Tom Brokaw: Obama Spends Too Much Time Campaigning

Old NBC News hand Tom Brokaw made an appearance on MSNBC’s The Cycle on March 4 and criticized President Obama for campaigning too much instead of governing. Brokaw also castigated Obama for refusing to negotiate with Republicans over the budget impasse and the sequester cuts.

Extremely liberal panel member, Touré, asked Brokaw if the budget impasse was because the GOP is “refusing” to work with Obama because they are “incented” [sic] not to work with him.

Brokaw replied that he didn’t think that Republicans were flat out refusing to work with the President but are negotiating with an eye to the 2014 midterm elections and don’t want to give away too much. Brokaw went on to lament that Obama is doing little else but demonizing the GOP instead of looking for ways to work with them.


Touré: This appears to me to be no way to run a government. These constant sort of deadline situation after deadline situation and there is at least one if not two or three more in the future. But is it that we’re forced into this because one party is not only refusing to negotiate but is incented to not work with the president?

Tom Brokaw: Oh, I don’t think that’s the case. I think in both cases that they’re staking out positions and looking forward to 2014 when the Congressional elections are coming up again. Republicans want to hang on to what they have and they’d like to get the Senate. They can’t raise taxes with their base because that becomes toxic for them. The President, on the other hand, wants to demonize the Republican Party and use that to energize his base and hope that he can get the House back.

So, at the moment what we see are the two sides playing chicken with each other, running down the highway toward each other, probably will swerve at the last moment. My guess is as these cuts begin to take effect and that they are more draconian than they appear to be now and the country begins to really hurt and begins to protest then they’ll quickly find a way to get out of it and both will claim victory at some point.

But for the moment, we’re in the stage at this moment where they’re going to continue to hold their positions, they’re going to try to make rhetorical victories against one another for a while, and it really is a terrible commentary on what it has come to in Washington, DC. What really puzzles me is that members of this Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, by the way, are going to retire at some point or go home, and they will take with them the reputation as the worst Congress in the history of the republic in terms of not getting anything done. And there are not a lot of heroes on the Senate side either.

You know, the fact is that Speaker Boehner is right. Let the Senate come in here and start to play with this a little bit. Where’s their budget? The president can start his budget process over there.

I think the president, by my lights at least, spent entirely too much time in the last two weeks campaigning, in effect, all around the country, lining up that Saturday Night Live parody–all those people who will be affected. When he ought to have been maybe at Camp David and said to Boehner and his team and members of the Republican side on the Senate side, ‘Bring the leadership up here, let’s spend five days showing the public that we are interested in trying to make a heroic effort to get a deal, here. Can’t make any calls out to anybody else except maybe your press representatives but not to your caucus members. We’re going to sit here and negotiate this. You’re the leaders of the Congress, I’m the leader of the country. We’ve got to find a way to work this out.’

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  • jim_m

    obama doesn’t intend to spend his whole presidency campaigning, just like he doesn’t intend to use drones to murder American citizens on American soil without due process.

    Kudos to Rand Paul. #standwithrand

    • LiberalNightmare

      For a constitutional professor, Obama seems to be taking an odd stand in regards to the administrations right to kill Americans without due process.

      I would really like to hear him explain just what the f*ck he thinks he’s doing here.

      Kudos to Rand Paul. #standwithrand

      • jim_m

        The obama admin admits that the law requires that they get a FISA Warrant from a federal judge to get a wiretap on a terrorist’s phone overseas, but they claim that they don’t need a warrant or any due process to murder a US citizen on US soil.

        They also maintain that the authorization of force for Afghanistan gives them authority to attack any enemy of the US anywhere on Earth at any time and that they are not bound by any geography or any length of time since the bill was signed.

        According to Holder the authorization of force overrides the Posse Comitatus Act and effectively authorizes the use of military force anywhere against any person they deem an enemy of the state. Due process will be considered to have been rendered by the decision process held in secret by the White House.

        The majority of drone strikes are conducted against targets whose name is unknown, are not in combat situations and the only evidence against them is that they may have associated with a terrorist. This is the standard by which they intend to judge US citizens before they murder them.

        Yes, there is “No intent” to use drone strikes against US citizens currently. There was no intent for the sequester to take effect either.

        Reid and Durbin have already stood in opposition to a simple nonbinding Sense of the Senate Resolution that would say that the Senate believes that using Drones to assassinate US citizens on US soil would violate the constitutional right to due process. Is there any doubt that the reason they will not stand up on this issue is because they consider it a viable option for their political enemies?

