Arianna Huffington Downplays Federal Budget Deficit

In her 04/07/13 “Sunday Roundup”, Arianna Huffington states the following:

On Tuesday, President Obama announced a federal effort to map the human brain in unprecedented detail. With any luck, it might help explain the kind of loopy thinking we saw demonstrated at the end of the week. On the one hand, we had the latest jobs report, which showed a country still in crisis, with the addition of only 88,000 new jobs, and the share of the population in the workforce falling to the lowest point in decades. Yet the leaked details of the president’s new budget show a focus not on job creation but on cutting the deficit by $1.8 trillion over the next 10 years (in addition to cutting Social Security benefits). So amidst hard evidence of our profound and continuing economic crisis, we get a budget offering a solution to a different (and far less pressing) problem. It’s enough to set what Obama called “the three pounds of matter that sits between our ears” spinning.

So, how does eliminating the budget deficit prevent the creation of jobs? Ms. Huffington doesn’t say. However, she appears not to notice how the existence of a budget deficit might hinder job creation.

American companies are reluctant to hire new workers if those companies anticipate a tax increase on the part of the federal government, and (to the best of my knowledge) Democrat lawmakers have suggested an increase in taxes in order to reduce or eliminate a budget deficit. As long as a budget deficit hangs over the heads of lawmakers like the Sword of Damocles, the possibility of a federal tax increase remains.


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  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Obama and his progressive fellow-travelers are carrying so much baggage that they have repeatedly validated everything we thought about them with a consistent record of abject failure for over 4 years now, and counting. Yet Obama won the Dem nomination despite Alinsky, ACORN, Ayers, Dorn, Rezko, Wright, Blago, Khalidi, and Frank Davis, just to name a few. With all of that he then went on to win a landslide electoral victory over a reformist war hero.

    Obama then followed that up with a record that included the first credit downgrade in US history, record budget deficits, a suffocating national debt, failure to pass a single budget highlighted by the failure to get a single Congressional vote in favor of any of them, a higher number of unemployed than in the Great Depression, a stagnant economy, higher taxes, higher food and gas prices, declining national prestige, lower middle and working class incomes and net worth, and a meager list of “accomplishments” characterized by environmental fascism, bailouts, handouts, and featuring the signature “achievements” of Obamacare, which is turning into a national disaster, and the so-called “green energy” policy, which is already a national disaster.

    And that’s without getting into the Alinsky style politics of the “war on women,” “throwing granny off a cliff,” “clinging to their guns and religion,” “redistribution of wealth,” “fundamentally transforming America,” “lipstick on a pig,” “paying their fair share,” “balanced approach to fixing the debt,” “I will not stand by while poor kids starve,” “the sequester was a Republican idea,” “no more White House tours,” “revenues” (i.e. taxes), “investments,” (i.e. spending), ad nauseum.

    With most of that already on the record, he won reelection, regardless, with the unwitting assistance of an incompetent GOPe and the knowing complicity of a corrupt LSM.

    Now, THAT “might help explain the kind of loopy thinking we saw demonstrated” throughout the past 4+ years by crackpot progressives infesting and deligitimizing the national discourse. Those idiots don’t know WTH they are talking about.

  • GarandFan

    President with the largest number of people on welfare, foodstamps and disability. President who has overseen MORE spending than all other presidents combined. Yep, we certainly are in a HISTORIC period.

  • More and more I’m convinced they’re thinking “Hey, I’m not having any problems – I don’t see what all the little peons are griping about. Who couldn’t stand to pay $20 more a day for basic foodstuffs? They’re just being ridiculous!”

    Hell – no wonder she’s downplaying any fiscal problems. She’s well insulated from reality.