Feminist, HuffPo Blogger Naomi Wolf Joining Al Jazeera

Political consultant, feminist, and Huffington Post blogger Naomi Wolf is in talks to join Al Jazeera, the Qatari-owned news network that purchased Al Gore’s cable network, Current TV.

Responding to inquiries, Wolf said the talks are “extremely informal and very, very preliminary.”

Wolf currently writes for both the Huffington Post and the UK Guardian and has already scaled back her work the British newspaper. Huffington Post has areported that Wolf will be ending her association with the Internet site though no terms were announced.

Naomi Wolf has a long history of feminist activism authoring such books such as The Beauty Myth and Promiscuities but she also has a history of consulting for Democrats such as Al Gore. It was during Gore’s 2000 campaign when Wolf famously advised the Democrat nominee to wear “earth tones” in order to appeal to women.

In 2011, Wolf absurdly claimed that arrests of Occupy Wall Street lawbreakers was some sort of conspiracy planned and executed by the federal government and the nation’s mayors eager to stamp out freedom of speech.

More recently Wolf compared the makers of the film “Zero Dark Thirty” to Nazi propagandists like Leni Riefenstahl.

Of the possibility of working with Al Jazeera, Wolf said she was thrilled. “As an American who cares about civil liberties, it’s good for all of us that the Guardian and Al Jazeera are doing the work they’re doing,” she said. “It is good for civil society in America.”

Curiously, the Muslim world that Al Jazeera reports on and from whence it comes specializes in eliminating civil liberties.

But here is the thing: any American of any political ideology that goes to work for Al Jazeera should be considered a traitor. Al Jazeera is run by enemies to both our country and to the western way of life. Al Jazeera is run by racists, jihadi, terrorists and anyone that joins them should be treated as complicit in that goal.

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  • jim_m

    As long as she wears a burka while writing.The left has long been in love with oppression, that’s why they love radical islam.

  • herddog505

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  • Brucehenry

    What a surprise Warner would immediately go over the top in an article about Al Jazeera.

    Working for a TV network making someone a “traitor.” What nonsense.

    • herddog505

      I have to agree with this. A feminist working for al Jazeera calls into serious question Wolfe’s common sense (it seems to me akin to a Jew working for… well… al Jazeera), but it doesn’t make her a traitor. Stupid and a sell-out, but not a traitor.

      • jim_m

        Feminism long ago ceased to be about women’s rights and became about the broader left wing agenda. Wherever the anti-liberty left wing agenda conflicts with feminism, feminism loses and the so-called feminists are the first one’s to throw it under the bus.

        When Bill Clinton was outed as a womanizer (to politely phrase the fact that he was sexually harassing and assaulting women) the feminists lined up behind him and threw every woman who complained and the idea of woman’s rights under the bus. Had a conservative acted in the same way they would have protested night and day about it.

        SO a feminist working for an islamic front organization is nothing unusual or surprising. I would say that it does not make her a traitor or a sell out, it just reveals her for exactly what she is: another hypocritical lefty.

        • ackwired

          So you think al Jazeera, what Mr. Huston thinks is an anit-American, racist, jihadi, terrorist news source is interested in her to promote the “leftist agenda”?

          • jim_m

            There are 2 issues in your comment, I will try to address both.

            1) Al Jazeera is often an apologist for radical islam. While it is hyperbole to say they are a terrorist front they do have a specific world view, which is generally opposed to ours.

            2) In so far as modern leftism is ideologically wedded to government control of people’s lives and dictating the minutia of their lives down to what they eat, what they drink, where and when they can partake of certain activities, etc, it is perfectly congruent with radical islam which seeks to determine for people how they live their lives right down to the same level of detail. Leftists are perfectly fine with Sharia law, which treats women as property. Leftists are fine with Islam’s treatment of homosexuals.

            So while some details of the agenda differ, the main issue: controlling the lies of others in ways they do not want, is identical.

        • herddog505

          jim_mFeminism long ago ceased to be about women’s rights and became about the broader left wing agenda. Wherever the anti-liberty left wing agenda conflicts with feminism, feminism loses and the so-called feminists are the first one’s to throw it under the bus.

          Hear him! Hear him!

          Can you imagine what the feminazis would be saying had a Republican said, as democrats including Uncle Choo-choo have done recently, that women are too stupid to operate a rifle, to panicky to be trusted with firearms for their own defense, and should basically throw themselves on the mercy of a rapist? Yet, the democrats HAVE said these things, and from the feminazis… crickets.

      • Tell it to Tokyo Rose and Uncle Hee Haw.

        • herddog505

          We’re not at war with al Jazeera.

    • 914

      The Sun will still rise tomorrow.

  • LiberalNightmare

    Perhaps she can convince al-jazeera to create a non-jihadi rape zone around her desk.

  • Wild_Willie

    Not surprised at all. There will be no transitional issues. ww

  • MrsRedSquare

    Al Jazeera fanatics are now invited to send tips on their next terrorist attack directly to Ms. Wolf at her contact email, so she can set up her satellite truck and report live from the scene, beating the infidel networks.
    – See more at: http://thepeoplescube.com/peoples-blog/naomi-wolf-to-become-al-jazeera-on-air-jihadess-t10802.html#sthash.6Aei8c2x.dpuf