Obama’s ‘Poverty Plagued’ America

In a stinging indictment of President Obama’s tenure in the White House, at The Daily Beast Stuart Stevens slams President Obama for the devastating “new normal” that his failed economic polices have brought to the country. Stevens also blames the Old Media complex for ignoring the pain inflicted on America by those same failed policies.

Stevens begins his April 9 piece relating the sort of economic facts that the rest of the media conveniently ignore. He points out that even as the administration claims that unemployment is only around 8 percent, so many people have dropped out of the work force that the unemployment stat is but a hollow representation of the true unemployment rate.

He also points out that 16 million Americans have been added to Obama’s food stamp rolls since 2008, “a 46 percent increase and greater than the population of Ohio,” Stevens says. “More than 50 million Americans now live in poverty. That’s one in six Americans, and one in five American children.”

This, Stevens says sharply, is the worst since LBJ was president and it was so bad then that the Texan launched a “war on poverty” to try and cure it.

The economy is so bad, Stevens says, and so many Americans are doing so poorly that this dire situation should be the most central discussion in the media today. But all this horrendous malaise, all this soul-killing economic depression, is not even being reported upon because those that do the reporting live in those small sections of the country that are doing well: the big cities propped up by government largesse.

Our national conversation now is dominated by the voices of the small, thriving minority. Go back and scan the coverage of the president’s inaugural address this January, which barely mentioned jobs. Reporters from the nation’s biggest outlets–who work and live in prosperous New York and D.C.–scarcely acknowledged the omission. Perhaps the economy has been bad enough for long enough that its expiration date for news has expired, one more sign this terrible reality is the New Normal.

Unfortunately, in Steven’s view, neither the President nor the media so eager to curry his favor and keep their own gravy train chugging down the tracks have any interest at all in bringing the United States back to economic health.

Stuart Stevens’ piece was both an indictment of Obama’s failed leadership as well as a slam on the media that has Obama’s back.

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  • GarandFan

    Considering how much as been spent on the “War on Poverty”, why don’t we just surrender this time………it will be cheaper in the long run.

    • jim_m

      Why would the dems want to win “The war on poverty”? If they do then those voters won’t need them. Far better to promote a multitude of useless and often counterproductive government programs that create the appearance of wanting to help them while keeping them stuck in their poverty.

      Like all wars, the left wants to make sure we lose this one too.

  • RestlessLegs

    We are creating an underclass of citizens who think they have a right to do nothing and be paid for it.

    A friend of mine works nights at a liquor store. He says night after night, without fail, people try to use their EBT cards to buy booze. When he tells them no, they pull out the cash. Interesting how they have money for alcohol, but they need our help to buy food.
    Another friend runs a nearby factory. He needed to hire 11 workers last year, but he couldn’t find people. He said people came in and applied – to show the government they were “applying for work” — but people came right out and told him they’d rather stay on welfare than have a job.

    • herddog505

      RestlessLegsWe are creating an underclass of citizens who think they have a right to do nothing and be paid for it.

      It’s even worse than that. Thanks to prolonged periods of unemployment, even Americans who DO want to work for a living are having their skills go stale, which will make it hard for them to reenter the workforce in their former career, much less at their previous level.

  • retired military

    I seem to recall the press using two words to describe this.
    What were they?
    Oh yeah.
    Jobless recovery.
    Oh wait that was under Bush with about 5% unemployment.

  • Commander_Chico

    Borders don’t mean much in the globalized world. National economic policies don’t mean much. What can a president do against the tides of trade and finance?

    Globalization is flattening out wages and employment across nations. Unfortunately for Americans, that level of wages will be a lot lower than what they are used to.

    • herddog505

      Commander_ChicoWhat can a president do against the tides of trade and finance?

      In conjunction with the Congress:

      — Spend too much money, creating inflation that harms the ability of consumers to buy goods and services that keep businesses afloat and people in jobs

      — Impose useless and even harmful regulations on various industries, making them spend lots of money on compliance instead of on innovation or simple expansion

      — Make “investments” in industries and technologies based on political considerations
      — Fail to maintain infrastructure needed to transport goods

      — Fight wars or make other foreign policy decisions that make other countries less inclined to trade fairly with us

      — Enter into trade agreements that harm US industries

      — Make policies that damage the US educational system such that American workers are less capable and therefore less competitive than in the past

      — Make tax policies that encourage “off-shoring” and discourage investing in job-creating industries

      — Support labor practices that make it cost-effective to go outside the US for everything from heavy manufacturing to telephone call centers

      Etc., etc.

      Man, you really don’t understand how TEH OLIGARCHY works at all, do you?

    • Jwb10001

      Seriously Chico, you can’t think of a single thing the president could propose to help the situation? OK, how about this then, how about he stop making any proposals, that would be a big step in the right direction. How about he cut the regulatory burden in half, clear the books of non nonsensical BS that cost money and provides no benefit. How about he back the EPA off and allow energy development. How about he hires a team of experts to finally read Obamacare and fix it or do away with it. Obamacare all by it’s self is helping to strangle employment, it’s filled with unintended consequences and job killing BS. Your freaking hero is everything you rail against and yet time and time and time again you stand up and defend the indefensible. Gary Johnson would have ideas plenty of them and most of them would be good ideas and would probably help.