Mum’s The Word About Hillary’s Health

Sifting through the seemingly endless bookmarks of articles I had hoped to read these past recent hectic months, I came across a few things which just defy reality.

Back in January, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a potential 2016 Republican Presidential candidate, gave a press conference in Union Beach, NJ concerning the painfully slow process with which the National Flood Insurance Program has conducted itself during the horrid aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

As a life long Toms River Jersey-Boy, who experienced and is still personally dealing with the effects of Sandy, I made it a point to watch this event. First, because I care about my state and communities, and, for those who don’t know, don’t hear, or just don’t care, a large portion of Sandy victims are still struggling with the reality of their altered lives.

Governor Christie made his remarks, then took questions from the media.

And what probing and insightful questions did we get from the media? The same media that made covering the plight of those affected by Hurricane Katrina span the better part of a decade?

Questions about Chris Christie’s weight, and whether it should exclude him from higher office.

It was unbelievable.

(Yes..  I know he had recently gone on David Letterman’s show and joked about the jokes about his weight.  However, that single moment of levity should not have been reason enough to have released a month-long torrent of probing and negative questioning about this one fat person’s fitness for office, especially given the severity of what just occurred with Sandy.)

For at least a month, the issue of Christie’s weight was one of ceaseless contemplation on political talk shows, the radio, and in print media. Can an obese person serve as President? Should it disqualify him from running for and becoming President of the United States in 2016? Does it make his running-mate that much more important, knowing he may be a heart-attack away from becoming Commander-in-Chief? Does it show a lack of responsibility or self-control on Christie’s part, and should that be considered a factor when voting?

Imagine the outrage if Christie was a woman.

It was God-damned surreal.

Now, as any fan of politics knows, on the Liberal edge of the world, Hillary Clinton is the anointed Democratic candidate for 2016. Everyday speculation grows about her throwing her sombrero into the ring. Her memoir is coming out in 2014. Every empty talking-head is blubbering about it.

And why not? She deserves it! I mean, with all she’s accomplished, and all she had to swallow with hubby Bill, ex-Horn-dog-in Chief! It’s her turn to be Presidette! Hell.. It’s her RIGHT!

However, Hillary has some medical issues of her own.

Back in December, Hillary suffered a concussion. She had to wear special lenses in her glasses to compensate for the visual difficulties produced by her concussion. It was packaged up as the result of a fall caused by dehydration. (Must be damned hard to get water as the U.S. Secretary of State.) Then, in January, as the truth leaked out drip by controlled drip, we found that Hillary also had a blood clot. IN HER SKULL. We know that she has a history of blood clots, since, back in 1998, she developed one in her leg, a condition known as deep vein thrombosis.

Umm. That’s sorta serious, no?

At the time of the media’s feeding-frenzy over Christie’s weight issues, in a bizarre occurrence, Connie Mariano, White House physician during the Clinton regime , belched out her concerns about Chris Christie’s girth.

“I’m a Republican. (snort.. chortle..) I like Chris Christie. I want him to run. I just want him to lose weight,” Mariano said. “I’m a physician more than I’m a Democrat or Republican. And I’m worried about this man dying in office.”

That’s a hell of a bedside manner you got there, Con. I’m sure Christie’s wife and four children appreciated your unsolicited opinion given to the entire world.

Anyway, seeing how the good doctor was just voicing her sincere concern as a physician, it’s quite amazing how she feels no reason to address the serious medical conditions surrounding Hillary Clinton, her one-time White House patient. A concussion and blood clots?  You’d think she would feel compelled to lend her unsolicited concerns about Christie’s medically compromised possible opponent.

Of course, not a peep from the good doctor.

Blood clots can lead to a stroke. Aside from blood thinners and medication, there’s not much Hillary can do to ward off the occurrence of others.

Pretty serious stuff.  At least as serious as a person’s weight.

And, speaking of Hillary’s concussion, this study came out on March 12th. Some notable excerpts:

A single concussion, one of the most common forms of traumatic brain injury in the United States, may have a lasting impact on the brain, resulting in long-term structural damage.

A study from the New York University Langone School of Medicine found that patients who had suffered from a concussion, or mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), had significant damage in certain portions of their brains a year after their injury.

Most often, concussion occur when the head is severely struck or experiences severe whiplash. Many patients experience symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, memory problems, and even depression or anxiety. Sometimes, these side effects last for months – and sometimes years.

