CPAC 2013

Once again I am attending the Conservative Political Action Conference here in Washington D.C.–well, not D.C. exactly but outside the city in National Harbor, Maryland, a 20 minute drive from downtown.

The morning started off with Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, U.S. Representative Allen West, and Senator Pat Toomey and a few others.

CPAC’s early group discussion on Thursday was all about cultural diversity with a panel titled “Respecting families and the rule of law: a lasting immigration policy.” This panel addressed the thorny issue of the conservative position on the current problems over immigration, illegal or otherwise.

You can catch video of many of these speeches at the CPAC website. And during the event, see the live feed below.

CPAC Live Feed

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This year is very different for me because this year all media, new and old, is considered just plain ‘ol media. This is different than in years past when the bloggers had a sponsored room for them to use.

The drawback is that I no longer have the exclusive access to the CPAC speakers, politicians and guests as I’ve had in years past. And, as you might expect, the conservative politicians and speakers aren’t too keen to come into the nest of regular, left-wing media folks and offer themselves for interviews!

And left wing they are. I sat among the Old Media all day today and heard a lot of huffing and puffing and conversations denigrating the speakers It was quite amusing to sit there listening to them scoff as all the while they were ignorant that I was a Breitbart writer.

As the evening ended, I attended BlogBash hosted with the help of Representative Tom Price, and the folks at the NRCC and NRSC.

We all gave a salute to the dearly departed Andrew Breitbart and got a surprise visit by Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Finally, I want to relay some interesting tidbits from the private meeting I had with several GOP Congressmen and staffers on Wednesday evening. I can’t tell you the names of these elected officials because it was all on background. But I can tell you a bit about that Wednesday late afternoon meeting that the Republicans and President Obama had on the budget.

First of all, every member of Congress I spoke to said that they could tell that Obama was not in the least bit serious about working with them to solve the sequester problem in particular or the budget in general.

These Representatives said that Obama merely came to them with the same stump speech, the exact same campaign speech he’d been giving earlier that day to media outlets.

The biggest joke of the night was the so-called Q&A period. Only some five or so questions were allowed and none of them were spontaneous, all having been submitted ahead of time.

One good exchange did occur between the President and Congressman Peter Roskam of Illinois’ 6th District. (Roskam is the Chief Deputy Whip and the number three Republican in the House.)

Roskam reminded those gathered that the President comes from one of the worst states in the union in just about every way measurable and when they all hear him talking about solving the budget problems, he’s coming from the failed Chicago way.

“When they hear the president talking about how he approaches the economy, they fear he’s leading in the same direction Illinois is now,” Roskam said to the President. “Pursuing revenues, not dealing with the underlying spending problems. Higher than average unemployment. What they hear is avoidance behavior.”

This President has failed miserably to address this nation’s budget problems and just demanding tax hikes when the economy is still at its bottom is simply no solution.

The Representatives in our Wednesday evening meeting all said to a person that the President did not offer any serious solutions in thir meeting.

(Roskam was not in our private meeting Wednesday night, by the way, just to note that clearly.)

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  • superdestroyer

    One would have to look hard to find a group that is more irrelevant than the conservative at CPAC. Is there a group in the U.S. that has less influence on policy or governance in the U.S. The throught that the speaker there will have any long term impact of the way the U.S. is governed or the direction of policy is laughable.

    The Republicans should just admit that they decide to commit political suicide with amnesty, deficit spending, endless war, and spending increases. It seem that every decision that the Republicans have made in the last 25 years has been design to make progressives stronger and conservatives weaker.

    • Commander_Chico

      CPAC is a clown show.

    • fustian24

      As opposed to the democrat policies of spending trillions of dollars we don’t have on one failed corrupt policy after another.

      That’s a real winner.

      These bozo’s have failed to submit a budget in years. Why? Because they can’t. Their real budget has always been too ridiculous to actually voice.

      And you’ve also gotta love Benghazi. We put our diplomats in frickin’ Libya and outsourced the security to guys named “Mohammed”. What could go wrong? The smartest woman in the world didn’t have a clue. Naiveté or criminal malfeasance? You make the call.

      Then when the shit hit the fan, our President couldn’t be bothered to take a break from watching basketball or whatever the hell he was doing to even pay attention. In a more rational world, that right there should have gotten him impeached. Someone told our military assets to stand down. At least we know it wasn’t Obama, he was too caught up in whatever the hell he was doing more important than a terrorist attach on our embassy. Smartest woman in the world, maybe?

      Then, these prizes went out on the airwave and lied about it. Right to our faces. Shamelessly.

      Let’s look at the economy.

      This whole economic crash is democrat created and democrat sustained. It started with democrats distortion of the housing markets. It was exacerbated by democrats in Fannie and Freddie that added fuel to the fire, it was kept going by lying corrupt democrats in congress, and it was exploded by democrat bankers that saw irresistible free-money thanks to their fellow-travellers in government that protected them when it all fell apart.

      And now Obama is getting us out of the economic crash by increasing taxes on struggling citizens and wasting it on bribing useless democrat constituencies and political cronies. Predictably this has been the worst economic recovery in history.

      And, say, you’ve gotta love the democrat answer to waterboarding. They just send a drone over and kill who ever is around.

      The real problem is not Republicans although many of them are not much to crow about.

      The real problem is a Marxist and Marxist-light press and a culture that has taken the wrong side. The whole point of the left is class war. And what a stupid organizing principle that is. Ask anyone that’s tried it.

      If we actually had “balanced” and honest news and culture, the dems wouldn’t stand a chance because they’d be exposed for the crooked, rat bastard, lying, morons that they are.

  • Wild_Willie

    You cannot expect liberals to understand or view conservatives and get it right. Super and Chico already proved that. Since 1980 when I became involved in politics, the conservatives and the GOP as a whole was written off as dead or dying 6 times I can remember. It does crack me up how liberals don’t even study their own history but seem to know conservative history so well. My advice: Turn off MSNBC and do some true research. ww

    • jim_m

      What do you expect with people who believe that their ideology tells them everything they need to know about the world and that facts are completely irrelevant?