Noam Chomsky: Obama is Like an Old ‘Moderate Republican’

On January 30, professor Noam Chomsky, famed linguistic scholar and long-time anti-American activist, said on Current TV that if President Obama were in office a few decades ago he would have “basically” been considered a “moderate Republican.”

Chomsky made his comments on Cenk Uygur’s Current TV show The Young Turks.

The MIT professor’s main point was that the Democrats have moved rightward toward “moderate” positions while the GOP has moved even further to right to the point of being extremists. This move, Chomsky said, has essentially eliminated “moderate Republicans.”

“The Republican Party has become overwhelmingly so extreme that it’s hardly a traditional political party anymore,” Chomsky said.

Chomsky also said that Obama has no particular principles. As far as he was concerned, Obama was “kind of a mainstream centrist with some concerns for liberal ideas and conceptions, but not much in the way of principal or commitment.”

Chomsky warmed to the left’s favorite theme of the evils of money in politics claiming that the “concentration of political power” is but a result of the “concentration of wealth.” The big money means a political win, Chomsky seemed to claim, and this is a self-perpetuating evil as politicians “climb deeper and deeper into the pockets of those who were funding them.”

“So as the political system gets shredded, wealth gets concentrated, other policies change … you get a natural drift of the parties to the right,” he said.

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  • cirby

    Funny – I can make a very good case that John F. Kennedy would make a very good “moderate Republican” nowadays – except that Democrats call most of his policies and actions “extreme right wing.”

    • jim_m

      Well, Kennedy fought against the Soviets putting nukes 90 miles off our coast, whereas most of today’s dems would have welcomed what they would characterize as a righteous rebuke to our attempt at regional hegemony.

      • 914

        Today’s dems send weapons to enemies.

        • Brucehenry

          Like Reagan?

          • Why yes. Yes I like Reagan. I liked him a lot. Thanks for asking.

          • 914

            Yes, I voted for him twice.

  • GarandFan

    Chomsky is so full of crap, it’s a wonder he can leave the men’s room. Guess he thinks he can cover Barry’s tracks by calling him a “moderate Republican”.

    • Bird666

      More a wonder he can get in the men’s room!

    • When you’re far-left and getting further, from your perspective the
      Democrats HAVE moved towards moderation.

      As far as the ‘Republican’ part goes – he was just being insulting.

  • GarandFan

    Chomsky is so full of crap, it’s a wonder he can leave the men’s room. Guess he thinks he can cover Barry’s tracks by calling him a “moderate Republican”.

  • herddog505

    For consideration:

    Do lefties make statements like this because their grip on reality is so tenuous that they really don’t know what a “moderate” Republican is, or;

    Do lefties make statements like this in order to attempt to marginalize conservative Republicans by making them out to be extremist whack-jobs?

    • Hank_M

      Yes. Schumer admitted as much a couple of years ago, the key quote being….

      “I always use extreme,” Schumer said. “That is what
      the caucus instructed me to use.”

    • jim_m

      Both. They want to claim that they are not as extreme as they truly know that they are and by placing the extreme left in the center they ensure that even the moderate center looks extreme right wing. The tactic is to both make themselves feel like they are not the whack jobs the really are and to paint everyone else as being extremist, even the moderates.

    • Yes.

    • Commander_Chico

      Who’s denying reality? The Republicans keep nominating nutballs like O’Donnell, Angle, Mourdock and Akin who lose seats that should have been slam-dunks for them.

      The verdict of the voters is a strong indicator.

      The GOP is just about wiped-out in the Northeast, weak on the West Coast, and declining in the southwest because they know how to alienate large groups of Americans.

      Chomsky is right, and Obama is to the right of Nixon.

      • Thus spake the soi disant ‘cognoscenti…’

      • herddog505

        Would that be the same voters who delivered a historic a**-whuppin’ to the dems in ’10? The same voters who also elected such people as George Bush, Scott Walker, Scott Brown, etc?

