Foreign Policy Mag Maligns Ted Cruz as ‘Most Hated Man in the Senate’

Foreign Policy magazine has made the stark pronouncement about Texas Senator Ted Cruz. According to FP’s Erica Grieder, Cruz is “the most hated man in the U.S. Senate.”

In a March 29 piece, Grieder made this extreme pronouncement based on the new Senator’s outspoken positions on many issues as well as on how irksome he is to old guard Senators who imagine that first year colleagues should be seen and not heard.

Grieder starts her piece with several gratuitous insults. Right off she says that Cruz is “the human equivalent of one of those flower-squirters that clowns wear on their lapels.” She then calls his initiatives and ideas “non-sequiturs” and says they are “self-defeating.” This was all just the first paragraph.

Next we learn that Cruz has “irritated” Democrats like Dianne Feinstein and been a “headache for GOP leaders.” This all because he stands up strongly for his principles and the positions that got him elected.

Does this really make him “hated,” though? He may elicit distaste in these old guard Senators and in those Senators that stand squarely against his principles, but “hated”? That is quite a subjective assessment.

Grieder’s piece isn’t all attack. She correctly points out that Senator Cruz often focuses on economics putting this “economic liberalism” at the center of many of his positions. Cruz calls his ideas a sort of small-government-based “opportunity conservatism.”

But, “Beyond economics, his approach is a bit more idiosyncratic,” Grieder claims. “He’s ideological, even compulsive, with regard to the Constitution.”

“Compulsive” with the Constitution? How is one “compulsive” with the Constitution? Do Senators need to give the Constitution short shrift from time to time to be considered effective? One would be excused to imagine that Grieder thinks so.

The FP writer next calls Cruz’ interest in principles a “preoccupation.”

The final knock on Cruz in this Foreign Policy piece is that he is gauche for being a “spot jumper” back home in Texas. This because he found a way to soar ahead of a long list of Texas Republicans patiently waiting for their turn to take the next spot up from their current positions of power.

Is that what we should want from our leaders? Politicians that sit around waiting their turn instead of politicians that put themselves up for election based on their ideas and principles?

Grieder’s piece does end on a salutary note, however. Noting that his “compulsive” positions have not “caused him any personal trouble,” Grieder says that Cruz may have a bright future in national electoral politics.

Grieder finishes her piece saying that, “in January, Public Policy Polling found that he had a higher net approval rating than either Perry or Cornyn. If he wants to have a greater role in national politics, which seems likely, there’s clearly an audience.”

So, despite all the negative characterizations FP’s Erica Grieder casts upon Senator Ted Cruz, she does acknowledge that, in the end, Cruz is on a winning track and that his constituents–both back home in Texas and nationally–are obviously on board.

Winning is one of the best markers, after all.

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  • jlglex99

    Well, its clear that the liberals feel very threatened by a strong, smart, & principled conservative like Ted Cruz. They are lashing out every chance they get. This country needs more leaders like him, in order to get us out of the fiscal disaster created by both parties.

  • jlglex99

    “Next we learn that Cruz has “irritated” Democrats like Dianne Feinstein and been a “headache for GOP leaders.” ”

    Any Senator who irritates Democrats like Feinstein and gives GOP leaders a headache is ON THE RIGHT TRACK!!!

  • jlglex99

    “Next we learn that Cruz has “irritated” Democrats like Dianne Feinstein and been a “headache for GOP leaders.” ”

    Any Senator who irritates Democrats like Feinstein and gives GOP leaders a headache is ON THE RIGHT TRACK!!!

  • In other words, Senator Cruz is doing something right.

    • SteveCrickmore075

      So you agree Obama is doing something right as he won two consecutive national elections. Winning is one of the best markers, after all, or does this only yardstick only apply to Republicans.

      • fustian24

        I would look at the disastrous economy, the scandal at Benghazi and at the GunWalking Mexicans murdered. And I suppose I’d look at the fall in our international standing too. I’d add the huge clusterf**k of a health care bill and I’d observe that Obama has done just about everything wrong he could do as President. He’s kind of an idiot too (57 states).

        But he’s great at vacations!

        And, hey, free birth control!

  • RichFader

    As a Californian, if Ted Cruz irritates the remarkably lifelike Dianne Feinstein, good. If he irritates Barbara Boxer, even better. If he’s messing up the rest of the Senate’s program, well, right now, the Senate’s program desperately needs to be messed up.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    They can hate him – we love him. They are the ones we despise. Who else in the Senate is so willing to speak the truth, to the rest of them, and to all of us?

  • herddog505

    Forget Republicans v. democrats. Here’s the REAL divide in the country: the professional ruling class, made up of career politicians, career journalists, career lobbyists, and career “activists” v. the Rest of Us.

    It may be that Cruz is “the most hated man in the Senate” (I thought Rand Paul bore the palm away for that). I make no doubt that Yosemite Sam and his favorite b*tch Grahamnesty don’t like Cruz much more than DiFi or Dingy Harry or Trashcan Chuckie. If that’s because he upsets their little applecart, because he – even only occasionally – reminds them that their powers aren’t absolute, then that’s a good thing; if I was him, “most hated man in the Senate” is a moniker I’d take with pride.

    • Brucehenry

      Cruz may be a hero to benighted Texans and I’m-a-victim conservatives, but to the rest of us he seems a kook.and an opportunist. His claims about commies on the Harvard faculty were discredited. His allegations that his opponent in the Senate runoff was endorsed by Rick Perry so Perry could remove said opponent as Lieutenant were hotly denied. His claim that Chuck Hagel had accepted money from North Korea was exposed as false and denounced as libelous.

      Cruz appears headed to Santorum-style ignominy to me.

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  • And once again – ‘disagreement=hate’.

    Cruz isn’t playing by the rules. He’s talking about the elephant in the living room, violating all those nice little ‘play along and get along’ customs that have been established in the social pecking order inside the Beltway.

    Good for him. It’s about time that batch of stuck-up stickybeaks (to use the Aussie meaning) with too damn much power got a bit of their own medicine.

  • Commander_Chico

    Somebody’s gotta be the most hated man in the Senate. Could be Cruz, could be somebody else.

  • Brucehenry

    Let’s face it, the idea of Warner Todd Huston dissing another writer for using “extreme pronouncements” and “gratuitous insults” is hilarious.

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