While the specific symptoms associated with this region have not be identified, the findings overall show that brain atrophy is not exclusive to severe brain injury, but can also occur after one small concussion.

Yup.  I sure want a groggy, aging, confused Hillary answering that 3 AM phone call as her brain atrophies away in the White House.

Hell, at least if he makes the effort, Christie could actually DO something about his weight and lose some! (And his weight is not something that could affect his mental acuity.)

Will the media do it’s job and question these very serious medical conditions, ones which have already been suffered by Hillary, and may very well negatively affect her cognitive abilities?

Her health and medical issues should at least be scrutinized with the same zeal as Christie’s.

Well, I guess it’s just easier and more fun to focus on a fat Republican man in the room.

Easy laughs. Easy bias.

No explanation required.

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  • just look at pics of Hillary from 4 years ago and today … it quite shocking … not the same woman … its sad what her quest for power has done to her health … no way she wins the nomination in ’15 looking like she does …

    • All right, hands off the “quest for power” crap. If you’re going to get on her case about that, then you should be criticizing EVERYONE who runs for office as being too power-mad. There are legitimate criticisms one could make of Hillary Clinton and I say that as a typically Democratic voter and someone who would probably vote for her if she ran. Whether she wants power is not a legitimate criticism. Duh, she’s running for office. We do not run for office out of a desire to be impotent. (And no, I do not mean that in the usual modern sense. Get a damn dictionary. You’re online.)

  • GarandFan

    “Now, as any fan of politics knows, on the Liberal edge of the world,
    Hillary Clinton is the anointed Democratic candidate for 2016.”

    Don’t forget, she was the ‘anointed one’ in 2008 as well… least at the beginning. Thanks to Hillary! we have an incompetent idiot in the White House.

  • herddog505

    Dain bramage hasn’t hurt Uncle Choo-choo as far as democrats are concerned…

    Shawn MallowShe deserves it! I mean, with all she’s accomplished, and all she had to swallow with hubby Bill, ex-Horn-dog-in Chief! It’s her turn to be Presidette! Hell.. It’s her RIGHT! [emphasis original]

    I’ve often been bewildered by this. As far as I can make out, democrats think that the Hilldabeast should be senator / SecState / president / empress because… she rolled over and took it like a doormat when her horndog husband spectacularly cheated on her. That’s pretty much it. Otherwise, her career has been more or less mundane: lawyer, small Arkansas law firm… that’s about it. My wife has those qualifications.

    Hmmm…. I wouldn’t mind being First Gentleman, what with the free vacations and fancy dinners and all. Maybe *I* should go out and find some sweet young thin—


    [later] My wife isn’t interested in being a doormat. Biker bar bouncer, perhaps, but NOT a doormat.

    Say… what are the smytpoms of a cnnosucion?

    • JWH

      Honestly, I don’t think using the word “Hildabeast” really helps your case.

      As far as Hillary …. I don’t know about voting for her. I’m not terribly comfortable with dynastic candidates for office. We had a war about that sort of thing a couple hundred years ago. On top of that, I’d need a reason to vote for her other than Clinton nostalgia … and her Senate and secretary of state record may provide that reason. (Yes, yes, I know somebody is going to throw in a Benghazi reference here. But whatever its merits, the issue really hasn’t caught on outside of the right wing).

      Actually, the Clinton nostalgia should be a big, flashing, neon warning sign. One of the liberal sites (Salon, I think) recently ran a piece criticizing Republicans’ Reagan nostalgia. The thrust of the piece is that whatever Reagan’s merits as a president, the world of 2016 demands solutions far different from those demanded by the world of 1980. I think the same could be said about the world of 2016 and the world of 1992.

      • herddog505

        RE: Hilldabeast

        Oh, I do assure you, that’s the MILD version of what I call her.

        RE: Her record

        What record? I think it may be summarized pretty well thus:
        Reset button… disappeared… disappeared… dance in Africa… disappeared… disappeared… Libya… disappeared…. disappeared… Benghazi…. “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?”

        In short, what little she’s done has been of questionable (!) merit. But democrats still love her.

        Go figure.

        • JWH

          Just imagine if I kept using the words “Dubya” and “Shrub” to refer to a certain former president. Would kind of undercut me if I criticized him, no?

          As far as Clinton’s record … That’s probably a debate for another day. Like I said, it might persuade me to vote for her.

