Jesse Jackson using Detroit crisis to pad résumé?

Here is an excerpt from a 03/22/13 news story published by the Detroit Free Press.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson joined the fight against Detroit’s emergency financial manager on Friday, calling for mass, nonviolent protest in the city to fend off what he called an attack on residents’ voting rights.

Jackson and several other opponents to an EFM pledged to file a lawsuit next week challenging the constitutionality of Michigan’s new emergency manager law. It takes effect Thursday and grants broad powers to the incoming emergency financial manager, Kevyn Orr, a Washington, D.C., bankruptcy lawyer.

“As opposed to having a city council that’s democratically elected and a mayor, you’ll have a plantocracy, a plantation-ocracy, replacing a democracy,” Jackson said.

Of course, one might question the legitimacy of Rev. Jackson’s involvement in Detroit politics, since he is an outsider.

Here is more from the same news story.

Demeeko Williams, 27, said he was hoping for more information from Jackson about how Detroiters would protest. He said he attended the rally because he’s concerned about his constitutional rights, but he was suspicious of Jackson’s agenda.

“It’s probably to add to his résumé,” Williams said, adding that he recognizes Jackson’s place in history as a civil rights leader.

By the way, here is who Michigan’s governor appointed to be Detroit’s emergency financial manager.

Kevyn Orr

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  • herddog505

    Straw boss, obviously. Oreo. House nigger.

    Isn’t that what lefties normally call black people that they don’t like? It’s not RAAAAACIST to do that, of course; it’s only RAAAAACIST when conservatives criticize the policies and actions of democrats.

    That being said, I can understand people in Detroit being upset that their democratically elected government is being superceded, and I think that the governor of Michigan is doing not only the wrong thing, but a dangerous thing: do we really want to establish the idea (if not the precedent) that the mayor of a “failing” city, or the board of directors of a “failing” county, or the governor and legislature of a “failing” state, can be superceded by the next-higher authority?

    Let the people of Detroit (and Illinois, and California, and every other place sinking into the hell of being run by democrats) deal with their problems in the way that Americans are SUPPOSED to do it: with their votes or with their feet (as many have already done in and around Detroit).

    On this last, this is part of the genius of our federal system: if one doesn’t like the city or state where he lives, if one feels that his opportunities there are limited or things aren’t run to his taste, he may try to live his life where things might be more congenial. Our political class has been working with might and main to homogenize the country, to make the laws and conditions in every state effectively the same (i.e. sh*tty). I would hope that we’d learn a lesson from places like Detroit, Stockton, Bell, California and Illinois: let the loafers and the crooks have (and ruin) their own cities and states with corrupt welfare systems: leave the rest of us the hell alone.

    • jim_m

      But the Detroit city council is run by a bunch of ignorant, racist, and criminal thugs. Detroit is no longer failing. It is failed. 2 decades ago it was the 4th largest city in the nation. It has lost over a million in population and is now something like the 18th.

      I see nothing wrong with appointing a trustee to oversee the receivership of Detroit. The city is a government but it is also a business entity. As long as proper procedures are being followed this is a perfectly reasonable act.

      The people can complain all they want about it but they can still elect their own government and make their own laws, they just cannot go spending other people’s money irresponsibly as they have been. The problem with Jesse Jackson and the people of Detroit is that they seem to think that there is a Constitutional right to spend other people’s money irresponsibly (heck, that seems to be the whole basis for the existence of the political left).

      • Detroitsucksdonkeyballs

        Its a shithole and lets bomb it into the ground and start over

  • GarandFan

    “As opposed to having a city council that’s democratically elected and a mayor,”

    Yeah Shakedown. The same people who’ve run the city into the ground. Shakedown is beyond stupid.

  • John Cochran

    Detroit is ruined, and here comes Jesse to make sure the thugs and incompetents remain in charge. Why is this guy always part of the problem and never part of the solution.

    • Constitution First

      Chicago, Detroit and Jackson are vital in the sense they serve as a warning to others. You too can reap the benefits of Liberalism.

  • Never let a crisis go to waste!

  • westcoastwiser

    C’mon everyone! Jesse is a national treasure. He has lied and screwed his way to the manuer pile, so let him keep digging his way deeper. His resume was last written on a piece of toilet paper, so we know where it is!

  • Jwb10001

    This makes no sense to me at all, a large number of the people suffering in Detroit are African Americans. Why would Jesse Jackson want that to continue unless he is a self serving SOB who cares little to nothing for the people he claims to represent… Oh sorry did I just state the obvious….

  • Detroitsucksdonkeyballs

    Jesse Jackson is always outraged, until he bangs a Rainbow-PUSH underling and fathers an out of wedlock child……