        Lefties love to point to a handful of weak candidates as “proof” that the GOP is “extremist” or “weak” while overlooking the majority of GOP candidates who win, or, at least, perform creditably.

        Yes, the GOP is weak in blue-state America, as most Republicans can’t quite lower themselves to run on a platform of Obama-phones and “he’ll pay my mortgage and gas if he wins!”

        • Commander_Chico

          George Bush ran as a moderate and still lost the popular vote in 2000
          What is Scott Brown doing now?

          • herddog505

            I dunno. Where’s Algore? Or Jimmuh, if we want to reach back a bit.

            Say… was Algore an “extremist”, the democrat version of a Tea Partier? How about Jean-Francois, beaten by the rigid, conservative theocrat Bush in ’04?

            If you want to assert that the GOP has run some stinkers, you’ll get no argument from me (John McCain? Mitt Romney? Seriously???). However, to assert that the GOP is – somehow – done because they didn’t do as well as they ought to have done this past election is a little (dare I say it?) extremist.

            Further, I suggest that the GOP does poorly in part because, instead of running good conservatives, they run darlings of the left such as McCain or Romney. You know: the “moderate”, “middle of the road” Republicans. At least, that’s how they’re described right up until the win the nomination, and then it’s time to start branding them as rigid ideologues.

            Honestly, for somebody who’s so certain that TEH OLIGARCHY! is controlling us, you certainly seem to fall for the party line pretty easily.

          • Jwb10001

            Oh haven’t you heard Chico is a libertarian he’s no liberal….

          • Jwb10001

            Well luckily conservative stinkers go away democrat stinkers become Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House.

          • herddog505

            For your consideration:

            Conservatives who rallied to George W. Bush through No Child Left Behind, steel tariffs, Medicare Part D, Harriet Miers, etc. stood with him until the end. Many held on through TARP and the auto bailout and immigration, unable to see the fractures or trying to will them away. Now the GOP is dealing with the fall out of that legacy.

            Permanent majorities are fleeting. The coalition that swept [Barry] into office and kept him there is not yet the Democrats’ coalition. They do not consider themselves Democrats, but progressives. They are not of one mind on all issues. And all those issues will be at stake in 2016.


      • jim_m

        Your tin foil hat is slipping.

        In case it escaped your limited attention, the GOP owns 30 governorships and a majority of state legislatures.

      • fustian24

        While the dems vote in such paragons of virtue as Menendez (I want the young ones), “Refrigerator” Jefferson, and “Rent Control” Rangel. Let’s not forget that the guy standing on the ramparts assuring us that Freddie and Fanny were solvent also had a boy toy unknowingly (maybe?) running a gay prostitution business out of his house. That would be Barney Frank. As much as there are a few Republican clinkers, the dems are quite the bunch.

        I mean, C’mon. Pelosi?

    • fustian24

      Chomsky is so far to the left that he can see Marx from there. Things look different depending on your vantage point. I suspect this is nothing less than a comment on where Chomsky sits. To him Obama does look like a right-winger. He hasn’t shut down our military yet. We still have terrorists in Guantanamo and corporations, while damaged, are still allowed to exist. That’s all right wing in Chomsky’s book I would imagine.

      When Obama arrests our military, shuts down insurance companies and puts all of the well off onto the street, Chomsky will figure Obama is finally moving to the center.

  • Hank_M

    “The MIT professor’s main point was that the Democrats have moved rightward toward “moderate” “…..

    You have got to be kidding me!

    No doubt the 3 viewers of Current TV agreed.

  • disqus_5VfXJdedhl

    Just another educated fool. Sometimes the educated have no sense.

  • w.jhon

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  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    {he would have } “basically” been considered a “moderate Republican.”
    = = = = = =

    Hell, no. Chumpsky is full of it.

    I was alive back then. He would have been considered, NOT a “moderate” anything, but exactly WHAT HE IS: a G-d damned Commie.