NH Dem. Says Gov’t Employees are Like ‘Our Children’

The rap on Democrats is that they fully misunderstand what the relationship should be between citizen and government. Many claim Democrats think government should be mommy and daddy to us all. Well, one New Hampshire Democrat revealed that this is exactly what she thinks.

At a Belknap County budget meeting in the first week of March, NH State Representative Ruth Gulick decided she needed to speak up during the discussion about the budget where it concerns cutting costs with county employees.

During the open discussion on the cost cutting, Gulick said that there should be fewer cuts in county employee’s pay because the county is like the employee’s parents and we wouldn’t “short our kids” would we?

Here is exactly what Rep. Gulick said:

Thank you Madame Chair,

I think it’s, finally we’re getting some acknowledgement of the human beings that are working at these organizations and the fact that absent this that there will be cuts in salary that are punitive and I know it’s important to keep our salaries and our tax rates down, but to me it’s sort of like raising children. We say, “I am a superb parent because he’s on an allowance and I pay for their food and clothes,” and that’s the end of the story.

We’re dealing with a much bigger thing here. We would no more sell our kids short by just dealing with finances, I don’t know why we’re not doing it here and saying these people do an important service, they make our towns a better place to live, and we’re, it’s minimal the fact that they have kids at home [unintelligible] I think this is minimal but it’s a very decent to do to recognize that they are human beings and valuable human beings…

Of course, this is absurd. The government is not just like the “parents” of government employees. In fact, quite the opposite in many ways.

After all, many government employees are unionized. That means the employees are often in the driver’s seat on determining their own working conditions and emoluments. Not many “children” have such power over their own “parents,” for sure.

The simple fact is, government is not our “parents.” If a government job becomes burdensome to the taxpayers, if that position becomes useless or unnecessary, we are under no obligation at all to coddle said employees as if they were our “children.”

But, let’s put it this way to our nanny-state, socialistic New Hampshire Representative, if these government employees are like our children, how about we fire them and cast them out of the nest so that they can go build their own lives on their own merit? How’s that for parenting?

You can see a video of Rep. Gulick’s comments at GraniteGrok.com.

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  • herddog505

    We say, “I am a superb parent because he’s on an allowance and I pay for their food and clothes,” and that’s the end of the story.

    Not having children myself, perhaps I oughtn’t comment, but my impression from what I see of “superb parents”* is that what they do is focused a helluva lot more on the moral and less on the material: being a “superb” parent involves teaching good character traits and personal habits, not handing out money and presents and other goodies.

    At any rate, is this not an absolutely typical democrat attitude: “We gotta give more stuff to more people!”



    (*) They can be identified by their children, who are confident, polite, diligent, not spoiled, and usually have a neat appearance.

    • The child will emulate what they see in the family. Having a son inspired me to get my own shit together and watch my language as well as working on being more polite to those around me. After all, if I don’t show him how something’s done, (especially in the honesty and integrity aspects of life) how can I expect him to do it?

      Also from very early on I’ve very rarely used the “I’m the daddy, that’s why” reason when telling him to do something or telling him ‘no’. I’ll explain why, and he’d accept my reasons. Might not have been happy, but he’d accept it.

      But government now isn’t about reasons. It’s about making sure the spoiled kids cast their votes properly. Give them the gifts, ask for nothing (like responsible behavior) and you’ll get re-elected. Takes Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you” – and turns it on its head.

      • Commander_Chico

        There is also the theory that women are out of control because Big Daddy State has replaced paterfamilia.

        • That’s not so far-fetched, actually – if you just disregard the ‘women’ bit.

          Think about it. In the ’60s, the Great Society established a ‘safety net’ for out of wedlock mothers. This made the male less responsible for the upkeep of the family, and led to kids growing up without a dad. For the girls, that might not be so bad, they had their mothers to emulate. But where do the boys learn how to be boys – or dads? No real role models, unless you want to look at the media. And let’s face it – in pretty much every sitcom (most likely to be watched by boys) the adult males are pathetic. In the dramas, there’s not much of an example of ‘family life’. Only one I can think of off the top of my head is “White Collar”

          So.. what’s a teen to do? If they’re lucky, they’ll emulate a trusted teacher. If they’re not… well, find a gang or other teens to hang around.

          Next generation – what do the kids do? Girls emulate their moms. Mom gets money from the government, therefore the thing to do is to get pregnant and go on the dole. Find some guy willing to spend money on you – but you’ll probably never get married. Get married, and you lose government aid.

          The safety net turns into a hammock.

          Boys? Hey, you’ve been paying attention to the media – trying to get through puberty and manhood without any nearby adult role models worth mentioning. Again, where do they have to turn to? Rap music gets popular, MTV is showing you how a guy should behave. The Real World shows – hey, aren’t they how adults should act? If you don’t have any good role models in your life, why wouldn’t you think that women are basically disposable sperm receptacles? Spread your pollen as you can, man…

          And there’s no safety net for you. Minimum wage jobs, military, if you’re lucky you’ll get into a trade.

          Third generation… with the idea of a married couple being pretty much a thing of the past, we’ve normalized the idea that dads don’t stay, and kids are basically raised by their peers and the media. Boys grow up, and MAYBE there’s a parental instinct kicking in when their offspring emerge. MAYBE the couple will get married. Maybe not. But in the lower incomes, it’s pretty unlikely.

          The safety net turned into a hammock, into a straitjacket.

          How do you get out of something like that? With the best of intentions, we may have inadvertently created a poverty cycle that’ll endure for generations.

          Well, one thing for sure – when the money runs out, things will change.

  • LiberalNightmare

    I always thought of the Gov’t as that creepy uncle that no one would leave alone with the children.