Anthony Weiner Tries To Be Re-Branded

Weiner - Mad magazine

It is the kind of thing that can make a late-night talk-show host feel giddy.

As if he were not already roasted enough, twitter lingerie-model wannabe Anthony Weiner is exploring the odds of him rebranding himself.  Not satisfied with being a hotdog of modern-day communication technology, the former congressman who fell from Grace – or whatever woman other than his wife that he showed his buns to – is now wanting to be referred to as Oscar Mayor Weiner . . . or whatever New Yorkers call their mayor.

In a frank interview with New York Times Magazine, Mr. Weiner explains why he wants to go from taking care of his fruit of the womb (the man has a sixteen-month-old son) to taking care of the Big Apple. He states, “I don’t have this burning, overriding desire to go out and run for office. It’s not the single animating force in my life as it was for quite some time. But I do recognize, to some degree, it’s now or maybe never for me, in terms of running for something.”

The desire to “run for something” is to be expected of a person who simply wants to be on the public payroll.

In a commentary published by the New York Post, Andrea Peyser writes the following:

Is Anthony Weiner completely delusional? Or is he out of his flipping, sex-crazed gourd?

Whatever big-busted fantasies crawl around the ex-congressman’s delirious noggin, la Weiner made his next goal as clear as the skin of the wholesome college students he craved: He relishes being Mayor Weiner.

Please, shut up this clown.

Au contraire! Let Mr. Weiner keep talking. He will inspire joke material for professional comics, as well as for amateur bloggers. It will be like giving meat to dogs. People like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are probably already salivating at the thought of serving up Anthony Weiner as the object of their skewering.

If Mr. Weiner doesn’t end up serving again as a politician, then perhaps he could get a job being a superhero.  Eventually someone in Hollywood will make a live-action movie about the kids’ comic hero Captain Underpants, and Anthony Weiner has already auditioned for the title role.

Captain Underpants Novels



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  • herddog505

    David RobertsonHe will inspire joke material for professional comics, as well as for amateur bloggers. It will be like giving meat to dogs. People like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are probably already salivating at the thought of serving up Anthony Weiner as the object of their skewering.

    Maybe, maybe not.

    MiniTru is doing a good job covering up Kermit Gosnell. Bill Clinton is a respected elder statesman. Ted Kennedy was a champion of womens rights. The economy is doing just fine. Joe Biden is a genius. Barry is serious about reducing the deficit, but those nasty ol’ Republicans just keep blocking him.

    Is it so much of a stretch to imagine that Weiner cannot be rehabilitated? AoSHQ went on a rant about the NYT’s efforts to do just that:

    The bulk of the Times article is spent on portraying Anthony Weiner exactly as his press advisers wish him to be portrayed, as having made a mistake, and suffered adequately for it, and repented it, and so, like Bill Clinton after a few sessions in Jesse Jackson Jr., ready for the responsibility of public trust again.

    • Commander_Chico

      I had to Google Kermit Gosnell, but then again I’m out of the country. Gruesome, ruined my morning.

      • herddog505

        Telling, don’t you think, that you had to google a man who looks to be in the running for the worst serial killer in modern US history. It’s almost like… somebody… wants to cover up what he did.

        Gosh, who might that be?

        • Commander_Chico

          Well, USAToday agrees with you, not sure what that means:

          It might just be that the story is bubbling up now, or the verdict will compel coverage.

          It might also be American’s general aversion to harsh and gruesome truths.

          An analogy might be to lack of coverage of war mutilations and civilian deaths. Haven’t seen much real coverage of that, either.

          • herddog505

            Are you serious????

            1. The USAToday “story” is a column by Kristen Powers. It’s not news coverage;

            2. This is a beast who has been practically beheading children. Are you SERIOUSLY suggesting that MiniTru isn’t doing wall-to-wall coverage because [stuffy, upper-class Englist voice] “We’ve got to wait on the VERDICT, old boy. Can’t be rushing to judgment! Why, that just wouldn’t be cricket!”???

            3. Show me the NYT, CNN, WaPo, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC coverage of this. The man was killing babies while they were screaming. Yet… crickets. Here’s Powers from the very column you cite:

            A Lexis-Nexis search shows none of the news shows on the three major national television networks has mentioned the Gosnell trial in the last three months. The exception is when Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan hijacked a segment on Meet the Press meant to foment outrage over an anti-abortion rights law in some backward red state.

            The Washington Post has not published original reporting on this during the trial and The New York Times saw fit to run one original story on A-17 on the trial’s first day. They’ve been silent ever since, despite headline-worthy testimony.

            Now, why should this be? When the shooting of children at Newtown was wall-to-wall coverage for days (no restraint about naming the guilty man there, eh?), when the shooting of Trayvon Martin was wall-to-wall coverage for days (no restraint naming Zimmerman the killer there, either), why should it be that a man who has beheaded hundreds of children, who killed a female “patient” in his gruesome office (Dr. Mengele would take notes), should rate no coverage? C’mon: you’re a smart man. Give us a guess. After being regaled for months about the disappearance of Nathalee Holloway, why should THIS not be front-page news:

            The defense attorney for embattled abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell has a claim for the jury that is weighing the multiple counts of murder against him for several “live-birth” abortions.

            Jack McMahon claims no babies were ever killed in the gruesome abortion process, which involved “snipping” the spinal cords of the children by jabbing medical scissors into the backs of their necks, because the babies were supposedly already dead.

            That’s not what two staffers for Gosnell admitted in court — with one saying she heard a baby scream and another saying the baby “jumped” when the newborn was stabbed in the neck with the scissors.*

            One of the monster’s “assistants”, Ashley Baldwin, started when she was FIFTEEN. But that’s not worth a peep from the hard-hitting, fearless, leaning-forward Journolists at the WaPo or NBC?

