VIDEO: The False Claim that Women Only Earn 77 Cents To a Man’s Dollar

Today is “women are oppressed by evil white men” day, and the left has ginned itself up with the lie that women only make 77 cents for every dollar men make. Yeah, it is a lie.

The truth is women make pretty much the same salary as men when “apples” are compared to “apples”…

The Independent Women’s Forum, in a continued effort to set the record straight about the real reason for the statistical difference between men and women’s earnings , releases an informative, stop-frame animation web video — Straight Talk About the Wage Gap. The video explains how women’s choices ultimately determine how much they earn and how government intervention in the workplace can backfire on women.

And, yes, I reveled in choosing a “sexist” photo for the main page image!

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  • Paul Hooson

    The young women I know take every dollar I earn. That’s probably proof that many women are better off than many believe. I’m 57 and date girls in their 20’s.

    • Commander_Chico

      Is that supposed to be a boast? If you really had it together, they’d be supporting you.

      • herddog505


      • jim_m

        I think it was an admission that he has to pay for sex.

      • MartinLandauCalrissian

        I had to upvote Chico TWICE in this thread. I feel woozy.

        • Paul Hooson

          I’ll answer everyone here with an old Jamaican saying, “Men smart…women smarter”. Some young women are attracted to men of wealth and power, like business leaders or others. It’s never cheap for these guys…but the sex is good.

          A guy can be close to 60 like me, but that doesn’t matter. There are still a few young women who will be attracted to a guy that old as long as you can provide a young woman good times. If I’m happy and the young woman is happy, that’s all that matters.

          There was a friend of mine who owned a record store and could have had Monica Lewinsky as his girlfriend if he would have tried. But he’s got no game. So she started a relationship with a college professor and later President Clinton, in her efforts to sleep her way up to the top and to be with older men of wealth and power. Some girls dig this.

          Old guys need to do something to attract young women as well. You can’t let yourself go and just look old. There’s sexy Sean Connery old guys and there’s old fart guys. There’s a huge difference. The Sean Connery old guys are getting laid, while the old fart guys are just getting ready to be laid to rest.

          Older guys need to have their priorities in the right place as well. If having female companionship, relationships and sex are your top priorities, then you’re going to work toward those goals. if being some stingy miser, who is cheap as hell, and counts his pennies everyday is your big deal, then expect to be miserable, lonely and never get laid. That’s a great way to die alone.

          Older guys either have game or not.

          • True – but you do understand that the ‘girlfriend experience’ you’re paying for doesn’t mean she’s REALLY your girlfriend, right?

          • Paul Hooson

            If young women have lived me with me for a matter of months, or even spent a nice weekend with me in bed, that seems like a pretty good definition of a girlfriend right there. Sometimes when I’m riding one of my motorcycles, girls smile. It’s nice to ask them to hop on for a ride and talk to them and get something going. Too many guys look for reasons they can’t find young girlfriends as though they stopped believing in themselves. Certainly, it gets harder as you age. But, enough young women are attracted to a guy who can provide them real love and security. And no one appreciates a young woman like an older guy. They make a far better boyfriend than those young guys who don’t know what they’ve got.

          • Commander_Chico

            Game is not money. It is building attraction. You might have to acknowledge that you can’t really attract women in the 20s when you are in your 50s.

            I suggest you look at women in their 30s and 40s – happy hunting grounds.

    • Vagabond661

      I remember a line from the movie “Peggy Sue Got Married”. Nicholas Cage’s character had a girlfriend half his age. He told his wife (Kathleen Turner) the affair was over because the young thing thought “The Big Bopper” was a hamburger.

  • Commander_Chico

    Yah, that allegedly salary imbalance is bullshit when you control for other issues like experience and type of work.

    You can’t compare a drill rig supervisor and a bookkeeper.