        • LiberalNightmare

          Obama and Holder went to the wall in order to try foreign terrorists in NYC, now they claim they can kill american citizens without a trial.


          • jim_m

            Selective enforcement of the law. Give your friends every break you can and throw the book at your enemies. It says a lot about the left on who they are willing to go easy on.

        • Commander_Chico

          Tyranny is coming, there will be no other way for TPTB/oligarchy to control a population of mostly jobless people in the “New Economy.”

          I estimate 20 more years of relative freedom, but the process will be like a slowly closing vise. We already have the electronic surveillance, data mining, banking controls and paramilitary police.

          Next, “surveillance-only” drones in the USA and internet controls.

          When they do away with cash and start checking your passports (and all other information in your file) when you leave the USA, it’s all over and time to leave permanently for a country too poor to afford drones and electronic surveillance.

          In other words, more freedom in a poor, inefficient and corrupt third-world “dictatorship” than a highly efficient total surveillance total control managed media “democracy.”

          How convenient we have the “War on Terror” and scary Mooslims to justify all of this.


          • herddog505

            Thank heavens we didn’t elect Romney, right?

          • Commander_Chico

            Romney would have been just as bad or worse, remember he was an enthusiastic supporter of torture.

          • jim_m

            That’s right the left is against torture but in favor of murder.

          • Vagabond661

            And in favor of both when it comes to our ambassadors.

          • retired.military

            Torture vs murder
            Or can we say
            Public school vs abortion.

          • herddog505

            Oh, natch. Why, Bush WOULD have been blowing up Americans with Predator drones if only… um… er… Well, there must have been SOME reason that he (and, by extension, any Republican you’d care to name) would be EVEN WORSE than Obama.

            And I have to throw in with jim_m: how is it that the left, which had so much trouble with the eeeeevil Bush eavesdropping on phone calls, tracking bank funds, and waterboarding the occasional terrorist, hasn’t got a particular problem with Barry claiming the right to blow away American citizens IN OUR OWN COUNTRY without due process?

            Wiretaps. Assassinations. Yep: TOTALLY equivalent.
            I will give you credit, though: you don’t seem cool with Barry; it’s just that Romney (somehow) would have been “worse”.

  • How long until the leftist members of the press begin to demonize Brokaw the way that they demonized Bob Woodward?

    • I’d give them until noon.

      It takes time to realize that one of your own has committed heresy, and then to decide what to do to them.

  • jimmydigital

    When you’ve lost Brokaw it’s time to cut the mental vacation short.

  • herddog505

    First, I have to snicker at this Toure character. A prime example of the liberal brain trust in action! Apparently, all that’s needed to be considered a deep thinker on the left is to scream “RAAAAACISM!” or “WAR ON WOMEN!” or “WALL STREET!” loudly and often.

    As for Barry and the perpetual campaign, many people have noticed this. Some suggest that it’s the only thing he knows how to do well (other than vacation), and so he’s merely staying in his comfort zone. Others suggest that he really doesn’t like the work (and risks) of actually governing, and he uses campaigning as a substitute.

    My opinion is that he’s got an agenda and he’s sticking to it, and that agenda does NOT include doing anything good for the United States. This includes upholding the Rule of Law. For our resident and visiting lefties: name one power that Barry, who is busily defending the government’s right to kill Americans at any time without due process, CANNOT now plausibly claim.

    Is this what you signed on for when you voted for him? Or will you splutter about Bush and claim that Romney would have been worse?

    • You forgot the ‘photogenic’ part re Toure.

      Lookin’ good is 9/10ths of the job. Having the proper slant is the other 1/10th.

    • jim_m

      None of them care. They believe that obama should have the right to murder anyone he wants and not have to justify his actions to anyone. Of course, if it is a GOP President they do not believe that the President could ever be trusted with such power.

    • I’m stealing your first paragraph and plan on using it often. If any one ask if I thought of this, I will remember to say “no, I got it from a well-bred dog. 🙂

  • Well, Tom, it was nice having you around. If you’ll stop by the wardrobe department on the way out, they’ve got a jumpsuit you can put on.

    It’ll help protect your clothing from tire marks as you get thrown under the bus.

  • GarandFan

    Brokaw is a liberal idiot. He keeps using the words “leadership” and “Obama” in the same sentences. Hasn’t he figured Barry out yet?

  • Wild_Willie

    Brokaw is correct except for one major issue. Obama is unable to lead. He has no experience being the leader ever. He doesn’t know anything but campaigning. ww

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