The End of an Era; Margaret “The Iron Lady” Thatcher Passes

The last of the troika which brought down the evil empire has died at age 87.

Former Prime Minister Thatcher, who with President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, was instrumental in fomenting the collapse of the Soviet Union died peacefully in her sleep following a stroke.

Margaret Thatcher Dies After Stroke

Britain’s first and only female prime minister Margaret Thatcher dies peacefully at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke.

Britain’s first and only female prime minister Baroness Thatcher has died at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke.

Lady Thatcher’s children Mark and Carol said their mother, who suffered bouts of ill health in recent years, died peacefully on Monday morning.

Downing Street, which joined Buckingham Palace in flying its flags at half mast, said the politician would be given a full ceremonial funeral with honours at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Prime Minister David Cameron led tributes from around the world, calling the former Tory leader “a great prime minister, a great leader, a great Briton”.

Rest in Peace thou good and faithful servant.

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Rest In Peace, Iron Lady
  • Commander_Chico

    I’m watching the BBC now, nonstop coverage.

    Three things made her great:

    1. Liberalized the UK’s economy to take it out of subsidized doldrums. Maybe went too far on rail privatization, based on quality of service nowadays.

    2. The Falklands. She stood up to the Argentine dictatorship and was a great war leader. Disgracefully, some neocons like Jeanne Kirkpatrick wanted the US to be neutral, and the USA did not help much other than with intelligence.

    3. The Cold War and its end. Backed the USA on theater nuclear forces, helped Reagan and Gorbachev along. I think she made a mistake on opposing German reunification, but maybe too soon to tell on that issue.

    • jim_m

      I think what really made her great was her belief that Great Britain could still be great. Like Reagan, she did not buy into the fashionable belief that the west is in irreversible decline. She believed in her country and believed in the ideals that made it great.

      Unfortunately we are entirely without a leader of her caliber today.

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