Reuters Regurgitates Democrat Talking Points on Budget Plan

On March 12, Representative Paul Ryan (R, WI) released the GOP’s budget proposal sparking an afternoon of analysis and criticism. By Tuesday evening Reuters was contrasting Ryan’s budget with one sponsored by Senator Patty Murray (D, WA). But there is one problem with Reuters’ analysis. The Democrats didn’t actually release any budget for Reuters to analyze at the time of publication. So, Reuters simply regurgitated Murray’s talking points.

In the Reuters report, the pair of budgets were deemed difficult to pass because they appear “crafted to appeal to their respective party bases.”

Reuters claimed that the problem with Ryan’s budget is that it is likely aimed at getting Rep. Ryan the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination as opposed to being a serious attempt to solve Washington’s budget problems.

As to the “Senate democratic budget proposal,” Reuters said that it will “shrink budget deficits by $1.85 trillion over 10 years but not balance the budget.” Reuters also notes that tax hikes are included in Murray’s proposal for “rebuilding crumbling roads and bridges, creating construction jobs.”

Reuters then quoted David Brown, a policy analyst for the Third Way, billed as a centrist Washington-based think tank. “These were two ideological documents. They are both bargaining positions,” Brown told Reuters.

Naturally, the fact that the Democrats haven’t passed a budget for four years wasn’t mentioned at all in the Reuters analysis.

All this analysis on Murray’s budget is, however, a bit problematic. After all, Murray had not actually released her budget to anyone before Reuters published its article Even Congressional Republicans were denied any look at Murray’s budget proposal. So, how could Reuters or David Brown, or anyone else craft any in depth analysis on a budget proposal no one had seen?

On the other hand, Ryan’s budget was out there for everyone to see.

It appears that Reuters took all of the Democrat’s claims about their budget at face value and simply regurgitated Patty Murray’s talking points uncritically reporting it as news.


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  • Par4Course

    Paul Ryan’s plan includes the repeal of Medicare because it is impossible to even start on the road to a balanced budget while simultaneously implementing a vast new entitlement program. We have to cut back and fund only what we can pay for. No one but Obama and his “progressive” ilk think that borrowing from others and leaving the bill for posterity to pay should be a permanent way of life.

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