CPAC 2013: OK, Can We Just Be Done With Donald Trump Now?

I was at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland this year but I was not yet at the event on Thursday morning, so I missed The Donald’s speech. I watched the video later because I heard a lot of people wondering what the heck this guy was talking about. And after seeing the video, I have to say this: can we finally be done with Donald Trump in GOP politics, now?

Trump started out his speech talking about how the country was in trouble. Not a big newsflash, that. He also noted that the GOP was in serious trouble. Another newsflash. But then came a slap in the face. Here he was at a conservative gathering and what was the third point he made?

“The Republican Party, I can almost want to say it’s going to be a little bit tough and especially as you get more and more conservative. They get nasty. They don’t like to hear what we have to say.”

Um… what?

Who is “we” and is everyone in your audience is a closed-minded, nasty, creep, Mr. Trump?

He went on to say we have to “get it back” but then wandered on without saying what the heck “it” was.

Next he went on to say we should forget about reforming Medicare and Social Security and just “build a great economy” to fix it all. This, of course, is the kick-the-can-down-the-road sort of thinking that got us here in the first place.

He rambled a bit about immigration said all the Hispanics will vote Democrat, and then started advocating to “get more people from Europe” as if inviting supposedly “white” people from the socialist-inspired countries in Europe would vote any differently than the Hispanics Trump was discouraged about.

Then he talked about tents at the White House and carped that Obama wouldn’t let him build a ballroom for Obama for $100 million and was upset the administration didn’t get back to him–“that’s the problem with the country, you don’t hear from people,” he said.

Uh… what?

One has to wonder what the heck this guy was talking about. Why was he here? What was his point? Was he giving us action items, laying out an agenda?

There was talk of “super hero ads,” an accounting of his making eight billion dollars, whining that he was criticized by “total lightweights,” and said that his critics can’t buy a clean shirt.

Next he beat up Mitt Romney, talked about a resort he bought in Florida, and next went on to say Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan doesn’t respect us.

Er… huh?

That was a whiplash-inducing topic change.

My point here is that Trump just walked up there to wing it. He had no direction, no real theme, no cogent point. He wasn’t making to lead anything, he hasn’t built any political movement, and wasn’t launching any concerted political effort

I am not a supporter of Chris Christie and I understand fully why he wasn’t invited to CPAC. But I’d much rather have listened to Christie than Trump. Christie is a cogent speaker and funny, to boot.

So, come on, Republicans. Can we finally be done with Donald Trump? Pretty please?

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  • jim_m

    He’s only attracted by the TV cameras. If we can just stop paying attention to him he will go away.

  • Hugh_G

    “My point here is that Trump just walked up there to wing it. He had no direction, no real theme, no cogent point. ”

    What do you expect? He’s a conservative Republican. Duh.

    • Vagabond661

      Well he’s no Biden…

    • No, he isn’t. He’s a self involved populist. Conservatives don’t believe in rent seeking any more than libertarians do. Trump is a born rent seeker.

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  • kazzer66

    From your mouth to God’s ear. I will never understand why so many people are enamored of ‘the Donald’. He’s just a foolish blowhard who goes on and on and on, and never says anything. He’s not even a Republican…he’s on whatever side will give him the most attention.

    By the way, how many times has he been bankrupt?

  • retired.military

    Mccain Romney Trump Graham. Cant the 4 amigos just go away.

  • Paul Hooson

    Some moments of this event no doubt made the Republican Party establishment cringe. Donald Trump and a few other colorful characters made this event at times look as interesting as the STAR WARS barroom scene.

    BTW, here’s a great joke you might want to share with others:

    A Democratic Party leader and a Republican Party leader are sharing information on how they attract voters. The Democrat explains that when he takes a short cab ride, he hands the driver a $20 tip and tells him to vote Democratic. The Republican tells the Democrat, well that’s how a typical liberal may do things, but conservatives are different. “When I take a short cab ride, I don’t offer the cab driver any tip, and I tell him to vote Democratic. It works just as good as you, and saves me $20”.

    • Wild_Willie

      That is good and very wise. ww

    • Jwb10001

      What you left out is that the democrat takes $40 from the cab driver first then gives him back $20.