            What about photos like these:


            C’mon: WHY isn’t this worthy of a paragraph or two in the NYT or the LAT? Why can’t Brian Williams or Wolf Blitzer be bothered to even mention it?

            As for war deaths… Jebus, you are delusional. Up until January, 2009, MiniTru could talk about nothing BUT war casualties, US and civilian. I’m not sure what changed…

            But what am I saying? That’s your get-out-of-jail-free card, isn’t it? Somebody brings up a topic that you find uncomfortable or just don’t want to discuss, and it’s “IRAQ! BUSH!! WAR DEATHS!!!”

            We hanged people at Nuremberg for doing things like this Gosnell has done. One would think that MiniTru – the same MiniTru so full of righteous outrage at nasty ol’ Republicans who won’t scurry to repeal the Second Amendment after Newtown – would be all over this. If it bleeds, it leads!

            But, for some reason, they won’t touch it. And I’m pretty sure that it ISN’T “American’s general aversion to harsh and gruesome truths.” That didn’t stop MiniTru’s Abu Ghraib crusade. It didn’t stop them demanding to take photos of caskets coming back from Iraq. It didn’t stop them publishing photos of burned American bodies in Fallujah.
            So what is it?



          • Commander_Chico

            Yes, the USAToday thing is an opinion piece, but it was in USAToday, in the MSM. At least read by everyone staying in DoubleTree Suites and Days Inns, right?

            I am not saying that coverage should wait for the verdict, but that the verdict might force coverage. At least if he’s found guilty. Then the talking heads can get busy.

            I don’t disagree there is a political component to the lack of coverage, but I also think squeamishness is also part of it. It really is the kind of story that makes you want to flip the channel, just like a story of Marines getting the balls and dicks blown off in Afghanistan or burned and maimed Iraqi children would. You really have not seen much coverage of those issues either. “Caskets,” the basic training photos of the fallen, or the few shots in 2004 of the Fallujah Blackwater guys also do not approach the reality.

            News in the USA is entertainment – this story is not entertaining. Even a gun rampage does not have the sickening feel of this one, and it’s easy to categorize – just another nut.

          • herddog505

            Commander_ChicoI am not saying that coverage should wait for the verdict, but that the verdict might force coverage. At least if he’s found guilty. Then the talking heads can get busy.

            If this was about a white Hispanic shooting a black teenager, we wouldn’t have to wait, would we? For the verdict OR the coverage.

            As for the pics being “too gruesome”, when has that ever stopped MiniTru? And, if they think that the American people (who routinely watch movies like “Saw” and “Saving Private Ryan”) can’t handle the images, then here’s an easy solution: don’t show them. MiniTru has been covering such things as shootings, car accidents, industrial accidents, war, etc. for decades without showing all the gruesome, explicit photos. Why is this different?

            Broadcast networks also used the video in special reports on Gadhafi’s death that interrupted daytime programming. ABC did not air video until a short special report with President Obama’s statement shortly after 2 p.m. EDT. ABC later preceded the Gadhafi pictures with a warning from anchor George Stephanopolous: “I warn you that it is graphic and gruesome.”

            Despite the content, “these images are the very definition of news,” Jeffrey Schneider, ABC News spokesman, said. [emphasis mine – hd505]


            [photo caption] A Palestinian father carries his wounded baby daughter into a hospital in Gaza City Sunday.


            [photo caption] This is the baby wounded today from a rocket attack in #Israel


            Photo Gallery: Fighting in Syria (see especially pics 7 and 26)


            Thank heavens that MiniTru is so gosh-darned decent to protect us from gruesome images.


          • Commander_Chico

            All of your links are buried in web pages. Blogs of the NY Times? Pleease don’t describe that as mass media. A 2009 link for CNN? You’re proving my point. How often do you see gruesome images – dismembered bodies. mutilations on TV? Almost never. In the TV of other countries, dead and mangled bodies are regularly on the news. For example, this from a Thai TV news story, if you care to watch


            Truth is, TV is about advertising. Most advertising is aimed at women. Women would not like this story because it would make them feel guilty for their own abortions. or upset them otherwise.

          • Jwb10001

            Oh Chico a correct analogy would be the coverage Eric Rudolph got for blowing up these clinics. Or anyone else gets for protesting in front of them.

          • Commander_Chico

            If you recall, Rudolph also bombed the Atlanta Olympics.

  • Hank_M

    One thing is for sure.
    Weiner has no shame.

    The perfect democrat.

  • LiberalNightmare

    You have to admire the guy.

    He always rises to the challenge.

  • LiberalNightmare

    You have to admire the guy.

    He always rises to the challenge.

  • jim_m

    Branding and Weiner should not be used in the same sentence.

    • What I mean by “re-branded” is this.
      When Weiner is out watching the Yankees play, he is a Ball Park frank.
      Now, he wants to be an Oscar Mayor Weiner.
      In short, I was referring to food brands.

  • jim_m

    Branding and Weiner should not be used in the same sentence.

  • retired military

    When you said rebranded I thought you were talking about his sexual fetishes but then I realized that you meant something else. Please clarify in the future when talking about dem politiicians.

  • Commander_Chico

    He didn’t steal or take bribes. Just a guy being horny and stupid, what was so bad about that? I hold the stupid against him more. Pictures on Twitter??

    Anyways, America is the country of second chances. Fitzgerald had it wrong.

  • Olsoljer

    “Damn! She was right! My nose IS bigger than my dick.”

  • Paul Hooson

    MAD Magazine hits the nail on the head again. Anthony Weiner for NYC mayor? Holy Christ no!