Koch Industries Responds to ‘Misleading’ UK Articles

Koch Industries recently published a response to the work of UK Independent journalist Steve Connor whose work, Koch says, “misled readers.” The two articles accused Koch Industries of secretly funding attacks on climate change.

The articles written by Connor “got many facts about Koch wrong,” according to the open letter published on the company’s website.

Koch was also unhappy that the British newspaper edited down its letter to the paper without their knowledge “censoring key information and important context.”

The accusatory pieces were titled “Exclusive: Billionaires secretly fund attacks on climate science” and “Top climate scientist denounces billionaires over funding for climate-sceptic organisations,” published on January 24 and 25 respectively.

Koch’s open letter pointedly said that the articles were “predictable in repeating tired and debunked partisan accusations” about their company and said journalist Connor essentially started with a premise and went on to “prove” his claims “offering readers just one side of the story.”

The articles, Koch said, were intended only to demonize them and used “loaded words” to attack them.

The reporter asserts that much of the Kochs’ funding given to a wide variety of organizations is tied to “promote skepticism towards climate change.” He states this with no evidence, only innuendo to support his theory. Quite to the contrary, Charles and David Koch believe it is important to understand the primary and secondary effects that proposed costly initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases will have on the earth’s overall climate and public health, relative to the cost of implementation.

The letter goes on to deny that the Koch brothers are “secretive” and noted that the pair has openly advocated for free market principles for 50 years. Over the years, the brothers have also submitted to many in depth articles on their activities and ideals. “Not exactly secretive,” the letter says.

“Moreover,” the letter says, “the Kochs are advocates of the critical review that is the foundation of sound science, as everyone interested in furthering discovery should be. Climate science is a complex and ever-changing issue.”

“Mr. Connor’s story,” the letter summation reads, “led him up the wrong path.”

The entire letter can be seen at www.kochfacts.com.

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  • kazzer66

    Lefties do not want science and they do not want a conversation, about climate change–what they want is demagoguery and ideology. Fear and loathing, to keep the masses in line for the current political regime.

    Only the Godbama and his minions of ‘progress’ can save mankind from the evils of a temperature that may have gone up. 0.6 of a degree over about a century.

  • Commander_Chico

    How much did Koch pay you for this, Warner?

    • fustian24

      I’ll bet much less than Soros is paying you.

      The private sector is so much more efficient.

    • MartinLandauCalrissian

      Better question: how much does Soros pay Chimpo for coming here every single day where he isn’t wanted just to add his pointless, empty posts? I mean, only money could drive his foolishness. That or mental illness.

      • fustian24

        It may be that he really gets off on the abuse.

        Those lefties can be quite the kinksters!

  • However much Soros paid for the soi disant “cognoscenti’s” support was money wasted.

  • Kurt Duncan

    I used to work for Koch Industries. I have the greatest respect for Charles Koch, if not some of the lowest level functionaries… Probably 80% of anti-Koch rumblings are full of feces. The other 20% are highly odorous.

  • fustian24

    It’s amazing to me how the left is able to demonize these guys for fairly innocuous opinions. Their financial contribution to the debate is a drop in the sea compared to the massive amounts of cash coming from the left, but somehow these guys need to be shut up?

    And I’ve always liked this quote about the global warming alarmist crowd: “Freeze or fry, the problem is always industrial capitalism, and the solution is always international socialism.” —Harvard’s Dr. Malcolm Ross