mature, heated debate.
  • If you are black, learn Ebonics.  If you are white, learn Ebonics.  If you are neither: RUN!
  • When possible, bring yo’ children with you.  They can provide unassailable justification for your actions.  After all, you’re just protecting them from deleterious influences.
  • When you are with yo’ children, lead by example.  It’s never too early to prepare them for future confrontations.  For instance:  The children in this video start shouting “THAT’S WHY YOU GAY!” at the security guard.  (Not sure why they chose to brand him as “gay.”  I could maybe understand them yelling “Poopie-head,” but “gay?”)  This is a wonderful paradigm of the second bullet-point.
  • And for the married women watching this video, take note:  Only after the ‘mother’ sprang right back up from having been Tased did her husband feebly attempt to intervene.  This indirect emasculation of the husband is an added benefit.

As per the Taser:  Even though she received enough voltage to light up Vegas, she handled it like a true pro.  She got hit, tipped over like a felled tree, and was up and at it within seconds.  No doubt this amazing recovery was the result of years of practice.

All in all, I’d say this is probably a fairly accurate representation of real life in most cities.

It might be a nice place to visit, but it sure isn’t where I’d want to live.

Or die.



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  • Commander_Chico

    The security guard should have stayed back in the mall and kept his mouth shut until Baby Momma got tired and went away.

    I take the long view. This is what happens when you kidnap thousands of people from their native land, enslave them for years, strip them of their traditions and culture, then lord it over them for a century after that.

    It’s less than 50 years since those people had full civil and political rights. The fact that the son of an elite African and a Euro- American is president has little to do with the condition of the descendants of slaves.

    Welfare policies that seemed like a good idea back in the late 60s didn’t help, at least Clinton improved that.

    Any change in the culture of a people takes several generations to happen.

    • herddog505

      We have to consider the unavoidable presence of a large body of aliens, of a race widely dissimilar and in many respects inferior, whose present status is to us a social injury. If we had left them alone in their own country this dissimilarity and inferiority would be, so to speak, none of our business.

      There are other races, similarly distinguished, whose special standing in racial evolution does not embarrass us; but in this case it does. These were imported, much against their wills, for our supposed advantage; and as their inferiority was the very condition of our advantage, making possible their exploitation, no complaint was then made of it.*
      Gilman then goes on to discuss her views on how the deliterious effects of slavery could be more rapidly overcome.

      Welcome (back) to the era of Jim Crow.


      (*) Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “A Suggestion on the Negro Problem.” American Journal of Sociology 14 (Jul. 1908). Available online at

      • Commander_Chico

        Slave descendants are a small proportion of the US population now, maybe 10%. This group, and what Thurgood Marshall called “the badges of slavery” which persisted, will eventually be overwhelmed and absorbed by immigration, social climbing into the middle class, and interbreeding with other US groups.

        It will be a shame in many ways. A lot of American culture is from what the descendants of slaves have created – particularly in music. There are also the forms of religious celebration, rhetoric, writing and art which have come out from the descendants of slaves. Like with all peoples and cultures, you have to take the bad with the good.

        • Usually a culture tries to encourage the good.

          Anymore, that seems to be missing in the inner cities.

          • jim_m

            44 murders in Chicago in January. Most of them were confined to two neighborhoods, Garfield Park and Englewood. I’d give you 3 guesses as to what ethnic subculture these neighborhoods represent but you wouldn’t need them.

            Good thing that there’s a virtual ban on guns in Chicago. Now if only the criminals would obey the law…

          • herddog505

            They ARE troublesome that way, aren’t they?

          • herddog505

            They ARE troublesome that way, aren’t they?

    • jim_m

      WE did not kidnap them. In most cases the slaves that were sold were captives, products of tribal warfare. Look at muslim Africa today and you see much the same thing happening. They sell each other into slavery. They don’t need any outside influence to do so. As you note, it takes generations to change a culture. It still hasn’t changed in Africa.

      However, the leftist fixation on race does not make things better, it makes it worse. How will it ever be possible to treat someone as an equal when the first question that the government mandates to be asked is what race are you?

      • About the level of insight and historical knowledge one would expect of a soi disant “cognoscenti.”

    • LiberalNightmare

      Some might say that this is what happens when you allow a people to adopt a victim mentality and relieve them of personal responsibility for their behavior.

      • Commander_Chico

        Stay on topic. This is not about investment bankers and hedgies.

        • LiberalNightmare

          It not about slavery either.

          • Jwb10001

            Sure it is that’s the justification for idiotic behavior. You know the Jews could have the same argument after all they were killed in mass less than 100 years ago, suppose Chico is down with cutting them the same slack?

          • Commander_Chico

            Jews were oppressed and degraded for many years in Europe. When they came to the USA Eastern European Jews were derided as being of inferior intelligence.

            They were excluded from the Ivies well into the 20th century.

            Jews, like the Irish and Italians who were also discriminated against, did have the advantage of being white and therefore not subject to the legal discrimination that black people were. They were also able to preserve their culture, something the descendants of Africans brought to America in chains were not able to do.

          • Jwb10001

            Oh so what we witnessed in the video is African culture that has been suppressed? I see that explains it. So your answer is yes Jews and Irish were treated badly but they are white so no big deal. Got it.

          • Commander_Chico

            You aren’t saying Jews and Irish were treated as badly as black people when they came to America, are you?

          • Jwb10001

            I’m saying that you are giving people a pass when they don’t deserve it. You automatically focus on the fact that the person in question is African American (as Bruce points out it’s not just African Americans) and give them a pass because maybe their great great grandfather was a slave. The point of the story was that our entitled class living in inner cites (as Bruce also points out not necessarily inner city either) act like A-Holes. But in your typical fashion you have to take issue and throw in some nonsensical BS about the long lasting effects of someone’s forefathers being enslaved. Are you saying that having millions of your forefathers slaughtered while America stood by and did nothing, is some how less troubling than having forefathers enslaved? ARE YOU?

    • retired.military

      That is the most racist piece of crap writing that I have ever seen. Really.
      I cant believe you even wrote that. THere are millions of African Americans who are abhorred by that behavoir. You denigrate an entire race of people for a few.

      • herddog505

        Depends on your definition of “racist”. If it ascribes (or can be said to ascribe) bad behavior to this or that ethnic group, it’s RAAAAACIST. If it EXCUSES bad behavior, it’s tolerant, multicultural, and understanding.
        See the difference?

    • puhiawa

      Nobody made them retarded morons other then themselves.

  • Brucehenry


    What’s your point?

    • herddog505

      I think he made it:

      Shawn MallowI really can’t grasp how, in a civilized society, some people come to act like this. They just go about their daily lives in this matter, thinking nothing of how they comport themselves, believing this kind of interaction with other people is natural.

      Now, I would not ascribe this sort of behavior merely to “city folks”; I’ve lived in rural parts of the country where (as in the video you post) there are rude, obnoxious, loud, violent, pushy, mean, selfish, bullying, crude, boorish, cretinous, thuggish wastes of human life who are using oxygen that the rest of us need: the city hasn’t got a corner on that market.

      Is this sort of behavior acceptable? Do we want to encourage or discourage it? Shame it or excuse it?

  • puhiawa

    I won’t even let my kid go to Atlanta for training. Nairobi is safer. These people make jackals look like puppies. But dumber.