#BENGHAZI: The Sound Of Silence

It’s been a few weeks since my last article on the Benghazi scandal. A silence has fallen on the topic both in the news and in the committees responsible for looking into what happened that night. This silence has been broken and highlighted at the same time by one woman: Pat Smith.

Pat Smith is the mother of Sean Smith, the information officer stationed in Benghazi and was one of the four Americans murdered the night of the attack. Mrs. Smith went on the Sean Hannity show recently and revealed she has been told next to nothing about her son’s death and that the administration wants her to ‘shut up’.

Except from the interview via Mediaite:

SMITH: The President? I cried on his shoulder. And I was crying there and he’s patting me on the back and looking around to who he’s gonna talk to next. So I didn’t feel any comfort there. Hillary? I cried on her shoulder also, but she paid a little attention to me then walked off. Panetta took my face in his hands. I asked him: “Please, please let me know what happened, I’ve got to know!” And he took my face in his hands and he says, “Trust me, trust me. I will get back to you. I will let you know.” And guess how much I’ve heard from him since?

HANNITY: Nothing.

SMITH: You got it.

Audio here via YouTube.

Silence is what Smith has received.  Pat Smith has been asking for answers for months and months. President Obama has carried on thrusting one crisis after another under the noses of the American people. Intentional? Perhaps. The parade of crises may be just a byproduct. Either way, it has had the effect of sweeping of Benghazi under the Oval Office carpet.

The little bit of news that has emerged confirms earlier reports of a Benghazi-Syria arms connection. This new information contradicts testimony given by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prior to her departure from the State Department. The NY Times reported information had come to light from several sources that implicates Clinton knew about the activity in relation to jihadist movements and arms traveling to Syria. NY Times report and WND are referenced via the Rockland County Times:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now implicated in several independent news reports that contradict her Congressional testimony, specifically the one where she denied any knowledge of arms and jihadists being transferred from Libya to Syria.

A New York Times report describes the role Secretary Clinton played as being far deeper and more involved than she testified to the US Congress; “The New York Times paints a picture of Clinton as the ring leader of the plan to arm Syrian rebels.”

Aaron Klein, Jerusalem Bureau Chief, WND, reports: “As media reports present evidence the U.S. has played a central role in arming Syrian rebels, new questions now emerge about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the controversial scheme.”

Mark Gordon and Michael Lander in their New York Times report;  “The idea was to vet the rebel groups and train fighters, who would be supplied with weapons. The plan had risks, but it also offered the potential reward of creating Syrian allies with whom the United States could work, both during the conflict and after President Bashar al-Assad’s eventual removal.”

As documented previously, it turns out the most powerful rebel fighters are Al-Nusra terrorist groups supported by Al-Qaeda.

Where does Benghazi fit in?

WND reports:  “Ambassador Stevens himself played a central role in recruiting jihadists to fight Assad’s regime in Syria, according to Egyptian and other Middle Eastern security officials.

“Stevens served as a key contact with the Saudis to coordinate the recruitment by Saudi Arabia of Islamic fighters from North Africa and Libya. The jihadists were sent to Syria via Turkey to attack Assad’s forces, said the security officials.”

The likelihood Hillary Clinton had no knowledge of these activities is slim to none. Clearly, the details surrounding the deaths of four Americans that night does make a difference.  These men died for a reason and getting to the bottom of it requires testimony from those who survived the attacks that night. To date, these survivors have not yet given any testimony as lawmakers claim that access to even their identities is being blocked. Charges that these survivors are being kept from testifying started a month ago, with calls for Secretary of State Kerry to make these people available for questioning. (Related: Report: Benghazi suspect detained in Libya)

One has to wonder where the press is when it comes to these survivors? The terrorist attack in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11 should have everyone in the media stampeding to find these survivors and get their stories. Yet this has not even remotely been the case.

While the media snoozes, ‘filmmakers’ make hay. Amazingly, with the facts still obscured and requests for information and access being stonewalled, a film dramatizing what happened that night in Benghazi is already available to see on the internet.  That “film” is called Amazing Ops: Siege at Benghazi.

One of several trailers on YouTube:


The irony of a film being made about this is probably not lost on Nakoula. That is, if he were to know about it. Hard to tell since no one has heard from him since he disappeared into prison — yet another interview the media is not stampeding to get.


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  • herddog505

    Give Minitru a break: looking into a burnt consulate and four dead Americans is as nothing compared to telling us how many Americans really, truly, pinky-swearz want gun control and gay marriage. Oh, and how the economy is just roaring along.

  • fustian24

    I remember when I was young reading about the Teapot Dome scandals and thinking that corruption of that kind couldn’t happen in my time.

    Boy was I wrong.

    The fact that we’ve heard not one peep from the survivors of the Benghazi attack frightens me. I cannot imagine how this can be without the tightest levels of collusion between the press and the administration.

    It is dangerous when an administration can do whatever it wants with impunity.

    • Brucehenry

      You don’t think if the survivors wanted to peep about something that FOX would cover it? If we haven’t heard a peep from the survivors maybe it’s because they have nothing to say.

      • GarandFan

        Or they were told to STFU! Like those involved in Fast and Furious.

      • fustian24

        Fox has complained repeatedly about not even being able to find out who these people are.

        Let’s look at it another way. If what the Benghazi survivors had to say exonerated the administration, can you even imagine how much coverage they’d be getting?

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  • GarandFan

    Looks like Barry and Hillary! got that 3am phone call…..and both dropped the ball. Makes you wonder how soon before Barry surrenders to North Korea.

  • V for Vendetta

    Turn up the heat. I mean heat.

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  • Vagabond661

    The same media and talking heads who HAD to see Romney’s tax retruns (“What is he hiding?”) has no interest in talking to the survivors of Benghazi?

    Hey Michael Moore! Demand to interview the survivors! I hear guns were used!

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