          As far as the rest of 2016, for me it’s kind of (as it often is) a disappointment. Nobody on the Democratic side seems likely aside from Hillary and Biden. On the Republican side … you have to start by recognizing that I am opposed to a lot of what today’s GOP stands for (again, I’m not going to get into that here), so it would be hard for me to vote for a Republican. That said, right now, the only GOP potentials I could vote for are Chris Christie and (maybe) Bob McDonnell. .

          • herddog505

            JWHJust imagine if I kept using the words “Dubya” and “Shrub” to refer to a certain former president. Would kind of undercut me if I criticized him, no?

            No, not really: I got used to that (and worse) between 2000 and… well… today, really. You could toss in “murderer” while you’re at it; I think that the only thing dems DIDN’T call Bush was a rapist.* All it would tell me is that you’re on a particular side of the fence. Now, if you tried to portray yourself as thoughtful, unbiased, etc., it WOULD undercut you.

            As for her record, I really don’t see anything to recommend her, although having Slick back in the White House – if he could take a break from horndogging long enough to offer advice – wouldn’t be such a bad thing compared to what we’ve got now (and for me to pine for the good ol’ days of Slick Willie really says something about how depressed I am about that lazy jugeared idiot currently tearing up the links at Andrews).


            (*) Never mind. They’ve done that, too.


  • JWH

    If Hillary Clinton or Chris Christie runs for national office, than Hillary Clinton or Chris Christie’s health is of national concern. If one of them runs for state-level office, then that person’s health is of state-level concern. It really is that simple.

  • EricSteel

    From the title I thought we were going to find out that Hillary was pregnant. 😉

    • jim_m

      The Andrew Sullivan story on how this is just a cover up for Chelsea’s unwed pregnancy is pending.

    • Who wielded the turkey baster this time?

  • LiberalNightmare

    On the plus side, should Hillary win, we will never again have to wonder what the carter presidency would have been like with Billy Carter as the first lady.

  • Vagabond661

    Her credentials: Being fooled by Bill in thinking it was a vast right wing conspiracy; getting fooled by Obama, someone who had less senatorial experience than her, as a Presidential opponent; being fooled by everyone on Benghazi.

    Age is no big deal. Looks are no big deal. She doesn’t have the smarts to be President.

    • jim_m

      She doesn’t have the smarts to be President.

      Come on. obama’s president. It isn’t like the bar is set high.

      • Vagabond661

        I chuckled out loud…

      • Nico Sol

        Hilary and Obama look like geniuses next to George W. Bush; the worst president ever..

    • herddog505

      I disagree (I am stipulating the transparent falacy that ANY liberal has the brains to be the president): the Hilldabeast has simply learned The Great Thing About Being A democrat:

      You aren’t responsible for ANYTHING.

      So, she’s lied and prevaricated and hemmed and hawed and shifted blame and passed the buck, confident that the (d) behind her name will shield her from any serious inquiry, much less blame. Your husband cheats on you? Blame the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. A neophyte con artist beats you to the nomination? Blame sexism. You give the Russians a red button that says “to overcharge”? Blame some unnamed staffer. You get four Americans killed and a consulate burned? Blame unnamed “security experts”.

      Imagine going through life with a “Get Out of Jail Free” card: that’s what it’s like to be her (and Slick, and Barry, and Uncle Choo-choo, and SanFran Nan, and Algore, etc., etc.). She’s simply using it.

      • Vagabond661

        Best thing since the racists card.

  • Commander_Chico

    Um, it’s April 2013, a long time until November 2016.

    Any neurological difficulties will be revealed in a campaign, if she runs. For one thing, she’ll have to have about 50 debates through the primaries.

    Then again, Reagan’s decline was hidden during his second term, so maybe it will be finessed.

    • herddog505

      “Maybe”, the man says…

  • I don’t get why Clinton’s not qualified to be President because she doesn’t have enough of a political history, but Gore was not qualified to be President because he was a career politician. It would make more sense to me if critics would focus on policy rather than just making up the qualifications rules as they go along; according to the Constitution, she’s more than qualified.

    OH RIGHT! You didn’t think us dumb damlibruls ever READ that, did you?

    (P.S. Obama’s qualified too! The Constitution says “natural-born citizen,” not “born on U.S. soil.” See also the United States Code on this matter. Anyone happen to remember that his MOTHER was a citizen when he was born?)